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  • You guys bring so much joy to each and every family you touch and help.


    I watch this show all the time and everytime i watch it , it seems to bring tears to my eyes. I see what you guys do for people and it inspires me. Makes me want to go out and help people. You guys bring such joy to familys that struggle. you guys give them a second chance.

  • Maudlin to a fault


    Back in the heyday of 50's television when shows like Strike It Rich or Queen For A Day played on the viewer's sympathy just to help a fellow person down on his/her luck seems rather shameful by today's standards, but apparently someone forgot to tell the mental giants who came up with this, the nadir of Reality TV: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    This reasty show plays on the viewer's sentiment in which a down-and-out family gets their home remade for just because of whatever ill fortunes befell them.

    To me, this is nothing more than a throwback to the days of the aforementioned shows, just to see how much sentiment they can play the TV audience for. Why is this show still on the air for nearly a decade? I guess there's nothing better for them to watch on a Sunday night.

    How flippant.

  • Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you Extreme makeover for a loooooooooooooooovely programme.


    I just loooooooooooooooooooooooooove your show and would really want to apply for you to come and help me. The problem, (i dont really know if it is one) I'm living in Western Cape South Africa. Please pretty please let me know if you can help me. I have already dowloaded your application form, so, if you give me the go-ahead, i will most definately apply. Keep up the good work and I just loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you guys....God bless you.

  • i gotta tell you, i don't know who came up with the idea for this show, but it is amazing. i look forward to watching this show for the simple pleasure of seeing how dramatically you have changed someones life. i wish there was more compassion like this.


    fabulous ! i sit here watching each episode and end up crying quite often. the impact you have on the families is just so special . the unselfish act of giving to each individual situation, how you take into consideration each situation, the passion put into each family, to me is just "priceless" . i was a single mom, it wasn't easy. sometimes i wished & prayed for help. i struggled, but i didn't have health issues with my children. i now have grown children, i made it ! i just really commend what you are doing. i have enjoyed this show from the beginning. i hope it continues for many, many years. shows that have good content is so refreshing. keep it coming ! love it !

  • i couldn't find a way to contact you guys besides this. im an 18 year old man with two brothers and a very courageous mother. 2 years ago i had brain surgery which led to 3 more. Now my older brother is in hospice dying of cancer. please read we need help


    This may not be the most neat and tidy letter, but its my call for help. My mother raised my brothers and i since before our teens. Our father was abusive and after so long she had enough and decided to raise us on her own. when i turned 15 i started to get terribly bad headaches, so my mom took me to many different doctors before one finally scanned my brain and found a cyst the size of a matured grapefruit. Finding this it was obvious to the doctors and my mom i needed surgery. the first surgery went well for about a month before i had to have another surgery to place hardware that would drain my cyst properly. that surgery went wrong and i stayed in the hospital six days before they could fix the surgery with another procedure. the day of my third brain surgery was June 25 the day before my 16th birthday. my 16th birthday present wasn't a car it was to leave the hospital healthy. My mom has had several types of cancer. cancer of the thyroid, skin cancer, and cervical cancer. She is more than amazing woman. and in spite of dealing with her own life threatening situations she had to raise 3 boys and i still had another surgery to go cause of malfunctions of the equipment. As soon as my mother and i calmed down medically my brother is diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma that was cancerous. he was doing pretty well, almost great, during chemotherapy and he started radiation when the doctors found another tumor growing. the doctors had no other answers. they told him he should go to a hospice so his last days weren't painful. 6 days ago the doctors told him he had 3 days to 2 weeks to live. My family and i are trying to make the best of the last days we have with him, but our house we are renting keeps having problems pop up and blindsiding my family and under the stress we are currently facing i am trying to call out for any help i can get for my mom and i know she deserves it. My name is Noah Lee Duncan I am 18 years old i live in cincinnati ohio. and if anyone i ever heard of deserved a chance at a new home it would be my mother. Please feel free to write back my email is big_no_dunc@yahoo.com when you've walked so far in your beaten up shoes it would be nice to have a comfortable home to relax in.

