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In a race against time on a project that would ordinarily take months to achieve, a team of designers, hundreds of workmen and even the neighbours, have just seven days to completely renovate an entire house - every single room, plus the exterior and landscaping for a deserving family nominated by friends and family.

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  • we don't have a bathroom or toilet

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    Ty Pennington : capitn.

    Constance Ramos (Connie): experta en el diseo de decorados tanto en el teatro como en el cine.

    Paige Hemmis: empresaria californiana experta en carpintera y trabajos benficos.

    Paul Dimeo: renovador de casas que comenz de nio hacindolo en la suya despus de que sta se destruyera en un incendio.

    Ed Sanders: actor londinense convertido en carpintero.

    Eduardo Xol: msico y diseador de jardines.

    Michael Moloney: diseador de moda e interiores.

    Preston Sharp: diseador de muebles. Trabaja muy a menudo con Paul.

    Tanya MacQueen: texana experta en diseo de interiores. Trabaja la mayora de veces con Michael.

    Tracy Hutson: estilista y diseadora australiana.

    John Littlefield: diseador de interiores y exteriores.

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  • Single Mother with a 22 month old son desperately needs her home safe to live in

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  • Mom recovering from surgery . Will never be able to afford to retire. Needs a better place to live .

    Our mom is a wonderful woman and has always done the best that she can to provide for her family. It seems that her life has just become more difficult since our dad left in 2001. There were times that she had to sell her personal belongings just to put food on the table. My brother and I had no choice but to work while we were in school because if we didn't we could barely make ends meet. Life has gotten better and my brother and I have our own lives. Our mom is still stuck in the same mobile home that she has had for at least 27 years. It is starting to fall apart but none of us can afford to purchase a home. She has been out of work since June of this year with a herniated disc that was pinching on the nerves and making it impossible to walk. She had surgery back in July to fix the issue but is not fully recovered. She will more than likely lose her job because she can not handle the back braking labor she has done her entire life after this surgery. I wish that my brother and I were in a position to help her get a house. The reality of it is that we are all struggling to make our way and we wish that she could retire one day but that will never happen because she has always put her family before just want her to have a nice place of her own that she can relax in without having to worry so much about the repairs that need to be done but that she can not afford. It has taken all of our effort to stay afloat these past few months and we could really use some help.moreless

    What's Renewed, What's Canceled, and What's Still In Between? (2012 Edition)

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