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    My name is lisa, the daughter of Nina Wade, my mother whom I'm writing to you about. My mother is in need of some help. our father passed away when i was only 11 years old. My mom was left to raise 4 girls alone, by taking us to church every night and Sunday's she taught us good morals and ethics, and love for God. She helps whoever she can even if its just a hot meal or a place to sleep. She remarried to a wonderful man in 1980, Benjamin Wade. He took us girls in as if we were his own. He to helped so many people and did so much for others. Everyone knew him as M.R. Ben. he was handy and always working outside and doing repairs. In 2005 Dad passed aways from a heart attack in our front yard. Since then, no one has been theirto do any house repairs at all.My sister and nephew who is 12 years old live with my mom, but she is disabled and can't do much because of a car accident and bipolar and other health issues. She doesn't have any finances coming in the house. And everything mom has to cover out of her check and only 900 dollars a month. She pays the house payment and taxes and she has nothing left for house repairs. The house really needs some repairs, she has no help. There are 3 trees their that need to come down. Im so afraid of them falling on top of the house. They want 300 dollars to remove one tree. My mom cant afford that. The roof is bad, some windows are broken. To get heat in the house, gas people come out to fill thetank that costs 600 dollars. She is forced to use electric heaters in the winter which is dangerous. I live in Wisconsin 1000 miles away and I'm only able to send my mom just a little each month for laundry soap etc.. My sister Connie, God bless her. She gives all of her bonus money from her work to help pay the taxes each year and always pays light etc.. and does what ever she can on her salary. She is a Sub sandwhich manager. My dream is to be able somehow to help my mom in any way we can. My mom had a heart attack last month and is doing better but her house is crying for help.Ty, if there is any way you can help us help our mom at all, GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR IT AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. . Appreciate all you can do..


    Lisa Brandt and the Wade family

    From Fayetteville North Carolina

    5105 Quilliant Street

    Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Wade Family 910-867-6092

    Lisa Brant 920-627-0275

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