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  • A creative, uplifting, idea generating, philanthropic show which must be watched with a box of tissues.

    Love this show. Find it uplifting because there are so many deserving families and we get to watch these communities come together to help. Makes you believe again in people. Ty seems to do everything in such a big way. I'm always amazed at the final reveal. Love his surprise room segment, too. I'm amazed by the creativity of design and how educational it is with all the steps involved in building logistics. We just had "IKE" in Houston and much is still left to do to get back to normal. Can't wait to watch this season, my DVR is already set up.
  • This is the best show I have seen in a long time. It shows the community comming toghther to help the less fortunate.My statement was a trend setter and thats exactly what the show is. I could watch it all day.

    T.V has ran out of ideas and this show is the best yet please continue to air. You can practically feel the joy in the givers heart as well as the reciever.It shows communities comming together no matter what color, educational back ground or area of the city that you live in.I have seen all the different families that you have helped and it warms my heart. Please continue the good-work.Home maker overs cast is the best, you think of every thing and no stones are left un-turned. I wish you could come to my house. I
  • I watched the show a couple of times and I was appalled with the expense that was put in to one home.

    The best thing I can say about the show is they do pick families that are deserving, but there are tons of deserving families out there. Why do they put so much into one house when what they spend on one house even with donated products they could help out so many more. I am not saying that the houses are't beautiful, but just think of the possibilities. Wouldn't quanity (being how many families helped) verses quality (being the elaborated house)be a little more realistic in the now. All Im saying is that in this day and age there are so many people that need a little help. Why not spread the kindness a little thinner.
  • Good cause??

    Ok yes these people are doing a great thing for these families and i am not gonna sit here and make fun of that but what i never got about this show is number one ok they put all this expensive stiff in some of these house's then they don't pay the bills so if this family couldn't get them paied before you just increased the problem trying to do a good deed i mean again i am not tryin g to make people mad number two they brodcast this on t.v. and they make these house's look real nice and all that and they take a tour through the house ok yeah cool right but how many of these houses do you think are either robed or someone tryed to rob it before the alarms went off i mean you just showed this nice house on live tv and yes theives watch tv to and it had all this nice stuff in it i mean it would be tempting to someone that does that for a living and again not trying to anger thw veiwers but third they go spend all this money on something like that in like a poor neighborhood when they could set something up to help out the whole comunity like a soup kitchen or something of that efect or they could just buld more then one houe they could build more then just one hosue for the people i mean yeah i dream house is nice but how about bringing some people back to earth why don't they just improve these people like rebuild there house but just like but the necesities inside not anythign really costy also not to big i mean a family of that was 5 that is now 4 does not need some big house that has like 6 bedroms ok they need three bedrooms that is it no more ok one for mom and dad and the other two for the kids but that is all i have to say about this show but yet again did not want to anger the veiwers just trying to tell you what i thnnk about this ok thanks for reading my reveiw
  • Angels Gone Constructive.

    This is exactly why I have local channels. I love to watch shows like these. (Although I'm pretty sure cable has it too...) Come on. How often do you send a video in to a t.v. station and get a free house in return? Only on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I just love Ty's voice. He would make a great actor. But he certainly does'nt need to act anything out for generosity. He has plenty of that already in his heart. I know Ty Pennington is a great man, along with the great other designers. The part I really love about the show is that they send them of to Disneyland or even a Cruise and they come home a week later and discover a brand-new house. That really touches my heart. God Bless you Extreme Makeover Home Edition. You're perfect.
  • Must see.

    There is no way someone can watch this and NOT be touched by it. This show is amazing. What makes it so amazing is that Ty and everyone that is involved in creating the new homes for these families do not stop at making the new homes...they change these families' lives. They pay off debts, bring sick family members to the right hospitals for treatment/cures, help family businesses grow, etc... Everyone is struggling and when you see this show, it makes you think about what you can not only do for yourself and your family but others as well and it gives hope.
  • First week of April Arnold Chiari Malformation. A Disease????

    Please research Arnold Chiari Malformation, it is not a disease, but a deformity from birth, that does not reveal itself until the youngester is in their teens, and go through growing phases. My two sons, Mike Medeiros, and Manny Medeiros, were both diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation. It is not contageous, nor is it a progressive disease. Arnold Chiari ( the name of the physician that discovered it.