  • my son and his disabled daughter need a home urgently.


    dear extreme team,bad luck seems to strike our family down,i have 2 sons each have a disabled child,my grandson 9 years old who has cerebral palsy due to admitted negligence from the hospital, he struggles every day of his life,my middle son who was ready to wed his lovely fiance (k ) in the summer 06,then to our joy found out they were having a baby,in the summer 05 we all as a family went on holiday,little did we know that this would be the last,k was getting migraines all the time, and generally very poorly, in nov 05 my son phoned to say k was unable to walk and would i go over,when i saw k my heart sank, she was so poorly, got her into the car drove to hospital,sadly to say a few days latter we lost k due to a brain hemorrhage,her unborn child was delivered by c section, we thought the baby was ok, but the next day were told she is severely brain damaged,and a time we nearly lost her too,by the grace of god she survived,she can hear but cannot see,she had a shunt fitted because she had water on the brain,she has cerebral palsy effecting all four limbs,she is now 6 years old, and her dad now 28. when your children heart you heart with them, they lived with us for a year or so, then we put a mobile home next to our home for them, this gave my son some privacy but i was still there to help,because of all the big equipment she needs and that she herself is getting bigger,they are outgrowing the mobile home,they desperately need a house,my son is the full carer for his daughter,and what a dad he is, he never moans, im just so proud of him,and so many people say they couldn't have coped with what happened but he loves his little girl with all his heart,she is just so pretty,just like a dolly, she smiles and giggles and is just a really happy little girl, they deserve a real break in life, a bit of happiness, a real home, please will you help them even if we are in the uk, please help. X

  • help us please.need a home that is safe and warm.i'm 56 and my brother is 57 and needs a home for his wheelchair.i'm on a cpap machine.wiring is bad.would like a new home for us.like the show alot.don't own this house rent it.is not safe for us.help us.

    house has wiring problems and new heating too.running by gas and electric.need new floors too.don't like walls because hit them with wheelchair.like to meet all of the gang.like.you do alot for people who are like us.without thinking you do want you do best and that is so cool.we are poor and can't do the things we can.i help my nieghbor who is 83 years old and i love it alot.so i need help here not only for me but for charlie.thanks for want you do and god bless.big hugs from us to you ty and gang and prays too a.
  • i cry ever time i see your show and i think it takes so many special people to help familys in need


    Please take a moment to hear my story please my brother in law is the most caring giving person Ive ever known he has served for our country and he was sent home due to an injury where he broke his neck he lived with a metal hallow for over a year and never complained he always is taking in people and animals and who ever he can help he will. He has athritus so bad now he has trouble getting out of bed he just now stopped working because he is crippling up he has his wife and 4 children living in a two bedroom house that should have been condembed a long time ago but it was still a roof over his familys heads and who ever else needed one he would never take hand outs never hes a very proud person please please look into his life and you will see for yourself what a great person he is and if anyone deserves this it would be his family. so many of us pray someday his pain will go away but this is something i can ask for him a know i have tried to give back to a man that is well deserved thank you so much for reading this and my god bless you sheri raymond

  • Please help the family who whole life helping others without compensation

    Please help the family who whole life helping others without compensation

    Hi my name is Mikhail Kuzniatsou and I from Belarus.It is a small country in the middle of Europe in which is now a very strong crisis.
    I watch your show almost every day and decided to write!
    I want to tell you about a very good family from the U.S., which spends a lot of money and effort to help children from Belarus, and in return does not receive anything!
    The names of these good people are Bill and Leilani Pough!They have three sons. All are adults. Two recently moved from parents, and one still lives with his parents
    Bill and Leilani help Belarusian childrenfrom 1999. they donated money to a visit of Belarusian children in the United States and even several trips themselves in Belorussia that to help children from orphanages.
    They spend manyof dollars each year and in return hear humble thanks
    I from Belarus andi live in the home where 34 children .. (30 adoptive
    and 4 families)
    as you can imagine for my mom now very difficult times .. she hoped to help the older children, but it turned out that older children need financial assistance now!
    I decided to try a job working in the U.S. and leilani gladly helped me with this!!
    They sheltered me and give a separate room and found a job for me.
    Now they are helping one girl from the Belarus with admission to college in the United States. At first glance it seems that this family a have large cash but it is not...
    Bill works for a construction company, and Leilani help choose sites for construction of roads. They work very hard that to help others people.They are very religious and often help from the church people of the United States giving free food bought for the money!
    They got so carried away by the other that they forgot about themselves. they have a small farm: 5 cows, 5 sheep, 23 chickens and a pig! House in urgent need of restoration, building conservation ... I beg you on behalf of all Belarusian children they helped, if you can help them PLEASE
    their address is 537 Douglas williams rd louisburg , NC 27549 please answer as soon as you can! I will stay in the United States until September 22!
    my phone number is 9192103403
  • hi my name is crystal fensom im not sure if this is the place im suppose to be trying to nominate someone but i reall hope so i watch your show all the time and not one show has gone by where i did not cry

    I would really like to have my sister nominated she is a mother of 6 4 boys and 2 girls she struggles all the time right now she lives in a 3 bedroom apt and there is just not enough room and for the past 18 years she has taken in alot of people that needed a place to stay including myself and my 2 children she cant afford to buy a house she also has 2 asthmatics who need a clean environment my sister is stressed out to the point she cries everynight before bed there is lots of cockaroaches in the building there is so much more she has helped so many people i really feel that she deserves a house to have more room for her kids and if she needs to help more people please please can you help my sister she really needs a house thank you
  • Really good the ppl are doing good stuff.

