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  • Rilee Jade

    Dear Extreme Home Makeover my name is Amy Brown my daughter was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy1 year ago on the 7th November it is a genetic disease right now she has two walkers and she will be getting an electric wheelchair our home is not equipped for an electric wheelchair Rilee is unable to walk and its not able to get into the bathroom or other parts of our house with her walker or wheelchair she is only 2 years old and have to depend on me for everything please help if there's any way
  • Dear extreme make over

    Hi, my names Theresa Mc leod. Im homeless in Michigan warren in the matts shelter. I was in Canada visiting my boyfriend. I was living i New Jersey at that time. With family that i was think who cared but i guess not .They kicked me out. All my life i have been good to everyone i meet . But people are so mean in this world and cold heart. I do so much for others . That what mom would wanted . And now im in matts . in a new state . i dont have anyone . My story is crazy . But im looking for help . The shelter im at is not helping me with nothing im so stressed out im sick now . I just want to put my passed behide me and do well for my little girl. Im scarde that im going to stress my self out until i get real sick like my mom did. I really don't want to have that. please please help me . I want my child to have me in her life forever I love my little girl to death. I know there are good loving people in the world like me . I cry as im writing this . This is coming from my heart . my email is please help !!


    My dad needs help bad he lives in a house he never did finish and his health is getting bad now I would like to get u here to redo his house so that he want be living in a place that is bad the county is already getting on to him about the way his power is and its been like this for 30 years but I dad really need your help despartly please help my dad sincerely peggy
  • Extreme Homemakeover

    I just wanted to say that I think what you do is great. I have seen your crews put smiles on so many faces. My family personally needs help, but seeing the posts here I can honestly say that just being the family that we are, as close as we are is enough. You should focus your talents and gifts of cherished moments on those worthy of what you do. We, as a family, get along ok compared to some of what I have read. Thank you for what you do. It's people like you that show that there is still inspiration alive and well in the world.
  • mommy & daddy to an angel & parents to many

    I originally sent this message to Oprah Winfrey page on August 2, 2013 & haven't heard a response, my kids said I may have sent it to a fake account for Miss Winfrey:

    August 2, 2013 ~ Hello Miss Oprah. I know this is a long shot & I'm not the type of person who asks of such things. But before I ask let me tell you a little bit about myself.

    My name is Adriana Saunsoci, I'm 41 yrs old, from Lincoln Nebraska. Lived in Lincoln half my life but now make my home on the UmoNhoN Indian reservation. I am a member of the UmoNhoN tribe)

    As I was a child growing up I had my mother, my aunt & uncle who took a big part of raising me. And I also had my grandparents who were beautiful praying people. But as my early teen years came about I got foolish. Then next thing ya know I was pregnant at the age of 15. Then had another at 16, 19 & 21. I married the man who I had children with & sadly it was a horror story. He was a horrible man & I went through years of abuse, mentally, physically & emotionally. He even beat me into using drugs. After 10 years of that I finally escaped. What helped was he went to jail. After a year had gone by I met someone else who I thought was a genuinely caring & good man & got involved with him. We married after a year of being together & we had a child together when I turned 28. Our son was a wonderful gift & made me so happy. However throughout our marriage my 2nd husband would leave & be gone for a day or two or three days at a time. He was an alcoholic and a womanizer. My heart was broken when he went to a alcohol & drug treatment facility because he ran off with a woman he met in there.

    I had a male friend who I thought of as a brother although we aren't related in any way in the same situation. Heartbroken. He also was raised by his grandparents who instilled great teachings to him.

    We began to hang out and eventually became lovers and Friends. This went on for some time however he would go back to his ex girlfriend then she would do the same thing, cheat on him and he would come back to me and I would talk to him and try to be of comfort. Finally one day he said he was done and without even asking me he moved in with me & my children. My kids loved him. Still do. I never imagined we would stay together but by surprise I got I lost 4 others through miscarriages & one abortion this made it my 6th biological child. I was terrified!! Terrified to be having another child & not knowing if my new companion would stay. Our daughter was the best thing tgat ever happened tp us. I was afraid of being alone. Then at 5 months pregnant I lost a cousin/sister & that was the most devastating thing I ever had to go through. I still mourn for her. She had 3 children, Charlotte who was her oldest at 15 then & Joseph who was 14 then & Josephine who was 12 then. They're father is in prison & they asked to live with me. And of course I took them because they needed me as much as I needed them. Today I am a proud parent of 10 children & have a dozen grandchildren. I am not married again but continue to be with my bff, my youngest child's father & he is great. I'm happy with my life & how things turned out. I owe it all to Wakonda (God). We are a praying family & believe strongly in the Indian pipe way of life.

