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In a race against time on a project that would ordinarily take months to achieve, a team of designers, hundreds of workmen and even the neighbours, have just seven days to completely renovate an entire house - every single room, plus the exterior and landscaping for a deserving family nominated by friends and family.

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  • I'm a single mom of four kids one with juvinille diabietes

    We'll I have had it pretty tough see I'm a single parent of four children three boys and one daughter boys are age 15, 13, 8 and daughter 12 all three my sons are ADHD and on top of that my son that is 13 now at age 9 I found out he was a juvinille diabetic and it's been a rough time for us I always try to barely make it I just put faith in my lord and he helped me threw it I was 18 when I got pregant with my first baby and still in high school but I didn't give up and quiet school cause I didn't want my son think I was a quieter ago my entire senior year I was going to a vocational school threw high school I got a low income apartment my son dad didn't want to leave his mom home so I end up moving in a different school district just so I could make sure my baby had a rough over his head and he had colic and astma bad and at 5 months old he got rsv and made it threw it and I graduated then had my second son and he seem so healthy other than he was allergect to red ants so at this time I was working at Waffle House as a waitress and at McDonald to then I got pregant with my daughter and me and her dad split I us my tax money and rented a trailor then end up finding out there was rats in the trailor an she had 3 weeks old got rsv so I was in the hospital with her at three weeks old she kept skipping her breath thank god she made it threw and then about six months later her dad gets in bad trouble get thrower in prision for 19 years and I through my life was over all I could think about is my kids at this time I lived in a duplics working at a daycare and Waffle House had no childsupport comming in just did the best I could do and so I decide to leave Florida and head back to ohio where my mom was so I could have some help and that's when I adventurally rented me a nice house in ky after going collage for nine months for photography. And my daughter was four and I had my last baby Jamie and me and his dad was together for a lie but it was a very bad situation and at three years old Jamie the babie appendix rupture to I was scare the doctor took his appendix out he's now 8 doing a lot better but being a single parent did get my associate degree in web design but still been rough I move here to southern georiga to give my kids a better atmosphere than they have had in ohio. I'm just so trier of struggling I even with threw a bad part in my life when I went threw pantic attacks bad throught I was dieing but I didn't give up cause I knew deep down my children need me so I just put my trust into god and he helped me out of that hold I'm at the time still on meds for anxied it's been a little over a year since that happen but it change me the doctor said it happen because of a L that was happening in my life at the time someone broke in my house and stold all my kids electronics and it hit me pretty bad cause my son sugar leave was really bad I was so afraid I was going loose it but I didn't turn to drugs or alcohol like I have heard people has done for anxied I turn my self to god and prayed that he hlp me threw it and he has. So I guess that's why I believe I should be a good candidate for this funding because some of the things I been threw I hope no mother ever has to go threw. Thank you my number 912 253 6559moreless
  • Greetings

    Hallo my name is Dalitso Mitti i wanted to ack if makeover is for free and if they do african countries because it will be nice if you could bring your show to africa also so please if you could bring your show to africa. we live in Ghana but we are from zambia
  • My son has Hydrocephalus!

    My husband and I have four children. He works very hard at Fort Bragg Army Base as an Electrician, and I'm a stay at home mom! My twins boy and girl, where born healthy. After I had to stay in the hospital for a month due to Pre-Term Labor. I had them at 8 months and they had to be incubated, and had to stay in the hospital for 1 month each! My daughter came home with a heart monitor, and when it was time for my son to come home he got very sick. They rushed him to another hospital and said they didn't know if he would make it! But he pulled through. But at 5 months old I knew something was wrong, they did tests and after seeing a lot of Doctors he was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus! He had to have a Shunt put in his head! Now at age 11 he has had 4 surgeries, and they told use he would Never plays Sports, because it was too dangerous! He's had so many complications and let downs! We live in a small run down single wide, my husband would Love to work on it, but we can't afford too. But it's falling apart! Please help us! Thank you for your time! And there is a lot more to my story if you would like to here it!


    Jessica Locklearmoreless
  • jasts asking

    Am single mom of 4 beautiful kids we live with my mom she helps out a lot with them and she has a big heart she work 2 jods for me and my 2 sisters most of her live I can't work so she's doing every thing she can to help with my and my sisters kids we don't have much room in my moms home there is 3 rooms so every ones on top of eachother my kids are going some hard time thay ben thru a lot more then kids there ages have I just like to make every thing easiers on my kid my mom by trying to get help with more rooms in my moms home for all of them. Ty you for reading this chassmoreless
  • cancer causes hip and leg removal

    My son, Mike, has had a cancer come back from a surgery in June 2013. It is a high grade sarcoma. It is a beast. The doctor says that now to help save his life, they must not only take his leg but part of his pelvis and take his hip. This is going to make life very difficult at his 47 year old age. He has a two story house (master on 2nd floor) and needs help modifying it so it will make his life a little easier. His surgery is going to be on 7/21/14. Prosthetics are much more difficult for this type of amputation. This is as bad a leg amputation that you can have and has a huge impact on the quality of your life. I wish that he could get help modifying his home to make his future life better.moreless

    What's Renewed, What's Canceled, and What's Still In Between? (2012 Edition)

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