    I Think this show is a really really good show because they build houses for deserving people but they don't just build houses the also do baseball feilds and comunity centers and hospitals they make big differences in other ppls lives which is really humane But they also did some things for the Hurricane Katrina survivors some of which made tears come to my eyes and here i had always wanted my house redone but i think I will let the good hearted people at the Extreme makeover do their thing and help the people who really need it I'll just keep dreamin'.
  • I am a single male who suffers from from biplor and eplicey and always trying to afford rent the only thing i have to show for all the years worked is a 97 ford explorer

    i always love the show that was always helping people who needed it but the homes that can be given to someone who needs also get torn down i understandstand if there is no hope for the home to be saved but if it can be then it should be and given to someone else i hope this show keeps airing for the next 20 years or longer because it is a great show and maybe by then people would relized that we have alot of problems in our own backyards and alot of people dont even relized the problems when someone can not even afford rent or something to eat anyways great show MY STORY I am a single male who suffers from from biplor and eplicey and always trying to afford rent because i am not allowed to work any more so i live on what social services gives me when i appy for the next step of income support i was told that i do not me their qualifactions because i am not severe see in canad the problem is biplor is just getting started to get recuince as a mentaly disorder i would love to here from someone in the cast expecialy ty about this matter my name is ed
  • Military Families

    I have been watching your show for the last few weeks and that includes the reruns. I enjoy the shows where you help the military families the most. The average American has no ideal what these service members go through, while serviing and when they leave the service. What you do for those family is great. From a veteran (retired U.S. Navy) I thank you so much. Have you ever thought of going back to some of those families to see how they are doing since you have help them? I wish you and all those involed with the show a long and happy life.


    Robert Mcleod
  • the show is great the help they give people is awsome

    my only problem is why does paige have to wear that
    tool belt everywhere she goes if shes working on the house no problem but when she goes to sears or some fund raiser or when the house is done and she exits the house get rid of it ...... really just wear when needed and not when it makes you look cute seriously think about it nobody wears a tool belt to sears or a fund raiser just lose the belt great show good people keep it up
  • Energy Saving Heat

    I have watched your show for a long time now and not once have I seen you guys use a product called Warm Floors. Warm Floor is a carbon infused plastic that can go under most flooring methods and runs on a 12 volt system. it can be glued, stapled or even nailed through. There is Zero maintenance and I believe it it guaranteed for the life of the house. This is NOT a water heated under floor system so there is no chance of leakage.

    The company even has application for out door use so that if there was need of an ice free area say for disabled persons then Warm Floor can be easily used.

    I hope to see this product in use for future projects as something that is good for the environment and good for the families.
  • Excellent Program

    Good day Ty and Team

    I am from South Africa and I am aware that we are most probebly many episodes behind but i have watched many episodes of your program and i believe that what you and your team do for all of the families is absoltely amazing.

    I originally started watching the program only because i wanted to see the types of ideas i could get to redo my flat but when i saw all the emotions and hard work and care that goes into giving these deserving families homes that accommodate their lifestyles i started becoming emotionally engulfed in the program and in the hearts of the family.

    i couldnt help but cry out my eyes out every episode that i watched because it is absoulutely amazing to see how every person is so appreciative of everythig that was done for them. You guys do a great job and i really would love to continue watching your program and you changing and improving others lives.
  • The show is great, but lacks the emotional intimacy for the parents...