    So hear goes, can you help me to get a home of my own. I have a 4 bedroom that I rent but its not mine mine. My tribe can not help me nor do I even believe they will. Sadly they are all to selfish taking care of they're own family and making sure they're fam has jobs. I am living off unemployment because I was politically removed from my job after 22 years of service for the tribe. So with unemployment I barely make ends meet & can't even afford to buy my children school clothes. Please help. Even if its just prayers, I ask you to pray for us. Your a beautiful person & enjoy hearing you speak. Thank you. God bless.

    August 22, 2013 I sent another:

    I don't even know if you read these but here I am writing again. The day after I sent the previous message there was a horrible accident. Its like a nightmare. I was moving a car that didn't belong to me by my drive way & I didn't see my little girl & backed over her. She died. Life is such an emotional roller coaster. I don't understand why this happened to me & my companion. We loved her so much & changed our lives so much when we found out about her coming into this world. She gave us both so much happiness, we both live as good as we can & I ask God why, why, why! If you wanted her so bad & loved her more than us why did it have to happen the way it did. I ran over my own child & she died.

    :'( Our hearts are so traumatized & broken. We buried her by where we want to make our new home. So even if you can point me in another direction I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

    Today September 18, 2013

    Many prayers have been offered in our behalf, to give us strength, patience & understanding of losing our child on August 3. A family sponsored a Native American Church service on September 13, 2013 & a beautiful feast was shared with us on the next day if September 14,2013 which our babygirl Ora RoseMary would have turned 3 years old. It helped to uplift our spirits a little by surprise my companion proposed to me & of course I accepted. Through all of this heartache & self guilt he still stands by me & gives me so much strength to go on in life especially when I want to give up! But the Pain is still know its not going to happen overnight & continue to talk to God daily, hourly, sometimes every few minutes. But today was a major set received her death certificate in the mail & I damn near tortured myself with feelings of hatred for myself, guilt overwhelms me even though I know it was an accident. Now here it us 12:31 am I'm lying here thinking I made it! Another day! I don't know what tomorrow brings but again all I can do is pray. So again I am asking can you, or anyone you groups... us to get a home near where our baby is. This place she is buried is right by my fiance's old homestead, where he grew up. And its beautiful there. Theold home that he grew up in was burned down by kids arsonToday September 18, 2013

    Many prayers have been offered in our behalf, to give us strength, patience & understanding of losing our child on August 3. A family sponsored a Native American Church service on September 13, 2013 & a beautiful feast was shared with us on the next day if September 14,2013 which our babygirl Ora RoseMary would have turned 3 years old. It helped to uplift our spirits a little by surprise my companion proposed to me & of course I accepted. Through all of this heartache & self guilt he still stands by me & gives me so much strength to go on in life especially when I want to give up! But the Pain is still know its not going to happen overnight & continue to talk to God daily, hourly, sometimes every few minutes. But today was a major set received her death certificate in the mail & I damn near tortured myself with feelings of hatred for myself, guilt overwhelms me even though I know it was an accident. Now here it us 12:31 am I'm lying here thinking I made it! Another day! I don't know what tomorrow brings but again all I can do is pray. So again I am asking can you, or anyone you groups... us to get a home near where our baby is. Please please answer. God bless & thank you. Please please answer. God bless & thank you.


