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Extreme Homes

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So you think all homes are created equal? Think again! This program challenges viewers to look at homes in a bold, new perspective while introducing them to home-owners who don't live in you average, run-of-the-mill houses.
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  • I love this show. Talk about thinking outside of the box. I still reference the show for interesting ways of using unique properties.

    If your not a fan of this show you shouldn't be watching because your not a fan or lover of Real Estate. If you love real estate, because of it's architecture, uses and are just generally fascinated by real estate this this show is tops.

    Trying to find a copy of the DVD if there is one. School buidings are one of my favorite converted uses. I saw a school building for sale in the Chicago area for something like $50,000, would have been a perfect extreme home. My favorite, that I can recall here were the light house tower on the E. Coast and the Tall, round house, built kind of like the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas (home to the rat pack) before it was torn down.moreless
  • I think this show really helped people who needed it. I think is a ashame that it has been taken off the air.

    I have a girlfriend raising two kids and having to sleep in their livingroom to stay warm, because she can't afford to pay her electric bill. She lives on husband's death benifits that she get once a month and her house is falling down. when she wants to wash clothes she has to unplug her stove, so she can run the dryer. her light bill for this month was over 500.00 dollars. I have known her for 20 years and has never ask for help. Both her children are teenagers. She struggles everyday. I wish you could help her. I would be glad to take pictures of her house. It is paid for, but the wiring is bad and so is the plumbing. there is no insulation, half finished bathroom, because her husband died before he could finish it.moreless
  • I don't really see why people hate this show. I thought it was great.

    Extreme Homes is an extremely interesting and informative show. Since I am really interested in architecture this show appeals to me. I just think it is amazing what all these different houses look like. The people that don't like this show either have no interest homes and are more for the garden (hence home and garden network) or accidentally flipped on the wrong channel and decided to rate this show badly. I would recommend that you watch this show. If you find odd things interesting you will definitely love this show. Some of the houses people live in are just absolutely insane!

  • As a 53 year old single lady making $600. monthly. I have to rent out my home and live with cousin, in hopes of retiring in my home.

    It took me 9 years to save, spent all ($6000.)on exterior improvements. My home is one of the oldest at 219 April Waters West in April Sound subdivision, Montgomery, Tx 77356. The POA is on me to improve the exterior more, while I\'m trying all aspects to catch up on past dues. I\'m scared they will take it away from me, I\'ve owned it for 14 years. I would really like my home to be exteriorly improved ($5000.) & to be on your show. POBox 263323 Houston, Texas 77207


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