    Malformation- Definition
    Abnormal developing, just as a "crocked bone", only there is an opening in the skull, where the base of the brain, grows past, cause the Celebeluim to be enlarged in the neck. This can lead to, entrapment and damage to the brain stem, which controls body movement( fine and gross motor control, walk, lifting, bending etc...( from the neck down). My son Mike suffered from loss of feeling in both arms, and pain in his back. His (long-gate)the actual length of the brain stem into the spinal area was only 3 cm and required surgery. Manny was losing his body control. He would be walking along with his classmates and just drop. Back around 1993-4 when both my son were operated on in Boston , at Boston Children's Hospital, by Dr.Gruamnorova, Neurosurgeon, she told me, it is very rare to have to children with it, in the same family.
    Many people will die at 90 years old, and never have a problem, others will, it depends on the serverity of the malformation. I sons did not have plate put in, there were problems already developing from it. My sons are now in their early 30's, they are 10 1/2 months apart, and they are active, normal work and live. They have children, and already two have been checked for it. I would refer these people to her, and see if she can help. Boston is always on the cutting edge of medicine, surgery and cures.

    God Bless you and all your work. Doreen E Carter
  • great

    i feel the show was awesome. i am touched inside every episode.while i was watching this latest episode i had many different thoughts running through my mind.my family and i rent our condo.my husband and i have been married 11 years and we have 2 boys.i have known my husband for 14 years,and of all those years he has been on workers comp at least 10 years.the first time a machine turned on by itself and crushed his fingers.the second time he hurt his ankle.we've woven bad credit partly because of this situation.all we due is struggle.i donot need the best home ever,but i would love to have my own home...especially for my boys.i thought that would be a good idea for the show.something different.a different way to touch a persons life even though they don't already own a home yet.on the show everyone who have been helped own something,what about the people who have had difficult times and would like to have their lives touched?????
  • amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this show is amazing i great to see this kind of show on our tv cause everything these day it all reaily show and people doing dumb things. i think that what they do to help other people is great and they give it to familys that need a helping hand. to see how many people help and how fast and giving people can be. it great how they can do it in 7 days and how they work in any condtion to get it done. great show and i hope that they keep it up. it shows that in this wide crazy world that great things do happen to people that have had a bad patch in life. these thing give people hope and a new start.
  • we absolutely love your show! keep up the good work.

    well this program is amazing i cant beilive how many people give up their time to help others that is amazing it not only that but its a program that the whole family can enjoy plus it touches everyone in the heart. how exactly do you find these needy people? not only do you repair lives but you give people a second chance and use eco friendly appliances ,a big step up in this world.kudos.i love the whole program keep up the amazing work love you guys.we will continue to watch.if ever your in miami fl make sure to stop by and say hi,velez family.
  • The show is great when you see a family that deserves it but when they choose to help a family that put themselves in the situation it's a pain to watch.

    Yes, there's the family where the dad died, then the mom and her boyfriend were murdered, and everybody had to move in with their aunt and live in a house of 10 people. They deserved it.

    Then there's the family who starts building a house knowing full well that he'll probably not be able to finishe it while the family stays in a dump of a house. During this time he also collects antiques instead of say saving that money for that house he's building. They do not need help. Some people will not learn unless it's painful to them and they needed to learn a lesson in pain, not learn that they could screw up the family and a miracle will come and help them out.

    Generally I really like this show but when there's an episode with a family that doesn't deserve it in any way I turn it off. That comes to about 1/10 these days.
  • I love this show and it is one that me and my boys site and watch together. They like to see the houses being brought down and then rebuilt. They understand and always ask how they can help do things like that too. It means alot to me.

    Daniel you are a true inspiration. I cried through the whole show. They were not tears of pity or sorrow but that of pride and inspiration. I am a single mom of 2 and we have had our ups and downs and I have often wondered how and if we would make it through the rough times. After watching this episode I know that we will be ok. Thank you devil dog! If I was there during the filming I would have jumped the fence and held you in my arms, you are a great dad and man. Thank you for serving this country!
  • Just saw the show featuring the Gilyeat family.What an inspiration for everyone watching!!!

