Extreme Ghostbusters

(ended 1997)


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  • Season 1
    • Witchy Women
      Episode 40
      Three teenage witches try to bring Kylie into their circle. They put a spell on her, making her think that everyone is against her.
    • The Sphinx
      Episode 39
      People are being turned into mindless fools by a sphinx when they fail to answer his riddle. All the ghostbusters besides Egon can't answer the riddle. So now it is up to Egon and Slimer to save the day.
    • Back in the Saddle (2)
      Peter's vacation in Hudson Bay is rudely interrupted when a new ghost emerges in the waters of the city, that's at least 2 miles wide, and 4 miles across. The EGBs and RGBs find out that it's a sort of, baby Bermuda Triangle. They try two times to stop it with all their proton energy combined. They manage to drive it back and weaken it, but they do little in the way of stopping it. As it starts to invade the city, and even manages to devour the Twin Towers, Roland reveals the Ecto 3 and 4. A giant truck with an extra large Proton Gun on top, and a garbage truck transfered into a trap. They "corner " the entity, and manage to stop it once and for all, and both the Extreme Ghostbusters and the Real Ghostbusters have Thanksgiving dinner together.moreless
    • Back in the Saddle (1)
      The long awaited return of the ENTIRE Original Ghostbuster cast. Janine invites Peter, Ray, and Winston back to help celebrate Egons birthday. However, there's a little friction between the new team and the old team, when the RGB's decide to take over the business again like nothing happened. As they go out on their first case in years, the EGB's take some time off. Janine is worried about the EGB's and there failing self esteem, and she corners Egon about it. However, they go out on another call. A Ghost "Clone" is attacking a nearby bridge, chewing on the steal cables. The RGB's figure that if they trap these 4 ghosts, they'll soon be dealing with 8. So, they stall them by throwing them nearby car parts, so the people on the bridge can be given time to get off. But, the bridge starts to fall....and here come the EGB's to the rescue with a change off heart. They rescue the RGB's, and trap the ghosts, before they could be told not to...So, the RGB's and EGB's discuss there next move. They figure the only way to beat this entity, is to fuse it's ions together. SO, they do some major blaster retooling. And, as predicted, 8 entities are spotted chewing on a radio broadcasting antenna. They manage to stop the entity from separating and save the day...However, they seem to have a new problem.moreless
    • Heart of Darkness
      Episode 36
      Recent thefts of crystal skulls bring Egon Spengler into contact with an old associate, Dr. Edward Carrillion, who owns one of the skulls. But it turns out Carrillion is controlling the ghosts stealing the skulls, in hopes of completing the set and opening a dimensional gate, from which will pour a horde of ghosts under Carrillion's control. Instead, Carrillion falls into the dimension and faces eternal torment.moreless
    • Rage
      Episode 35
      Egon moves in with Eduardo while the Firehouse is sprayed for bugs and learns Eduardo hasn't told his brother what he does for a living. Meanwhile, the EGB go up against trolls with the power to replicate.
    • Temporary Insanity
      Episode 34
      Janine is not getting the appreciation that she clearly deserves. Her inevitable and natural reaction – an immediate vacation – is hardly surprising. Everyone else is forced to pick up the slack, which proves exceedingly difficult. Egon looks for a temp and finds one in Lilith. Everything works out at first, but Lilith is more than she appears – she's a ghost. The EGB are soon in big trouble and only Janine can save them.moreless
    • Mole People
      Mole People
      Episode 33
      There's been a string of power outages and the blame is falling to a group of people that live under the city. A young girl from the group gets help from the EGB, who find lightning demons are the real cause.
    • Dog Days
      Episode 32
      A demon dog is enslaving all the dogs in the city. The EGB not only have to face that but also the demon dog's master. The ghostbusters end up running half way across town from the gang of dogs and then finally meeting up with it's master. A battle then ensues and in the end they capture the Demon Dog and it's master.moreless
    • 11/25/97
      A reopened oil mine sets a ghost, that can possess vehicles, free. At first the EGB are helpless against it because they can't any where close to the ghost, due to it taking over their vehicle. But the Egon develops a way to keep it out of vehicles and the EGB take it down.moreless
    • 11/24/97
      A ghost affects the eating habits of people it encounters. Now, the more food they can get – whether or not they actually need it, the better. Among those soon affected is Slimer, who already had a heck of an appetite. Can the EGB bust this ghost and avoid someone taking a bite out of them?moreless
    • Till Death Do Us Start
      The EGB protect a man from a ghost that's looking to make a husband out of him. The ghost then turns her sights to one of the EGB and now they have to stop it from taking one of their own.
