Help this family that has help many

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    Hello, I watch your show all the time and I think you do a great job helping people in need. I have never asked for help. I have help people all my life, whenever someone needs help I'd be the first to help. I have always struggled but always survived. I've been in two major car accidents,and have a bad heart. I survived breast cancer. I have a home that was built in the early fifties and there are a lot of problems the wiring is bad, the lights go on and off by them self, not to mention the bill is outrages, the furnace don't work half the time, the roof leaks, my foundation has cement that you can pick up and it looks like sand. If anything happens to my home I loose everything and I have no insurance. I have had my sisters children live with me and one of my grandchild lives with me presently and has since he was a year old. He is nine years old now. A few of my friends told me I should be on your show and that if anyone deserves the help it's you. I'm fifty years old and I'm going to college to be a Medical Assistant or maybe a Nurse. I haven't been in school for a very long time and it was difficult in the beginning but I'm doing it and I'm not one to quit. I've always said be happy for what you have. I am happy for what I have but it needs a lot of help and I'm hoping that you may be able to help me. If there is anything you can do please contact me and let me know. thank you very much.

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