Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 5 Episode 16

Gilyeat Family

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2008 on ABC
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Gilyeat Family
Kansas City, KS — Daniel Gilyeat lost his leg during his second tour of Iraq. The team rebuild the family's home to make it handicap accessible.

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  • Marine Daniel Gilyeat

    What a blessed man. Every time I see him i tell him thankyou for defending our country. He is a man of God.

    God bless you Daniel

  • For me this was the most memorable episode yet. I was very inspired by Daniel's strength and character. We all should see life the way he does.

    I hadn't been able to watch any episodes yet this season because my own job and son keep me very busy. I don't know what made me tune into this episode but i'm very glad I did. As I watched the show unfold I was glued to the television for the first time in weeks. I can't think of a man or a family more deserving. To see a man who has been through so much and given so much up for our country continue on with such a zest for life and what the future holds was refreshing. The way that Daniel holds no bitterness or regret about his situation shows his strength of character. To hear him say now, knowing how things turned out, that if given a choice, he'd do it all over again truly says something about his heart and his strength. When seeing his tears and strength, I couldn't help but shed a few of my own. It is great to see that we have such men of honor in this world and fighting for our freedoms. I'm thrilled that extreme Home Makeover was able to show that to us all.moreless
  • An ex-marine with only one leg gets a prosthetic makeover.

    The Gilyeat family is headed by an Iraqi marine veteran who lost a leg in the war. He has four children, no wife and a tiny house that is not wheelchair accessible. The one-legged father spends his time cheering up other veterans that just returned from the war. His wife left him the day he lost his leg and he found himself alone with his four children, which comprise three boys and one girl, all crammed into one bedroom.

    Though the father has a prosthetic leg, he can't stand on it all day and he retires to a wheelchair at night, but the house, which is not wheelchair accessible, makes it hard for him to move around.

    The extreme team gives him a house that is wheelchair accessible and big enough for five people. But not only that, they also display his medals proudly, put a flag in his yard and thank him for his service to the country.moreless
  • In a world where most are so concerned about how much money they have, most have forgotten what is truly important: life. As many times as the father showed how appreciative he was to simply be alive was a lesson we should all pay particular attention.moreless

    Daniel is the kind of man that I would love to simply shake his hand. His presence must be overwhelming to most, but he wouldn't know it or admit it. It was never about the home, it was about the gift to his children that the make-ever resulted in. A simple man, with a heart of gold and an appreciation for life that we all can learn from. He is a proud defender of our country but most of all, he is a proud, loving and amazing father and man. Living through tragedy can result in an appreciation for life or it can make people bitter. Not once was a single glance or word from Daniel laced with bitterness or pity. His display of love for every breath he took was inspiring. The sincerity in his eyes was pure. I too have learned through tragedy how to appreciate life and to share that positive energy with everyone in my path. I believe in the "ripple effect": when a rock is thrown in a pond, it doesn't just touch the water it hits, it ripples to the edges, reaching far and wide. Well, Daniel has done such a thing with his love for life. He touched every person who watched that episode. Two weeks later I am still inspired by such a soul and had to write this (as out of character this is for me). Strangely enough I'll be in Kansas City in June for handball nationals. I'm not looking for some strange connection, simply to shake the hand of such an amazing man in appreciation of his inspiration. As fate will not likely step in here, "Thank You Daniel for just being you and inspiring a nation."moreless
  • Daniel, you have a heart the size of texas,what a wonderful person you are.

    Watching this show made me sit back and take a look at my country, there are still alot of good people in it. Daniel i know of noone else that deserved that home anymore than you do. What you gave up for our country can never be repaid to you, maybe knowing that so many people care about will ease some of the pain.Hearing that nurse say that you would scream out at night broke my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting to keep me and my family free. God sends many angels to take care of us and you are truly one of them! I know what it is like to be a single parent, you will do just fine. There will be times when you will scream out again this time it will be a scream of pride as you watch your kids grow, watch closley because they will grow fast. I hope you find that right person for you that you need, shes out there if you have'nt already found her. God bless you and your children, maybe i'LL see you again next year at the car and bike show, next time i'll use a camera instead of my cell phone. Sheila Hough, Butler, mo.moreless

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