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  • Aww, I loved this show, and then Toon Disney went and replaced it with Lilo & Stitch...darn them!

    Since I was only three when the series first aired, I haven't seen all of the episodes. I have, however, seen the ones that were repeated on Toon Disney rather late at night for a short while, before being replaced. The characters were actually well developed, and I loved the voice actors. Extreme Ghostbusters made me start liking Tara Strong, and Tara Strong drove me to try out Teen Titans, and I came here to check out the Teen Titans page, so it's actually the fault of Extreme Ghostbusters that I am here right now, so thanks!
    Anyway, the whole love/hate KyliexEduardo sitch was awesome, and I was desperate for them to get together. I think they did the same thing in Teen Titans with BB and Rae's relationship - kinda coincidental that Kylie and Rae share the same voice actress and the same type of personality, despite the fact that the two series are nothing to do with each other. Anyway, back to EGB. I was so upset when this left! There were some really good episodes like The Grundel and Fear Itself, but also some kinda rubbish ones like Luck Of The Irish and that one where the house tries to eat the kids.

    Ah well, this series deserves a reprieve, and I'd want new episodes, too!
  • A truley underrated show that deserved better than it got.

    When I first heard about this show, my first thought was it was going to be a watered-down version of the later seasons of the original show, but it surprised me. They kicked the monsters up a notch, added a bit of an X-Files flair, and had likeable characters with some deph. I can see where people would be put off by the PCness, I didn\'t find it as bad as many other shows of it\'s time because the minority characters had flaws. It\'s a shame this great show didn\'t last while crud like Passions goes on.
  • Ghostbusting for older audiences such as mature teens and adults (At long last). One of the most intelligent and brilliant series ever made, in animation or otherwise. Superb characters, brilliant writing, fantastic screenplay, engaging atmosphere.

    As most people already know, the Ghostbusters franchise has been pretty huge with two highly succesful movies and one modestly succesful cartoon series to follow them up. The RGB series was perhaps overtaken by commercial successes of other 80s toons such as Thundercats, GI Joe, Transformers, TMNT and a truckload of others but I personally feel that it was much more mature all of them. XGB follows the same style and trend and thus delivers a new and groundbreaking series which is somewhat a follow up of the RGB series albiet much improved. My favourite part about XGB are the characters who represent an entirely new team of ghostbusters. The writing and screenplay are so good that it feels like multiple shows put together as a lot happens within a short while. At the same time, they face the same limitations of 10-30 minute schedules. The best part is that while the previous cartoon series was made for children, XGB has been made for teens and adults, as represented by its depth, intelligence, darkness and even violence and gore. It was great to see how the Ghostbusters could handle real threats instead of acting like pest control. My only complaints are that Egon could have been more of an active participant in the missions and that secondary characters are very few in number. This was a unique and amazing show and I'm heartbroken that it was made only fo r 40 episodes.
  • I used to run red lights at 75 mph in order to try and catch this on TV. Thats how good it was and still is. A timeless classic.

    What a sad past it was? This show was absolutely amazing and got me hooked. Not only were the production values really superb but so was everything else. You've really gotta love the characters in this series. This was the only show which could effectively prove that animation could still be something of a trendsetter and was not going downhill in the face of an increasingly cynical audience. It used to air at times when my work just concluded and even though I drove fast everytime, I could only catch at the most, the last 10-15 minutes of each episode, if I was lucky. Sometimes it can get frustrating. Why does something so good have to come with a catch? I really envy the people who own this series.
  • The only problem is that it makes everything else look so primitive.

    No matter what it is youve watched in the past few decades, XGB beats them all, bet it action, adventure or fantasy. So the problem is that you may never see the old classics in the same way you did in the past. The only genre where it may not have that much of an impact is the comedy genre which are ruled by dedicated comedies such as the Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park. Even so, it beats the same on production levels and realism although it shouldnt be compared in those areas. This is thus highly probably the best and greatest animated series ever produced.
  • Easily the best animated series of all time.

    I love cartoons and I've watched every single one of them from the good old days of Tex Avery to the action filled 80s to the current breed and in some cases, have even taped some of them to make a pretty huge collection. But the only one actually worth reviewing would be Extreme Ghostbusters. Yes it is that damn good. From the characters to the writing to the animation to the atmosphere, it never fails to impress. This is one unique series which has everything one could ask for, although it is a bit violent and too intelligent for younger audiences.
  • The best animated show ever made and a vast improvement over the original real ghostbusters show.

    This show is one of the few classics of the 1990s and even though that specific decade itself didnt produce too many great shows, it did produce XGB which is easily the best animated show ever made for reasons both technical (production values, animation and writing) and charm. The strongest feature of this show are its characters who are even better than the original GBs. Its very sad to see that it was made as a one off because it really stood out among everything else but what do we know about the hardships that the developers face? Highly recommended and collectable.
  • Bring back now man. Ghostbusters are a classic part of cartoon history, and we should have a series for a new generation.

