my grandfather and kyphosis,the hump back syndrome

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    on 11/24/11 my grandfather passed away because he had a blood clot in his heart. my mom had to basically plan the funeral and everything. we had a get together for my grandfather and my mom paid for all the food to be cooked and she didnt have a job. my mom does not have a job. we have four... more+ people living in our house and we only have a 3 bedroom house it is me, my mom, and my two brothers. i am 14 years old , i have a 7 year old brother and a 13 year old brother. my 13 year old brother has kyphosis a hump back syndrome. my brother has been in so much pain for a while. i love my brother to death and i can not see him hurt like he has been doing. the doctors said to get it to go away he would have to have surgery but they were going to try physical threapy first to see if that would help if not they would have to have surgery. my mom has no job to pay for this or to pay for us to have christmas this year. we only get maybe one christmas present from our mom this year we need a new home because this house we live in is almost 40 years old and its fallin apart all im asking for is for yall to give us a new house and give us a good christmas by giving us a new house it would be the best christmas every. thank you for reading this it would be great if you could give us a new house and a good christmas... thanks, Merissa Miller

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