    • Eyes of a Dragon
      Episode 28
      After a Chinatown merchant disappears, the EGB find the merchant has fallen prey to a bone stealing demon. Egon then develops protective suits for the EGB and along with Slimer they go out and search for the demon.
    • Fallout
      Episode 27
      The latest ghost has a hunger for radiation. The EGB learn this firsthand when their proton beams don't weaken it, but make it stronger. Even worse, soon just being around the ghost can lead to radiation poisoning. On top of that, it is heading to the South Shore Nuclear Power Plant for a veritable feast. With little time available, can the EGB still bust this ghost?moreless
    • Moby Ghost
      Episode 26
      A ghost whale has 'swam' around the globe for some time now, and its next destination is New York City. The EGB try to bust it, but they come up short. However, also in town is the whale's constant hunter, the ghostly Maiikrob. This pursuit has taken up every second of his afterlife, so he is indeed quite determined to succeed. Maiikrob is certainly unstable, but the EGB have little choice but to work with him on this case.moreless
    • In Your Dreams
      Episode 25
      The EGB find their nightmares becoming more real when a ghost tries to leave the dream world and enter ours by using a radio show, that makes listeners fall asleep.
    • Grundelesque
      Episode 24
      When Kylie was a child, a friend of her's mysteriously disappeared. Now, a ghost who looks like him has turned up. To stop and save him, Kylie calls upon a ghost the Real Ghostbusters captured years ago: the Grundel. Now the EGB has to deal with two ghosts and one is out for revenge.moreless
    • Slimer's Sacrifice
      Episode 23
      Slimer gets trapped in the containment unit (and Peter Venkman isn't even here to see it), surrounded by some very vindictive ghosts that remember him, including a demon named Surt who wants to bring about Ragnarok. Eduardo goes in to save Slimer, while the rest of the EGB has to bust a demon hound in the Firehouse.moreless
    • The Ghostmakers
      Episode 22
      People begin acting rather strangely and Eduardo is the latest example. It turns out that Mirror Demon is out for some 'fun' in the real world via possession. All he needs is for someone to look into a mirror. While he takes their bodies, his victims essentially become ghosts. It ultimately falls to Kylie alone to bust Mirror Demon.moreless
    • The Luck of the Irish
      St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the normal festivities are about to be threatened by a recently released Leprechaun. He has a list of certain targets and Mayor McShane happens to be on it. The EGB – in particular a bad luck-stricken Garrett – will need some good luck on their side. Things come to a head at a St. Patrick's Day parade no one is likely to forget.moreless
    • 10/3/97
      A Demon seed inhabits a Professor's plant, and takes over the building. The plant is destroyed, and the demon takes on another plant, in the park. Kylie thinks this demon is a helpful Amazon Plant, however she is wrong. It's really a civilization destroying demon inhabiting a seed. Can the EGB's stop Kylie before she has a chance to freeze it and send it back to the Amazon?moreless
    • Bird of Prey
      Episode 19
      The weather in New York City is made a lot worse when a spirit called the Harasvelg arrives. First the EGB try to stop the weather from changing, but when that fails they go straight to the source.
    • 10/1/97
      Kylie gets transported to a future where a ghost named Tempus rules over humanity. While she meets a group of resistance fighters, the others have to prevent Tempus' take over in the present.
    • Sonic Youth
      Episode 17
      Supernatural sisters – Banshee and Syren – come to New York City and are masquerading as a rock band. Both possess unique, life-threatening abilities – a super scream and hypnotism, respectively. Both also seek to steal the youth of their unknowing fans. As the EGB investigate this case, Syren uses her power on Roland. Will Roland be Syren's next victim, while the others fall before Banshee?moreless
    • Dry Spell
      Episode 16
      People suddenly experience life-threatening cases of dehydration. The cause, obviously, is a very nasty ghost that lurks in bodies of water. The EGB had better get ready to get wet to bust this one. Of course, if they aren't careful, they'll be dried up next.
    • 9/26/97
      The EGB get booked for an Atlantic City convention, and they figure they can have some other fun to boot. They see no reason to bring their proton packs and traps, so they leave them at the firehouse when they leave. Big mistake, as during their road trip, the Jersey Devil suddenly appears. Stranded in a small town and weaponless, the EGB need to think of something creative to defeat the Jersey Devil.moreless
    • Greased
      Episode 14
      Achieving good PR for the team is presently on Garrett's agenda. He sees the latest case – a destructive gremlin – as his best chance. However, things take a turn for the worse when the FBI gets involved and accuses the EGB of doing all of the damage. The sudden arrest prevents the gremlin from being busted, but he isn't going away. He hitches a ride on the plane the EGB and FBI agents are on – quickly getting to work on the engines. Can the EGB convince the FBI of the truth and stop this gremlin once and for all?moreless
    • 9/24/97
      A ghost capable of granting wishes comes to town in the form of a salesman, only his results are far from what people wanted. Eduardo unfortunately becomes his latest victim when he gets placed inside Kylie's cat.