    A great show honoring a great American hero. The house was designed to accomodate Daniel's disability while giving the family the sense of freedom they all desperately needed. Congratulations to all of you for a tremedous job well done.Daniel is truly an American hero. He has been through a lot and deserved to be honored with the class that you provided. Daniel has a love of family and love of country that can never be taken away from him. You made it possible for him to care for his family with dignity and grace. Thanks for giving him the home he deserved and for a wonderful program-------------
  • Really enjoy the show, think it serves a purpose unlike most reality shows. Highlights a cause, and then turns the living situation into a positive new start. Only downside seems to be more and more product placements/tie ins every week.

    Its a very good show. Enjoy the host and the cast. Like that they make a hero out of someone and highlights their accomplishments. Also like that each show seems to bring attention to a different living/family situation and/or living with a disability. Only downsides that I've seen is the product placements and Disney/Ford tie ins, seem to grow from week to week. Along with the usual 20 or 30 product placements, it almost seems that they have the need to run at least one or two Disney plugs and one or two Ford plugs every show. I really commend the idea and the enthusiasm, just wish the corporate weasels would back off a bit before they ruin it.
  • One ugly house!

    In the most recent edition of Extreme Home Makeover the design team creates a Frankenstein house in New Hampshire. Resembling a collision between a lighthouse and a barn, the house is painted in clashing puke green and orange. No need to worry about anyone getting near this home. But after all it is the thought that counts and now these deserving people have a home to live in which is a key to keeping everyone in the "heart of the family". Rumors are that they will have a Extreme Home Makeover Makeover to repaint this house and create a new roof line that will fit into the neighborhood.
  • This show is influential it makes people stop and think. The people on the show all have terrible problems and your thinking as you watch I am so glad there helping the people and thank god everyone in my family is healthy and then you get that phone call

    I would like to send in a request for the show you help people all the time that already have homes, but what about helping someone that doesn't have a home that just lost everything because they found out their 31 year old daughter with 4 children has a rare type of cancer. She has moved in with her younger sister who has 3 children of her own and has just got guardianship of her younger sisters litter girl they are living in an apartment. Her mother is trying to take care of everyone but it is very hard. The daughter is going to have to go to another state for treatment and they are looking for a house to accommodate 11 people with a mother-in-law plan for the mom. If you can do something with that the show would even be greater then it already is. You would be helping someone who has nothing and taking the stress off the sick daughter that is worried about where her kids will live while she is gone having treatment for her cancer.I know this family could really use your help just like all the other families you have helped. Thank you for listening to my suggestion.
  • I want to take the time to let the cast of the show know that what you guys are doing for people around the world is absolutely amazing! I always wanted to help people the way you do! I hope you guys will please read this.

    My name is Derek Jetter and I am Twenty years old. I have a story I would like to share with you guys so maybe you can help me out, to help someone very important to me. I know that sending in a video is what you guys perfer, but i dont own a camcorder and I didnt know any other way to get this to you and your team. My granfather has helped me out in so many ways growing up its overwhelming. I look up to him in many ways then he cant ever imagine. It just doesn't stop with me though. My mother and father had gotten divorced when i was nine. My father, brother, and myself came here to stay in Ohio. We had nowhere to go and my gandfather had taken us all in. Things didnt workout with my father and mother. At one point my brother and I had been in a foster home for a while, which made growing up a little hard, but once again my grandpa was there to take us in even when he didnt have the room to. He had three kids of his own and the three of us coming in at the same time. It was so bad that my grandpa had taken the back porch and turned it into a bedroom so we could have enough room for everyone in the house. My grandpa was a successful man at one time. He owned his own resturant when he lived in Florida until he went through a tragic event. He was hit by a car and it messed his leg up for life. It shaved half of his bone off and now he lives on disability for the rest of his life, not able to work. Today, two of his sons are moved out with kids of thier own and they have families. My brother is no longer here as well. He also has moved out and has a family of his own. Even before they were able to move out he gave them and thier families a place to live until they were able to do so. My grandpa, father, my grandpas youngest son, and I are still living here. I am due to have a little girl of my own on March 1, 2008 and start my own family. Once again my grandfather is going to give us shelter until we can get on our feet. I just dont no any way i could ever repay him. Hopefully you can help me achieve this task because I owe him a lot. Thank you so much for taking the time and patience to here what I had to say.
  • Inspired