    Too often, the parents room is designed around the family instead of around them. In other words, the bedroom for the parents ought to be a place of solitude. A place for them to get away from the day. This doesn't mean a place to become detached. It is a space for romance, intimacy, and reconnection. To do this, the bedroom needs to have the ambiance and vibe the creates the mood for intimacy and passion. Use of proper colors, decorations, and appropriate pictures. Rarely does this include pictures of their children, which so often is the case in the shows. As a prominent sex and relationship therapist, I can personally tell you that this is a no no. For exmample, the parent's room should be elegant, yet simple (not busy), with use of appropriate colors and lighting. The crew has amazing insight into the design of the entire home...this is just the next level. Dr. Christy Wise
  • Dear Ty, my name is Sergeant Freddie Peterson of Grambling State University Police Department. Because of what you and your team have done for many families. It has change my life in what I do as a Police Officer. Thank You Ty and the team

    I believe that Ty and his team are a blessing from heaven. Ty has changes many pepoles lives for the better. I truly wish that I could take time away from my job to help the team with somebody home. but because of my job I am unable to help, but with my prays to ty and the team Im sure that they will continue to bring smiles to families in need. Because every time i watch the show at the end I feel joy and happinest. Ty and the team thank you from the bottom of my heart, GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Emotional and very awesome, wish I was part.

    I have watched this show for over two years on various channels. I love how people get help from Ty and his cohorts. I almost applied to travel with the last year. But health and personal reasons prohibited the desire then. I am an emotional kind of guy (lost son to a drunk driver nearly 3 years ago). Episodes that deal with folks in wheelchairs are dear to my heart. The amount of love that goes in to every home by the crew and all the helpers is phenomenal.
    So perhaps this year again they'll look for travel companions. So you guys can expect my application if you decide to look for more help.
    One of the best episodes was of the Female Police Officer who had been shot and paralyzed. Then of course the Marine who is raising his children as a single Dad.
  • I think it's really great what Ty and the rest of the crew do for these people in need.

    "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is one of my favorite, if not, top favorite home improvement shows on all of television. Plus, they do it to help people in need who are having hard times paying their bills and putting food on the table. Whether these people may of lost a part of their family, or maybe they just live in a house that's not going to make it much longer, the 'famous' Extreme Makeover bus makes stops to plenty of people that need help. (they've helped over 160 families over the years) The show has a great cast of teammates, led by Ty Pennington, with the help of Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis, Ed Sanders, and Michael Maloney. But of course five people can't do it all. In every episode, they have a supporting cast of hundreds of more workers, including one or two celebrities that appear somewhere along the way in every episode, to help rebuild the families' homes. With all this help, these wonderful houses are built in one week. I agree with some people who say they might go a little too far when it comes to spending money and making houses as fancy as possible, but I think it's to give these less-fortunate families an opportunity to feel like royalty. And thanks to the great fellows from Extreme Makeover, it's pretty easy.
  • Nice People. :D

    Ty is very nice to help ill and ingured people by building them amazing and wonderful houses and mansions. Half the episode i remember well. I do wish i had the houses sometimes, But i'm happier those people get them. I can't believe they even do it when the people are not ill or ingured, Just when their helpful! A very heart-warming show to know people have ways to help people a little by building nice homes for the people who need them, And trips away when the people are working on the houses is also very nice. I love watching this and i watch it everyday! The idea show for people who love helping others and their family and friends.
  • a 3 yr olds christmas wish!

    Mommy and Daddy said Santa isn't coming this year, I have been a really good boy.I don't want alot for Christmas,beside a safe home to live in.See our home is fallen apart.My mommy is really sick she has Asthma,and the mold and mildew makes it hard for her to breath.I would like my mommy to have a better place to live so she can breath with ease.Mommy said its getting colder outside that we have to use alot heat and that's going to cost alot on the light bill We cant afford to get mommy's breathing medicine.I know i am only 3 but i am a very smart little boy. I can count to 5 and can say parts of my ABC's.I just want my family to have a good Christmas and a safe and warm house to live in. Mommy and Daddy take good care of me.They make sure i have all i need.I help my mommy,She tells me not to but i have to help my mommy. I get scared when she cant breath good,I don't know allot about asthma and i'm scared that mommy will get to where she cant breath if this mold and mildew isn't gone soon. I want my mommy Safe.I don't want any toys i just want my mommy to breath better. I know there is no cure for Asthma.I love my mommy alot.It may be to much to ask for, but can someone please help my mommy live in a better house? I am only 3 and dont want to lose my mommy. My family is not one to ask for hand outs. But Mommy is scared that one day the living room floor is going to fall in and i might get hurt.Thanks for listening to my Christmas wish.I hope someone can help us.
  • hello my name is Karen Bell I live in Ft.Worth Tx and i have 2 children one 9 and one 11 and we really desparetly need help.

