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  • Construction meets high drama when deserving families with financial, health or other problems, but a community spirit, are sent away from the week while a cast of designers and crew of hundreds race to build then a new home before they return.

    I like this show very much. It neatly combines several of my favourite parts of several shows and combines them into one big happy hour long experience. With, usually, a good story and an interesting and varied group of designers the show progresses smoothly, although a bit formulaically.

    My only real grips about the show are that they seem to be spending much more time with the family than they ever did before. Personally I find that most of the families are the same. What’s the issue, what are you doing to help your community, what’s wrong with the house. They can get them out of the way before the theme song for all I care. I want to see the house being transformed. I want to see how the designers are putting a little bit of themselves into each room they create. I want to see Ty jumping around like a maniac. And mostly, I want to see the results of a week long of hard work by a group of professionals.

    Finally I could do without all the American Flag waving. Sure I know that this show is all about the American dream becoming a reality for some family. But I don’t need to be reminded every 5 minutes, just once every show would be enough.

    Beyond that, I hope the show remains on the air for many more years to come. It’s a fun, exciting, and sometimes sad but always entertaining.
  • This show is the greatest reality!!!

    This show is just great! I like it very much! and it gives me ideas to improve my own home ;)

    I like the way Ty trys to scare the winner family with ugly things for the new house... If you are thinking where are the family while the house has been rebuilt, well, the producers send them to Bahamas, Hawaii or Disneyland for vacations!! That's awsome!! I like also the fights between the designers and the contractors, you know, it must be hard to make a brand new house in only seven days!!

    Whatever, you should see it, you'll like it!
  • this show is great. i love how people help people.

    this show is great. i love how deserving people get want they need. i love watching this show. i like it when people help other people. this show is what should be happening instead of wars and fighting and all of the other meaningless things most people argue about. if people worked together as a whole, the world would be better off. if we did more things like building houses for people who need them, we could work from there. there could be less fighting, less arguing, less distruction, and less problems. i wish that i could watch this show more often like every day.
  • OMG this is the best program I have EVER seen! Personal fav this is a must see program, it brings tears too my eyes.

    Really good!! This is the most best program I have ever put in my favs. Got to have ten out of 10 this time really well done!
    I just love the cast! My fav is Ed, hes so funny and enjoyable to watch. I love to see the familys reaction when they see thier houses. I do get jealous but oh well, it happens. I love Paige she looks adoreable, I wish I could have a extreme makeover... it would be so cool would'nt it? Anyway it is the best show ever! It was fun and I hope they do a new series.
  • It is Ty I can't help it

    It is true, it is all Ty. I can't help it I love him and I would watch any show he made (yes I did watch trading spaces but stopped when he left) but even this show I would still watch without him in it. They picked a great winner here for a reality show. Finaly it is a show not about lets make a deal and making the contestants back stab reach other or some other "fake" whatever. Extreme Makeover has made over reality TV and brought us to the heart and soul of America and back to good people. You can't help but cry at almost every episode with the heart touching footage and out reach they get. And the biggest bonus is Ty, what a hotty, as the host!!!!!
  • Hi this is concerning the The Koepke Family,i have never cried so much, about seeing people that trully deserve to get back what they have given to everyone without expecting any return.It\'s too bad Mr Gordon Koepke died of his cancer, I cried alot.

    I wish I could see Ty Pennington right now face-to-face and hold him in my arms,for the ture love he shares with those whom do not ever ask for it in return for that they give..I have never felt like this in my life,I too suffered a tragedy in my life, the worst car accident to have ever happened in BC-CANADA in 1996-06-13,pitt meadoes BC..It\'s nice to see that our world hasnt gone to the drain, take care guys and keep making me cry lol
  • I was only going to say that I enjoyed this show but that would be an understatement. Its heart and sense of goodwill it exudes has only grown since its debut.

    I had stopped watching because the stories were just TOO heart-breaking to watch! But I recently went back and I'm glad I did. This season Ty and the crew have helped out victims of the hurricanes and I have unselfishly invested in a fresh supply of Kleenex as I see family after deserving family get their wishes granted
  • This is a great show!!

    Extreme makeover home edition is an inspiring great show. Every week the team helps out a deserving family. Usually the families house was destroyed by some event or was too small for the families needs. The families they choose are all great and deserve this miracle. The family is sent on vacation and the building starts. They first do demolition which is allways exciting. Ty allways finds a new way to take down the house. They continue on with the house and Ty has a special project which is dedicated to a certain person in the family. When the family comes home they sewe their wonderful new house and are so happy. This show is so inspiring and great to watch with your family.
  • Ty, you've got some competition in the sexy category and I'm sorry but Eduardo Xol gets my vote as one HOT MAN!!! Lets see him in a cut-off t-shirt ABC. Keep up the great work. Love the show and Eduardo too!!!

    Ty, you've got some competition in the sexy category and I'm sorry but Eduardo Xol gets my vote as one HOT MAN!!! Lets see him in a cut-off t-shirt ABC. Is this dude on any other shows or in any movies? Oh yeah, the Australian accent guy with the shaved head, not too bad either but you better keep Eduardo on because if it wasn't for Eduardo, I couldn't watch long because of the pressure you guys give the viewers to get that d**n house done in only a week just makes me too nervous. Love the show and keep it up!!!
  • Some of the nicest people you could ever meet!