    I have a 10 year old daughter who has never had a hair cut.She wanted to let her hair grow to the floor. Her hair was everything to her .She was very proud of her hair.She loves to watch your show but this one show with the young girl with cancer and no hair really got to her.She donated her hair to help the young people with cancer. She donated 10 inches to locks of love.Even when many people told her not to cut it that she would regret it. She was proud to get it cut and to have it donated.
  • I love the EMHE shows very much. The work they do is heartfelt and perfect for this world. The show shows us that people can make the difference in a violent world, and give families some peace and reassurance that life isn't all bad

    Living in Canada I am glad to see what the EMHE team does for families that are going through tough times for whatever reason. In this world with so much heartache and violence it is nice to see that there are people who do things out of the goodness of their hearts for others.This show shows the world that even though there are disasters around the world that are on TV, there are also disasters that aren't. In today's world we need to see that there are still personal disasters that can be helped to make the world a little brighter for families that can't see any light.
    For the ones who critize what this show does are people who haven't experienced any real hardships in life. Anyone who has had children with a sickness knows how impossible it is to get help from government or organizations some of the time.
    Keep up the good work as a parent I am glad that my children can see that there is still some goodness left in this world.I hope to be able to watch your show for another 5 yrs. I just wish we had a program like yours here in Canada as there are families here that could really use your help too.
  • Good Samaritans

    Congratulations on your 100th show

    It was awesome to see many of the previous recipients coming together as a family. SO MUCH LOVE! It's amazing how you guys can do so much in such a short time.
    I love what you guys do for others and wish a heap of God's blessings upon all of you. If more people would think like you guys think, what a wonderful world this would be. The love you guys give to the people is awesome. This is the love that's talked about in the bible. Remember the love you give out will return twofold. Love, Marilyn
  • Hundreds of families could be helped instead of only one at a time. Most people would be happy with something simple.

    I do believe that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is doing something wonderful for families. What I can't understand is why they build these elaborate dream homes for one family when many, many families would settle for something simple,new, clean and sufficient. I have 5 kids and live in a three bedroom home and we are fine, it's what we can afford. I just get so upset when I see a home built for one family that could have been 200 homes instead. I hope that people can understand what I'm saying and don't get too mad at me because they are doing something good and charitable.
  • hi my name is loretta and is wondering how i can get you guys to discuss how to help my sister and her family and she has crowns and is on her 2 baby and is in need to get pls emailme if you can help

    she lives in apartment building right now because thats all they could afford on disabilty we would love her to get a three bedroom house but she cant she doesnt have enough on disabilty my sister name is patricia brown and her husband name is tyson brown and her little girl is jyele brown and her favourite thing is dora explorer.she will be having little boy with in three months and would like some help to help them out.i know she cant not live in a two bedroom apartment with 4 people she will have the two children in one bedroom and her and her husband in one and she is not allowed to have the two kids in the same bedroom because it will be boy and girl
  • how to help a family?

    Hello everybody, I'm Antonio I'm an Italian fan and I know people reaaly need your help, mother and 3 guys, only one of this guy has a job 1000 euro a month and they have not a their own house, they live in a rented one.
    I think it should not be a problem give a chance to this family please tell me how and if i can help them .
    Any suggestion will be higly appreciated.
    Thank you for all people will give a little help.
    I use to watch this show form sat tv as i live in italy too
    you can mail directly to me

    and in case you need to verify im saying truth will forward all my personal details

    Tony The Tiger
  • I really loved the Merero Family last night.

    My name is Mary, usually they show men in a bad way. But last nights show was very sweet to see. A father taking care of his five sons the best he could and his sons not involved with the drug street life. In one word "Wow", what a family. Love, without nothing. Home editions God bless you for helping them. The group of fathers who got $500 gift cards from Sears, Sears will be blessed too, for all their kindness. I see that it doesn't take a lot only people and business to just start caring for people. This world is getting nice because of you guy's one family at a time.
  • I would like to enter for an Extreme Makeover would you come to South Dakota? We are Lakota Sioux and are from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

    When you watch Extreme Home Makeover (lately) it has brought tears to my eyes. It touches your heart and the crew makes you feel comfortable and safe! Everytime I watch the show it makes me feel like I want to be a part of the show with the people that are there helping. I have a grandmother and grandfather who have a house with no heating system in it and it is really old. During the winter they would get stuck at home with no food because the roads are so bad there...they live out in the country and are both handicap. We always join them for Thanksgiving and Christmas...they also run a small church for the people who live in the surrounding areas. Everyone comes to the church for gatherings and bring food and sing church songs in Lakota. The church itself needs work as well such as heating and plumbing.
  • Hello my name is Falisa Sherrod. I am a 45 yr old mother of 3 sons (still at home smile!!). I am a huge fan of the show. I love the things you all do for families. I would love to suggest someone for a makeover. Please let me know how I can do that.