    • 9/23/97
      The ghosts appear to be growing stronger. Their rampages go on unfettered, despite the EGB's best efforts. Even Egon can't explain why. The only solution for the city appears to be a mysterious Piper. He is backed by Mayor McShane, and the relative easy he deals with the ghosts makes the EGB look very bad. However, as this situation more and more resembles that old Pied Piper story, the problems have only just begun. Ultimately, numerous children are threatened by the Piper and only the EGB can defeat him.moreless
    • The Crawler
      Episode 11
      Janine attempts to make Egon jealous by going on a date with another man. Unfortunately, the man she dates is a bug demon in disguise and looking for a queen. But instead of making Egon jealous, she becomes the victim to be the queen of the hive and slowly transforms into a bug herself.moreless
    • The Unseen
      Episode 10
      The Manhattan Museum of Natural History acquires a rare orb. However, the second that a worker looks at it, Tenebraug steals his eyes per the orb's curse. Even worse, the orb is due to be officially unveiled very soon. The EGB races against time to bust Tenebraug and undo what he has done to an increasing number of people.moreless
    • Killjoys
      Episode 9
      Ghostly clowns are on the loose and feeding on laughter. Eduardo traps one of them, but then he starts to turn into one of them.
    • 9/10/97
      Two children wander into a haunted house and become trapped. Worse yet, they are basically going to be food for the supernatural force. After getting the call, the EGB head to save them. This proves quite difficult, as ghosts seem to be in every possible spot inside the house. It's worse than they think, however, as they are facing not a horde of ghosts – just a very large one.moreless
    • 9/9/97
      A demon takes control of Roland and forces him to build a deadly mechanical host vehicle.
    • 9/8/97
      A special set of runes allows a powerful demon to trap people within his realm and enslave them. All that needs to occur is for someone to come into contact with one of the runes. This hasn't been a problem for some time, until a thief steals them. He eventually learns the truth and decides to use the runes against people that have wronged him. It doesn't take the EGB long to figure out what's going on, so they get to work – especially after Eduardo comes into contact with a rune.moreless
    • Deadliners
      Episode 5
      Truly horrific ghosts suddenly appear out of nowhere, but they have no interest in merely scaring people. They instead exact a vicious toll against their victims. As the EGBs try to bust them, Eduardo can't help but find something about these ghosts familiar. It turns out that they are somehow the creations of his favorite writer. In any case, the EGB face great difficulty in trying to bust them – especially when they capture Roland.moreless
    • Fear Itself
      Episode 4
      During an expansion project for his night club, a man is suddenly consumed by his fear of heights. The thing is, he was in the basement at the time. A ghost is obviously at work, so the EGB and Slimer arrive to investigate. They journey deep underground and find what seems like an endless series of tunnels. However, as time goes by, they are each plagued by their unique fears. Overcoming them is difficult, especially when they all get separated from each other.moreless
    • 9/3/97
      A Jewish temple and its people have been forced to endure a great deal of intolerance. However, the perpetrators suddenly find themselves being victimized and by a creature not unlike the legendary Golem. The EGB investigate, but they make little progress. It turns out that the rabbi's son is responsible for this supernatural Golem. While his motives are understandable, his creation unfortunately just doesn't know when to stop – using increasingly destructive force. Innocent people are even now in danger and the EGB might not be able to bust this ghost.moreless
    • Darkness at Noon (2)
      Working around the clock allows Egon to upgrade the proton packs and traps. Eduardo, Garrett and Roland hope that will be enough to even the odds, but they have another problem. They know Achira has possessed someone, but are unaware that she has been hiding right under their noses in Kylie. In addition to busting Achira, the EGB must also find a way to free Kylie. Still, even if they all can defeat Achira, their ghost battles may have only just begun.moreless
    • Darkness at Noon (1)
      Construction workers have inadvertently released Achira, a ghost that can spread disease. The only ones who could stop this ghost are the Ghostbusters, but they have long since disbanded. In fact, only Egon is still in New York City. He is now teaching a college class, but his four students may prove very helpful against this nasty ghost.moreless