    I got to see the Extreme Makeover crew in action in Raleigh, NC for the Riggins family. Everyone that was associated with Extreme Makeover were genuinely kind and you could tell they really enjoyed their jobs. What an enlightening experience to see people doing a good deed and enjoying their family of co-workers!
  • Ty you are the most wonderful person in the world!

    This show really makes you appreciate your own life. Some of the stories are so heart breaking, but of course Ty and his crew make sure that they fix as much as possible, i dont think that i have watched a single episode where i haven't cried. Its just do amazing that there are people out there that are willing to put their time and effort into good use for someone that really needs it. My favourite part of the show is when Ty goes nuts with the mic and he runs around telling them how many hours or days that are left to finish!
  • This makeover show happens to be one of my personal favorites. I started watching it last year and still find it so exciting. Week after week, some fortunate and deserving family is blessed with a new home. How great is that?

    I especially enjoyed the episode of the single mother who lived in the Washington, D.C. She and her children were living in a substandard home in Capitol Heights, Maryland.
    When the extreme makeover team came to their home, they were so excited until they tumbled off the porch! It was fun to see how thrilled they were.

    It's also heartwarming to see the love and care that's taken with each project. The team just doesn't come in and rebuild a "cookie cutter" home. They take the time to find out the special needs and desires of each family member. I also appreciate the fact that the families are treated to a "mini vacation" in Florida as well.
  • A warm, feel good show that everyone should watch!! It makes you want to go out and do something good for someone!

    What can you say about this show that makes you cry every time you watch it?!! The show has developed in to a \'do good\' show that makes you want to go out and help after watching the show! Ty Pennington makes this show. He is funny, but sincere about wanting to help these families make there lives better. The whole team he works with does an awesome job of getting to know th families, so that they can make the new home, \'their\' home. The show has improved on making it less corny and more serious...but keeping this in a mood of helping out people in need. I don\' know what I will do if Ty ever leaves this show, or if it\'s taken off (hopefully that will be a long time), but I will continue to watch every Sunday with my kleenex box next to me!!
  • one reality show that warms your heart

    okay, i know what youre thinking. another home design or stupid reality show, right? so wrong. the meaning of this show is to better people's lives. and not some pretty well-off guy that really doesnt need to win. this is for those less fortunate, to give them a chance at something better. its an amazing thing to watch the stories of these families and how, through personal loss and illness, theyve survived it all. and now we're giving back to those who gave so much. people may say that the world is a cruel, hard-hearted place, but after watching this show your mind has got to be changed. the host, the designers, and the demolition crew all care enough to build new homes for these families, sometimes with special additions like elevators for people in wheelchairs, or special air filters for those with low immune systems. it really just touches you, the fact that you are watching this one show make some families' dreams come true, and in doing so make the world a better place, one house at a time.
  • off the wall in a good way! a group of people designers and carpenters who help people in need to get a better life and fix their house.

    This is a very good show. A group of carpenters and designers help deserving family rebuild their houses and their lives. I very satisfied with the group of people they choose. I wish they can help more but I know they cant. This season has a good concept of selecting a deserving family from each and every state. So far they have been good familys. I enjoy watching the audtion tapes. One little advise you dont have to start crying and balling. I am sorry but that one girl on the team takes to much to heart. She cries to much! Calm down! Other then that it is a very good show.
  • A Heart Warming Show

    I work alot but when I get the chance I make a point to watch this show. I really feel like these people care for the families they are helping. All of the people deserve the house makeovers I think. I havent seen one yet where I feel they didnt really need it. And Ty is soo nice and funny. They are all very creative and have given me ideas about my own home. Then the looks on the families faces when they see the home. The hugs the tears. Its not just a girl show though. My husband really enjoys it too. Great show. A+

    What a wonderful show! To make dreams happen to those who not only deserve but could not make these dreams happen without them! A show that not only brings a smile but also proves there are angels right here on this earth. I hope this one show does not burn out, what an amazing show i sure wish i knew to apply for it! How do they get all the places to give free stuff? Do the owners end up with a higher morgage? Those are the only questions i can\'t seem to have answered by watching the show itself........... To end God bless them and keep up the hard work!!!!!!!!!
  • The Farina Family

    We just watched the show about the Farina family . We were so moved by the care and kindness Homemaker and all the people that were involved iin the building of the house. We watch every Sunday night . It is the best in family viewing pleasure in a long time . Thank You
  • A show that, while repetitive, will always make you feel good.

    I watch this show now, mostly because Charmed was canceled after last season,so now I have a free block of TV time. Still, it is inspiring, and really sweet. Mostly, I only watch the first 10 or 20 minutes to get an idea who the family is, then the last 15 to see the finished projects. I love seeing the kids rooms because the themes are so awesome. Still, like I said, it is extremely repetitive and I've got to think that eventually this is going to get old. The premise of the show doesn't really have a long shelf life. But maybe I'm wrong, and even if the show does end I hope they keep doing the projects because it is a great charity.
  • Home makeover is one of the best shows.Creative.

