Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 4 Episode 17

O'Donnell Family

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on ABC
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O'Donnell Family
Austin, TX — The O'Donnell family are given an extreme makeover.

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  • My feelings about this particular episode

    I understand the various points of view regarding this episode and my feelings towards it are more negative than positive. Normally I do enjoy watching the show and seeing how happy the families are in the end. I'm sure we all get a little teary. Normally the families that are chosen have come across many misfortunes and have suffered from unforeseen events, or, are just normal people that have been good Samaritans in their everyday lives that they deserve such a surprise that they never would have dreamed of. Like the episode where the woman used her house to house homeless and unfortunate people. This episode, however, I find to be very disappointing. This family needed help because of the situation that they put themselves in. If I had a house with two bedrooms and insufficient income to pay the mortgage, I would question having a child at all let alone 6. I would consider it selfish. If EM:HE did not come to the rescue and the family were evicted, where would they go? Why would you bring 6 children into the world when that was even a possible outcome? The points made about Autism and how the non-autistic child was neglected are important points to note about this episode. The only logical (but not logical at all) explanation for this is that they must have been religious - anti contraception forget the consequences?? I think other people deserve this more. I feel like this is what they have been relying on to happen, no plan B for their children. This, and charity.moreless
  • this episode is very good, and tearful. You could learn alto regarding this episode about autism, i really enjoyed it.

    My review for this episode was tearful. The family and the pain and struggle that they had to go through, i consider them very brave. They raised children, where is most situations, no one would do. I respect them, i honour them and i think that the children are amazing and very great.
  • I have a problem with this episode. I really like the show and I think that you and your sponsors are doing a great thing. I can say that I am influenced to buy from the sponsors of the show. This episode didn't do the right things for this family.moreless

    If we step back and consider this family's issues. We are looking at a situation where a couple has chosen to bring several children into this world with a high degree of probability that they will have some degree of the spectrum. The discussion early in the show that they didn't know was either a lie or they live in an area where the doctor's don't do their jobs. I would guess the first scenario. This story would be different if you had a family that adopted all these children but this family chose to have them. The proplems that were showcased weren't centered around what the children of this family needed to help them realize their potential in life but more about the family's inability to pay their mortgage and their house was too small. I'm sorry but those two situation would exist for this family regardless whether the children have disabilities within the spectrum. All other shows deal with families that have unfortunate life situations thrust upon them. It's not usually based on a family who has made poor decisions. I think the biggest injustice on the show was the lack of attention given to the daughter that didn't fall on the spectrum. This is the one person in the family who has had a difficult situation thrust upon her and should have been given the royal treatment for having to grow up so fast to help take care of her brothers and sisters. They gave her a room with penguins on the wall. They needed to give her a place to separate herself from the family difficulties and be a kid. Sorry for the negative feedback but I just had to voice my opinion.moreless
  • This is the first show I have seen in the series. I thought it was unrealistic, did not deal with MANY important Autism issues(I raised 4 HFA/Aspie kids, am an Aspie, and still have one at home)and emphasis on size and electronics ignored durability.moreless

    I live with the issues common to Autism every day. I have Aspergers, and raised 4 kids on the Specrum with the fifth still at home. All the older ones are working and pay taxes and are doing well, the youngest is only 9. Organization is a major one. Believe me, increasing the size of the house does not help!!!! Also, I would be concerned about taxes and upkeep costs on a McMansion like the one they built, and its long term durability. The laundry facility was great....hope there was a locking laundry chute, as most laundry won't be generated on the main floor. Actually, I polled a limited group of posters on an online group of parents raising spectrum kids, and those who have had the time to respond and saw the show were surprised that with all the noise at least a couple of the kids were not melting down. They also thought the parents and even the socalled normal kid looked like they were on the Spectrum, maybe just not labeled as many like myself were only labeled recently in middle age when we sought it out after having a houseful. The comment was also made that editing must have been extreme, if not one kid objected to all the change....a hallmark of Autism is you don't like change.

    The verbal communication stuff was great, it would have been good if more emphasis was kept on sensory issues as well as organization and a more reasonable size space for Mom to keep after....bet it looks like a cyclone hit it one week after the crew has left.

    Also, no mention was made of what potty issues any of the kids had, these are common, including very late training, with Autism. There are a number of bathroom modifications that would have been useful, and everything was based on size and looks it appears.moreless
  • Five kids hit with autism!

    Five out of the six kids this family has have

    Been hit with autism and to make things worse, forecloser

    On their house as the team comes to them and tries

    To stop the forecloser, pay off the house, and make it

    Accessible due to their needs. Glad to see a great nice

    House happen to a better family once again!

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