    Ok lets think about this. Ghostbusters was a classic amongst cartoons and was revolutionary in many ways. Now you look at This version... more modren and darker in image and content. I also liked the fact that this particular part of the ghostbuster sage, as the rest of the rest of the series was, is set as the cartoon follow to the third movie which was never finished. It lets you get to see what Aykroyd and Ramis were planning to do for the finale movie with some minor changes. Going back to the cartoon now, I love how the new crew members where also representative of certain \"cliques\" of people for their age. Kylie being the goth(Hurray for goths), Roland as the preppy Ivy league wannabe, Garret the go-go-go sports man, and Eduadro being the typical college slacker. Plus to take on actuall legendary foes such as The Sphynx, Banshee and Siren, and Bermueda Triangle(featuring the return of Peter, Ray, and Winston). The in depth Character design was spectactular, particularly with Eduardo and Kylie(at least to me they were). And come on, who doesn\'t love Slimer?
  • A new updated team of ghost busters is deployed to stop a new legion of ghosts.

    This series is great. It provides thrills and chills, while also doling out quite accurate rend rations of popular legends and folk lore. The characters are also quite well thought out, and make quite a good team. There are not many down points but there are a few. For one very little of their home lives shown, neither is there much attributed to their clients. The characters themselves are well developed, and the plot lines well thought out. It is also a quite well rounded show. It has humor, action adventure, and just a hint of romance. Not to mention the pervading Scare factor.
  • Amazing. Simply Amazing. Godly.

    If you are reading this, you already know how awesome EGB/XGB is, therfore no spoilers are neccessary. From the creators of the superb \"The Real Ghostbusters\", comes the next generation in the franchise. However, in the case one saw the latter as a child in the 80s, one should let go of preconceived notions and approach this with a somewhat open mind, given that a lot of changes have been made. Intelligent people should have no problem doing that anyway. It is difficult to compare RGB and XGB as they are both different approaches. At the same time, the same charm and competence that made RGB is also present here.

    Explanation? Consider that Masamune Shirow made both the hilarious and brilliant \"Dominion : Tank Police\" AS WELL as the ultra serious \"Ghost in the Shell\". If you\'re into gaming, consider 3DRealms who made the hilarious \"Shadow Warrior\" and are also currently producing the very serious, emotionally sensitive, \"Prey\". That same logic applies here : The people who made the comedy centric and somewhat childish \"Real Ghostbusters\" have also made the very serious, mature and emotionally driven, Extreme Ghostbusters. At the same time, the latter is not outright serious, atleast as far as conversations are concerned. It has the same comical charm of RGB and even betters it several times.

    Extreme Ghostbusters is not the overtly commercial production that the RGB was, and it does not rely on proven formulae and predictable events, straighforward storylines, and does not have 80s dance music slewed to fight sequences. The focus is on serious plots, emotion, dangerous threats and atmosphere, rather than handling Ghosts as more of a \"pest\" problem, with superior production at all levels. It is almost as if a Higher Power was dictating everything and the team was implementing it. (Someone did say that this was Godly stuff. I agree.) The new characters are superb. Kylie Griffin in particular, is awesome and amazing. Wow. Some make a rather strange claim that the new characters are modelled on the old ones but that would be a rather biased and twisted way of saying that the same competence used to design the old ones, was also used in the new series.

    Unfortunately, aiming for a mature audience instead of children cost the series its commercial success. That, besides horrible timings and poor marketing and PR, did not help either. It did generate a number of video games though. It also not that this series was not without certain faults, but the good parts by far, overcome the few bad. One thing that was disconcerting was that some of the original charcters who reappeared, have been \"modernised\" and lose their original look, not to say the new ones are\'nt any good. However, one learns that this was a copyright issue! What an irony. Overall, the animation is state of the art, superb, and shows a clear evolution in the capabilities of the industry. The realism is brilliant.

    I was very very very very lucky and blessed to have caught this series on TV. Today, there are very few purchase options for those who did\'nt : You can buy a few of the eps on Amazon but the tapes are EP speed! You can buy the whole series from a third party but the recording quality from TV is not that good, with a lot of aliasing and noise. You can get the DVD from ebay but the digital compression ruins a lot of the animation quality, besides which, conversion from A->D also included the problems from the former.

    For the few narrow minded who are still dissatisfied, all I can say is that RGB was already stretched to 140 episodes and was getting stale after the first two seasons already. Quality and Quantity don\'t often intersect. Even so, I was very upset that Extreme Ghostbusters lasted only 1 season ie 40 eps. Whether one personally \"enjoyed\" RGB or XGB more, and the concepts behind both, is irrelevant. Plain truth is that Extreme Ghostbusters reflects a superior production and series. I have seen 100s of shows over the years, but this by far, beats all of them. No show to date, can even touch this. Its IS Ghostbusters, afterall!

    Best Regards
  • Only 40 eps but by God, this is the best show in the history of animation. As a follow on and sequel to the Real ghostbusters and ghostbusters movies, one could'nt expect anything less than mind boggling.

    "Influential, Brilliant, Awesome, Cutting Edge, Outstanding, Stunning....", I could just go on and on. The Ghostbusters movie by super genius Lords Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd started off an explosive series that formed a major chunk of the beatiful 80s. The same people who brought us the RGB cartoons released XGB in 1997-98 and once again, proved to the world that they are several levels above everyone else.

