Extreme Ghostbusters

(ended 1997)


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  • Ghostbusting for older audiences such as mature teens and adults (At long last). One of the most intelligent and brilliant series ever made, in animation or otherwise. Superb characters, brilliant writing, fantastic screenplay, engaging atmosphere.

    As most people already know, the Ghostbusters franchise has been pretty huge with two highly succesful movies and one modestly succesful cartoon series to follow them up. The RGB series was perhaps overtaken by commercial successes of other 80s toons such as Thundercats, GI Joe, Transformers, TMNT and a truckload of others but I personally feel that it was much more mature all of them. XGB follows the same style and trend and thus delivers a new and groundbreaking series which is somewhat a follow up of the RGB series albiet much improved. My favourite part about XGB are the characters who represent an entirely new team of ghostbusters. The writing and screenplay are so good that it feels like multiple shows put together as a lot happens within a short while. At the same time, they face the same limitations of 10-30 minute schedules. The best part is that while the previous cartoon series was made for children, XGB has been made for teens and adults, as represented by its depth, intelligence, darkness and even violence and gore. It was great to see how the Ghostbusters could handle real threats instead of acting like pest control. My only complaints are that Egon could have been more of an active participant in the missions and that secondary characters are very few in number. This was a unique and amazing show and I'm heartbroken that it was made only fo r 40 episodes.