    This reality show is one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. Ty and the rest of the crew are very creative.They know exactly what they want to help people.They have so much compassion,feelings,and they have a very big heart in their bodies.They help people that can't afford to help themselves.I think that they do a wonderful job in what they
    do.I have really gotten into this show and I stand behind Ty and the rest 100%.If I was able to get out and help them to do what I could,I would go and travel with them and help.
    God bless people like them,and others who help.There are still some good people out there.They put themselves last and everyone in need first.I hope they keep up the good work.They are the best.
  • I only like it because of the finish product, where everything is done........"There is no way it's gonna stay that clean 1 month from now"...

    Ok, ok I don't love it but it's a great show but get this I don't care that they help people, I love watching the finished part, when it looks so nice! I laugh at the end and say: "There is no way it's gonna stay that clean 1 month from now", "They should have a show to see what it looks like now".
  • I have a small idea of what Mr and Mrs Blevins and their children go through.

    I work at an institution that assists the mentally and physically challenged to face everyday life. I assist them with all of their needs, from brushing their hair-to helping them be able to eat lunch-to going to the restroom. I deal with this for 8 hrs a day and I know how demanding it gets in just those 8 hrs. To be responsible for a person with challenges 24/7, is an unbelievable, unimaginable task for me. I am in awe of the Blevins family and thank them for all they do for Aaron. I know what it is like to have to lift a person to get them bathed, to clean them after accidents, to try to make their life a little better and happier. God Bless you all. Thank you Ty and the Home Team for making life a little easier for this remarkable family. I will be praying for Aaron's surgery. God will take care of him!
  • Another house? This is getting boring.

    Why is this show getting good ratings? All it is is just some building crew making a house for a poor family, a normal family, or whatever. I hate Ty Pennington. I really hate him. And why didn't this show get made 10 years ago. Oh wait, I think it did. I think that show's now on HGTV or something.So, this show is a little bit of a rip-off. But my views do not represent everyone's views. If you feel good seeing a poor family getting a home, then go ahead. Watch it. I don't care. Please ABC. Make something else.
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition could do something good for a group instead of one family!!

    Seems to me that if you would rebuild the school house for the Omish community that was distroyed as a result of the murders of their children, you would not only be doing a good deed for a group of people who probably can\'t afford to do it to the scale that you can, but it will send the rating through the roof.

    Best Regards and good luck,

    Kip Russo
  • Very good show. It brought back many memories of my own family. Thanks Ty

    Could you please pass this on to the Gilliam family. I just wanted them to know it is going to be ok. I too lost my father in an accidential hunting accident. I was 12 years old and one of 14 children. It has been 31 years but I do not have the pain I once did. The memory of my father is still very dear to me but I do not have the pain. I promise that with time you and your family will go on. I will keep you all in my prayers and know that your father is watching out for you. Sincerely, Lori Unger, Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Would like some follow up.

    It was a great show, but it was lacking something, i.e. followup. How is this woman going to pay the heating bills and the other costs of this HUGE house? They were so deserving.Like the Monday night show you use to have;instead of re-creating Sundays show, provide followup. Tell us how they are doing. Perhaps I missed it, but how can WE help these people too?
  • Great show

    When this show started a just a few years ago, I got into it from the start. This is my type of show. It’s about helping people who is in need of help. It’s amazing how much effort the crew put into building houses for the families. Sometimes they give more than what you expected to see. The crew seems to enjoy their job and have fun while they do their job. The expressions on the families face when their see their new house, gives you a good feeling. The thing what bothers me is that it seems like they are cutting more out of the show than they used to. The building part seems to be cut out a lot. The intro and the sending the family off to vacation is good enough and then only show a bit of the building part and feel like they just skip the building part and go straight to show the family the new house. Otherwise, good show.
  • Making charity a cool thing

    Even though Ty Pennington is obviously on something, it's still a great show. These people are often in desperate situations , and Home Edition literally gives them a new lease on life. This is some of the best reality on TV. Someone give Ty a sedative, seriously. But it's a cool show.
  • miracle show

    This show is truly amazing, it makes alot of people cry becaus e of all the work they put in to each and every family to make their house perfect for them. The families that apply for the show truly do deserve what they get. Ty has a huge amount of love to give out and he does through building and making it easier for families to live. He is like the miracle man, he wont stop or get any sleep until its done. The only thing that i dont like about the show is how Ty is always screaming, but i suppose the smaller kids like it alot. Its an awesome show and it should stay on for a long time!!!!
  • This show is cool!

    I think this show is cool. This show is basically when people need help like they have a big family and they only have a 1 room house or they don't have that much money to build a new house they extreme makeover crew helps them out! I think it is very nice that they have a show like this. They just knock down the house that the family doesn't want anymore and they build a bigger, nicer house in the same place. When I say bigger and nicer, I mean bigger and nicer. They do so good with the houses it seems like sometimes they could be worth a million dollars! Well anyway, I like this show!
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