Extreme Ghostbusters

(ended 1997)


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  • Aww, I loved this show, and then Toon Disney went and replaced it with Lilo & Stitch...darn them!

    Since I was only three when the series first aired, I haven't seen all of the episodes. I have, however, seen the ones that were repeated on Toon Disney rather late at night for a short while, before being replaced. The characters were actually well developed, and I loved the voice actors. Extreme Ghostbusters made me start liking Tara Strong, and Tara Strong drove me to try out Teen Titans, and I came here to check out the Teen Titans page, so it's actually the fault of Extreme Ghostbusters that I am here right now, so thanks!
    Anyway, the whole love/hate KyliexEduardo sitch was awesome, and I was desperate for them to get together. I think they did the same thing in Teen Titans with BB and Rae's relationship - kinda coincidental that Kylie and Rae share the same voice actress and the same type of personality, despite the fact that the two series are nothing to do with each other. Anyway, back to EGB. I was so upset when this left! There were some really good episodes like The Grundel and Fear Itself, but also some kinda rubbish ones like Luck Of The Irish and that one where the house tries to eat the kids.

    Ah well, this series deserves a reprieve, and I'd want new episodes, too!