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Mother and disabled child need your extreme help.

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    My name is Elle, and I clean peoples yards and haul stuff with my trailor. I was referred to clean a ladies yard. When I arrived,She introduced me to her mentally challenged son. Also, she has heart problems and she has no income. The lady (Emley) has lived at thehouse since she was 2, her father also died that year and she has 9 brothers and sisters. Her mother had filled the pool in so thechildren wouldn't drown. Emiley's mother is still alive at 95 and living with one of her daughters. Upon entering the home I couldn'tbelieve my eyes. The home had barely had no furniture, the walls were falling apart, windows broken, the front door you can see thelight on the top and bottom and everything is a disater. The kid has been begging his mom to dig up the pool and asking me if I wasthere to dig up the pool. Emiley, doesn't drive she has no car and rides a bicycle to the grocery store. She is constantly strugglingbut she seems to have good spirits.

    I have been working there for a couple of weeks. I've come to know Emiley and she is a very giving person. I think that yourshow is wonderful I watch it every week, I'm one of your biggest fans and it amazes me to see how happy you make people and how theirlives had changed because of your show. Maybe you could help her and her son to have it eaiser. I have refused to take her money for thework, cried myself to sleep and dreamed about your show. That's when it occured to me that you and your show could perform miricles forEmiley and her son. I couldn't think of a more deserving person to help, that's why I wrote you this letter.

    `There is so much more that I could tell you but I think that you should see it with your own eyes (from my lips to GOD's ears).I hope this letter reaches you. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at the phone number oremail address, I have provided below.


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