Extreme Ghostbusters

(ended 1997)


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  • Season 1 Episode 39: The Sphinx

  • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir points out:

    Sphinx" is actually production number 102, the first script that came in after the "Darkness at Noon" pilot. But for a variety of reasons it was the last to be finished, and in some markets the last to be aired. (I know for a fact it was the last one aired in Los Angeles, but many other markets report the last episode to be "Witchy Women" which I've always found interesting). It was originally intended to immediately follow "Darkness at Noon," but in the end that honor went to "Fear Itself" (production number 103).

  • Season 1 Episode 37: Back in the Saddle (1)

  • It would appear that Egon's birthday is on the 19th November, as Janine mentions that Thanksgiving is a week later.

  • Season 1 Episode 35: Rage

  • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir says:

    - This script originally had Kylie refusing to let Slimer crash at her place because he would scare her Mom. She did live with her Mom in early show development but as established in "Darkness at Noon," Kylie lived alone with Pagan. The line was changed at the recording session to say that Slimer would scare her cat.

  • Season 1 Episode 34: Temporary Insanity

  • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir notes: I originally was assigned to work on "Temporary Insanity," but asked it go to someone else as I had recently completed a spec (i.e. sample) script of the show as practice in which Egon got a teaching assistant at the school who basically pulled a similiar routine. It was just too close for comfort. And a good thing I did this too, otherwise I never would have gotten to work on "Back in the Saddle" (part 1)!

  • Season 1 Episode 32: Dog Days

  • In the end credits Iona Morris' name is misspelled as "Jonia Morris."

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Greased

  • - The internet service company's (US Online's) sign on screen was created by studying various sign on screens of major service providers of the time -- including America Online, CompuServe, and GEnie -- in order to create a credible look and feel but not inadvertantly copy them. I actually brought in screen shot reference for the designers on a tight schedule turnaround for this project.

    (Quote from Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir)

  • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir says:

    - Originally Roland's line about "just like the online service provider" was "just like the Internet". It was highly unlikely that one gremlin could take down the entire Internet, as I pointed out to the director. We got the line re-recorded before it went overseas.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Killjoys

  • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir says: Egon's weapon was originally designed for the toy, and was not in the script. Director Tim Eldred designed to incorporate it on his own for added effect to the scene.

  • Eduardo spins a ghost trap on his finger on his right hand. In the next shot, it's spinning on a finger on his left hand.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Deadliners

  • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir notes: We had to tone down the "surgical" instruments used by the characters; the originals were considered too realistic and therefore not appropriate. This decision, unfortunately, happened after the storyboard was finished (but fortunatelay before it went overseas!) but it still took a lot of effort to substitute them.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Darkness at Noon (2)

  • - This was originally a one-part episode, but became a two-parter late in the production process. Important added scenes included the weapons upgrade and repair of the Ecto-1. I worked long hours numbering these storyboard scenes to be integrated with the existing material.

    (Quote from Shannon Muir, Production Supervisor/Coordinator, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS)

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