    Although the RGB were good, the XGB introduces a new cast of characters who are far better than the original, making the show much much better than what the RGB was in the 80s. It is deeper, actually creepy and takes on serious no-nonsense plots. Some people blindly stick to the "classic" GBs but commonsense will tell you that XGB is exponentially superior. You should probably collect both just for the sake of RGB being the originator of the series.

    I'm the proud owner of all XGB episodes on tape...Muhahahahahahahaaaa.......

    But I'll probably get the DVD too!
  • Bring it back now, one of the best cartoons ever made.

    Great sequel to the original ghostbusters cartoon and still makes you want to watch it, I'm desperately awaiting its release on DVD and also hoping for another season or a new series of ghostbusters. One of the best, if not the best cartoons of all time and deserves every bit of credit it gets.
  • The Ghostbusters gone to the Extreme!!!!

    The Extreme Ghostbusters is way better than the Real Ghostbuster. It has new epuipment, new ghosts and a new team. The cast is really great and Eduardo is my favourite character. The new team members like Eduardo, Roland, Gerreth and Kylie rocks!! The show also features four of my favourite voice actors like Rino Romano who plays Eduardo, Maurice LaMarche who plays Egon, Jason Marsden who plays Gerreth and Tara Strong who plays Kylie. Of course we can't forget the man who started the ghostbusters, Egon Spengler. I really like Slimer. He is the funniest character of all. I think Eduardo and Kylie should get togther. What do you think? I has alot of amazing episodes and the plots are well written. The Extreme Ghostbusters is truly a great show and i give them 4 Gold Stars and The Real Ghostbusters nothing.
  • Brilliant and highly sophisticated. Far better than RGB which was pale and tacky in comparison.


    The only reason why certain people on fanforums and elsewhere feel that RGB is better is because they feel nostalgic and as kids, anything would haved impressed them. Naturally, the same effect would not be felt but if you have a brain and are unbiased in view, XGB is a billion times better than RGB in every single way. RGB totally failed to captivate me into the Ghostbusting theme but XGB is as good as the Movie or better. Heck, even the humor is better.

    Also, please ignore Gladrius. Hes a racist moron and a scumbag. I dont know how TV.com can allow such bigoted posts to be made without being moderated? Any one who mentions crap like political correctness should be thrown in the garbage. XGB was made for the world, not for white Americans alone. Pray, we dont want a complete cast of rednecks or pimply faced burger tossers from McDonalds.
  • Absolutely brilliant, cutting edge series, generations ahead of and better than its predecessor, the RGBs. Ghostbusting was never this good.

    The leader of the genre. The magnum opus of ghostbusting. Underappreciated due to lack of exposure and poor timings, advertising and marketing.

    Compared to similarly good RGB, XGB is faster, more serious, more dynamic, more mature, better written, better directed and sometimes even funnier, with much more content per minute. It has real atmosphere unlike the comical ground of the former. This superb masterpiece can sometimes even reach gripping atmosphere and true senses of emergency in the storylines. Never was a serious GB fan until I saw this. This has done great things for the GB universe.

    Well done. Two thumbs up.

    Please ignore Gladrius as well. There's a bigoted rotten apple in every barrel. Why don't the moderators ban that freak?
  • Heroes for politically correct times.

    There was a time in the mid-90's where somebody got the bright idea of rereleasing old cartoons and passing them off as new by calling them "Extreme." One of them, obviously, was The Real Ghostbusters. Except instead of being about a bunch of old fogies, it's about a bunch of 2 THUH XTREEEM3 teenagers donning the proton packs. It isn't a bad cartoon by any stretch, especially if you watch it after its dark out like they showed it where I lived, but what always stood out about it to me is that it has the most politically correct characters I've ever seen. There was a Hispanic Ghostbuster, a black Ghostbuster, a Ghostbuster in a wheelchair, heck, there was even a GIRL busting ghosts in this new series. Eww! I bet she has ghost cooties! I know, I'm weird, but that's what I'll always remember about this series. :)
  • great show

    this was i great show they should have finshed it off for us i hate with they make a good show and leave us haging at the end and never finsh it. they also need to put some eps of this show out on dvd i would buy them for sure
  • Simply amazing! Better than the Real Ghostbusters.

    I couldn't believe it at first. I never expected for the Ghostbusters to appear again in cartoon form, better than ever. I think the new characters; Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett and Roland played really good in this show and the storyline just keeps better and better as it progresses on. This cartoon is by far better than the first Ghostbusters, but unlike the old version it lasted longer than the new one. Why did it lasted for only one season? Put more, for crying out loud! This is a classic we're talking about.
  • this is the next gen. of ghostbusters and the best incarnation

    the extreme ghostbusters is a great show i even liked it more then the real ghostbusters cartoon. it was dark, edgy, and funny. garret and kylie were my favorite characters.though some of the episodes felt like they were just taken from the rgb cartoon but others were great and original like rage and darkness before noon parts 1 and 2. i really want this series to come out on dvd. it really should have continued for more than 1 season
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