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the greatest show I have ever watched. I am a faithful viewer. I am a big Ty Pennington fan (smile). I love the other members of the show as well. His energy is my lift every week. The great things they do to make dreams come true for others is such an inspiration. I too wish there was something I could do to help others. This show truly inspires those feelings of sharing in someones dream. God Bless you all!!! I have two aunts that live in New York (Long Island) who are struggling to make it since the death of my grandmother. There are family members trying to help, but there is but so much that can be done, since everyone has immediate families of there own. This home was my grandmothers first home since she left home at an early age. Everyone of us have lived in this home one time or another. All of our children love to gather there for holidays and birthdays year round. The house is old and has been said that there is no value in the home anymore. The value is not in the structure of this place, it is in the memories that have been made there. I love my aunts and wish there was a way for them to continue on the legacy of thier mother. My grandmother was the greatest person I know. I remember her making Thanksgiving dinner and passing plates out to the community. That is the kind of person who deserves to have her dream carried on. I would greatly appreciate any help to keep her place of memory alive.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.

    Falisa K. Sherrod
  • It's the only Makeover show I watch...

    I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It's such a good show, and they help so many families. I don't know which one was my favourite but there have been heaps that have made me cry. So many of them have made me cry. Like I can see the families and the houses but I can not remember their names or where they were. I do like the one the did for a baby though. I dont remember her name but she had her room to help her develop and her brain to grow, and I remember that she wasn't meant to be alive but she is. I know their in Texas somewhere and that the father is a coach at a high school, but the name escapes me.
    I love that one. If anyone knows what family I'm talking about I hope you liked it too.
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a great show and very inspiring!
  • I hope this show never goes off the air because in this world full of stress and pain, people need to know that there is hope if you have faith in our fellow mankind. I love that you pick real life people that are just really trying to survive but can't.

    I must be honest and say that I have never been a fan of reality tv programs because I felt they were all about silly people that have nothing better else to do than to get attention by coming on these shows and doing silly and embarrasing things. Well, that all changed when I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I literally cried during this whole show Sunday, October 28, 2007, as I saw Tye and the group make such an impact on the Navajo Nation. I will forever be a fan of your show! Sincerely,
    Maggie R De La Garza
  • hello my name is daisy ortiz i live in akron ohio and the reason i am writting to you is because i am a huge fan of ur show i watch every episode there is and u guys hearts are a blessing. my grandmother who is very caring,loving,understandable needs help

    she is very sick. she has heart failure,diabetes,osteoperosis and was a breastcancer patient.she helps her church organization and everyone else besides herself. she takes care of the community when its needed. shes so generous that i wanted to help her fix her house but unfortunatly i dont have a job due to me being sick all the time with asthma.her house is falling apart she lived in this house for 37 years and her son died there in her arms so she refuse to sell it. please i beg u guys to help her out. god bless......
  • Every show i watch is on familiar grounds. Our own house reno's have come with many dilema's. Such as figuring out where we will live while the house is being worked on (me, my fiance, our 2 1/2 yr old and 4 week old baby, my mother and our dog).

    I would like to apply to be chosen as a family they could help, but don't know how to do that. It would take too long to discribe everything from how it all started to where we are now, all i can say is we are taking it one day at a time and realizing that we may soon be living in our garage til the house is livable. Basically we have had a hard time keeping up with the bills and the basement was crumbling, furnice was too old etc. My better half got approved for a loan to redo the basement and a couple other things. We can't afford contractors so he is doing the work himself. He used his holiday time to do this and has to go back to work soon. After my c section I went to Saskatchewan with my mom but we had to come back cause it was too hard on my daughter being away from her dad. But now we honestly don't know if the house will be done before winter comes and the only affordable option might be to live in our garage til it is done, for the rest of this week we are able to stay at a cousin's house while she works out of town but once she comes home we don't know.
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