Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 5 Episode 18

Lucas Family

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on ABC

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  • Spec Lucas is in the National Guard having been stop mid progress in building his new home due to deployment.

    I didn't care for this episode at all. First Spec Lucas is national guard and he can't expect a free ride from the government. He is paid very well to deploy. On top of that he is also getting pay from what ever civilian job he had. Guard folks call it double dipping and are more often than not glad to get twice as much pay to be deployed. If I heard correctly he had only been gone 4 months before they brought him back home. His family is staying in a bad rental. Why only God knows because the house is filled with civil war collectibles. It sucks his kid is autistic but he doesn't appear to be that badly effected by it. Overall I can't see why they wasted time building this home for an average guy in a average situation. They really should have sought out someone who actually deserved this. As a member of the US armed forces this really got under my skin when I know dozens more deserving who do this job for decades not just for a few months.
  • The Lucas family screws themselves and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition come to bail them out.

    Ordinarily I really like this show. Almost all the families they choose really need their help and the best episodes are when everything is out of their control. When a family tries to do everything right but tragedy after tragedy befall them, yes, they need the help like the people get on this show. However when someone puts themselves in a situation because of sloppy decisions they should not get this help and wind up becoming an example of how you can mess up your family's life but it's OK since someone will help.

    When you're in the military either reserves or national guard you have to prepare to be called away especially during a war time situation. You do not put your family up in a craphole house and then start building a luxury house at your leisure. You do this AFTER you get out. This was his fault.

    When your family is living in a craphole of a house you do not collect antiques, you sell them so you can take better care of your family.

    When you leave your family living in a craphole and get called to duty and go to Iraq you should be ridiculed and looked down upon, not get leave and a free ride back home to go on vacation to Disnely World while everyone else back in Iraq is thinking they should have screwed their family over instead of leaving them in good conditions. Maybe everybody in Iraq should get a free, gigantic house full of goods when they get back.

    This is the wrong lesson to teach people and I could not stand to watch another minute of this episode. Are they running out of families that deserve this??