    Well I and my kids have been going through a extremely hard time since last november and are still going through a very hard time and need help really bad. we just recently got out of 2 womens shelters because of my childrens dad abusing them and trying to kill them and myself, since we got out we have been living from place to place for the past 4 or 5 months its been very hard on us. my son who is 9 has been in 2 phychiatric hospitals also. I recently lost my car too so we are on foot anywhere we have to go now. I have been searching for a job everywhere but so far no luck at all. i have seen your show and know that ya'll are very good about helping family's out and we need help in our lives right now. I can't even get my kids any christmas this year and that breaks my heart too. all we want for christmas is our life back. please please help me and my kids. my e-mail is kaboo28@yahoo.com. If anyone out there can help us it would be very much appreciated. thank you Karen Bell
  • I just want to say how much we appiciate what Ty and his crew have done for all the families they have rebuilt lives for. Some of those families would have never been able to do any of the things that Ty and them have done. So thanks.

    Ty and his crew are the most supportive people in most commuities. They help people that have no way of doing things themselves. I just want to give thanks to Ty and all that work with him on every show becuase you don't realize how much you all help people. I have watched almost every episode and everytime I watch it I just want to reach out and help to. I know that there are alot of families out there that struggle with the everyday things and at least some people is looking out for them. Me and my family struggle but not in disable way more financal ways. Some Families Can not even afford to put a good roof over their childs head and that is so sad, becuase they spend all their money taking care of the medical problems.
  • THE most beautiful show on television right now.

    Ty Pennington, along with his crew of house-fixers, work like God and His angels as they go around, looking for families that need loads of help, one way or another. From making houses larger and safer for kids with disabilities to helping hard-working and poor families sit in castles, these guys host the only television show that makes me cry every episode.

    This is one of the only television shows actually out there trying to help OTHER PEOPLE, instead of a show searching for ratings and fans. They don't care how much money they're spending; they're spending the exact right amount to help families in need, and I think that makes this show the most beautiful one I have ever seen.
  • i have a friend that lives in this house and there is many problems with his moms house. the houses front window leakes,and the walls have bugs flying coming out of them.they have fly trap's and they have to be changed every 3rd day. can you help

    i think your show dose wonderful things for famlies and this famlie would benifet termendesley from your help. I have seen some of your show's and think they are wonderful, i think you are tremodesley amazoin on what you do for families and they look so pleased with the result's. I truel hope you can do right by at least going to look into this lady and her four childern ,please please please i heard this family's hardship from my nephew who hange's with him.only some of the things metioned in this letter above are wrong with this home. Thank's for your time in this matter. sincerly Deena De Costa
  • Just finished watching the Extreme makeover for the Vardon family.

    Just finished watching the Extreme makeover for the Vardon family. I need to take a nap now from sobbing happy tears for two hours. What a wonderful family. They paralell our own lives in many ways. we have an autistic son who is 26 and two wonderful, wonderful children who are now in college maxing out on student loans though. We purchased an industrial swing set, against homeowner's association rules, when our son was 14 so he could swing also. The sensory wall and the sensory room is something we wished for. God bless Ty and his crew. You are the antidote to the nightly news.
  • Extreme Makeover is the best show in the whole world.

    The show is great. I watch the show every sunday night and i never missed an episode. Ty is so funny with his megaphone and he can ve really crazy at times. the demolitions are very creative. also it is amazing that they build they house in a week. it is way better than renavate my family. I hope the shows lasts more than 10 seasons. they should try to do homes in other countries too. i would like to see if they can do a school in a week. so watch the show on your abc station every suday night.
  • Ty Pennington and a crew of contractors travel around giving homes to people who need them.

    I really like this show. It reminds me of another really great show called "Monster House" which used to be on Discover Channel. The only diference is that Ty doesn't create houses with themes; he creates really nice homes for people down on their luck or living in squallor. My favorite episode was the one where Ty called in a psychic because the house was haunted. Very cool, Ty is a great and funny character, especially for a guy like me who imitates his fave TV characters. The work is always impressive, and the families are always emotional. It's a really great show with a few unanswered questions. Like, what does Ty's crew do with basements? Do they fill them in? And two, how many of his older homes are still standing or owned by the same people? I would like to see a revisit to any house sold after a divorce or lost by a natural disaster.
  • Life Changing. No doubt about it

    I volunteered with the Swenson Lee Family's makeover and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. They really do care, all of them. I met Ty and he's got to be the most amazing human being I've ever heard of. He really seems to understand the value of a minute. If you've seen what other stuff he's done, you'll understand what I mean. These families are truly deserving as well. All these people talking all this crap about the show, they're either total jerks or they just don't have anything better to do. But that's life. The world's full of jerks, so you just got to live with it. When it comes to helping others in the world; it's not a contest. It doesn't matter how much money you dump into it or if it's more that you think they really need. One person's work isn't more important than another's. Again, it's not a contest- it's reality.
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