    Adriana Saunsoci soon to be Mrs. Springer

  • Single mother with 3 kids

    Theres a mother with three kids she raises them on her own she doesnt make much money! She works day and night! The air conditioner does not work in there double wide! They have no help They are all struggling! This woman is a blessing and try's her hardest please help her!
  • new mother, new father, needs a new breath of life

    I Didn't Know Where To Apply For This Show But I Was LeaD Here So Figured Its Worth A Shot. My Mother Had Married This Man Who I Couldn't Be More Proud To Call My Dad Then Any One In This World. He Isn't My Real Father But I Love Him All The Same. He Does What He Can To Take Care Of My Mother Who Has Lost Her Job Do To Budget CuTting, And My MentallyHandicap Brother. He Works Fill Time Night Shifts At Walmart For Twenty Years. Has Had HEart Surgery One Year Ago And Had A Cow Artery Inserted. After Which No One Was There For. He Was Alone. No Family, No Friends, No One. That Was Before He MeT My Mother. My Mother Now Helps Take Care Of Him And His Health. While Taking Care Of My Brother And Looking For A Job. Nit Going So Well. Thus Women And Man Live In A Trailer. That Has Been Modified Into A Two Bed Room. Very Very Small And Unsafe And A Hazard To His Health. My Mother And Brother Try Their Best To Keep Things In Shape Inside And Out But This Trailer Is Old And Moldy And Unsafe. They Need Help. Some New Beginning. Sage For This Angel Of A Man Not Only ToMy Mother Who aAdordes Him. But My Brother And Myself. He Is Sacrificing His House And Time And Money And Health To Except My Mother And Brother To Be There Because He Is So Full Of LOve Life And Spirit. I Want To See Them Happy. To Give Up Their Lives To Take Care One Another And Stay Happy. To Sacrifice Their Help To Keep Themselves Afloat And Not Dragging Their Knees On The Sand. Please Help. Give ThIs To The Family Who Gives So Much To One Another. To A Women Who Had Done Do Much In Her Life To Give To Children. To Work For People Who Give To The Needy. My Brother Who Needs To Start Over. Her Had Been So Beaten Down BY People Who Wrongfully Judge Him And A Father Who Used His Mental Disability Against Him. Who Now Gets TO Experience The Love OUr New Father Gives. Thanks So Much. There Is So Much To Their Story. Its Fits Right AlOng WIth The Others. GoD Bless.
  • Help?

    How would one go about being considered for the show or for help?
  • family desperately in need of help!!!!!

    hi my name is elizabeth a single mother of two who is currently living with her parents we are the Aronson family.

    my parents own a two story duplex building and need help due to my grandma having problems taking care of herself on her own and my uncle having hip c and both kidneys failing without qualifying for a transplant we need desperately to make our two duplex's into one and neither my uncle or grandma are able to walk up or down the stairs we all together make 9 people although we are trying to get my grandma out of a bad housing situation and my uncle eric out of his motor home...... please please consider us as a option for your show! our number is 253 833 2326 and 253 804 1306
  • Heart Transplant Patient needs help!

    My wife needs a heart transplant and we are struggling financially because I am out of work. We live in my parent's house that was built in 1910 and is definitely in need of a make over. My wife is unable to walk up stairs and needs help with walking since suffering a mild stroke on 2/17/13. We would like to be considered for your show. 10
  • Please help my struggling family!

    Hi, my name is Brittany. I am 22 years old, I have 1 brother and 1 sister and they live with my parents. My parents recently kicked me out because I didn't have the money to give them. But I still love them and I hope that they have an opportunity to live a better life.

    10 years ago, my mom Marilyn married my step dad, Dave. We lived in Golden valley for a couple of years while we had a house being built here in Princeton, MN. Everything was fine until some financial problem occured. Since we have moved into the house in Princeton, we have been struggling to get by.

    We had 6 deaths in the family... my mom lost 4 brothers, a sister, and her mother. All of that emotional stress has caused a spiraling depression, and she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and when she had gotten a shot to treat it, the doctor damaged her sciatic nerve, causing more pain. With all of the physical and emotional pain, my mother has not been able to work. We took in most of the belongings of those we lost, so we have NO ROOM in our house for anything! it's so cluttered and so messy, we have no idea what to do with it all! My mom doesn't want to sell it because it all has so much sentimental value...

    Dave kicked it into overdrive and has started building his own business. He was a computer programmer for a while, and drove truck for a short while, and now he is working for his friend. We need a smaller house, or more room, or something!!! My little brother has nothing to do outside, he spends all day long inside with video games, which is not good! He needs to be outside exploring and building stuff and getting dirty! Dave needs a big, organized office for his work, Marilyn needs a room that she can relax in with her music (she loves classic rock like led zeppelin) and something theraputic that can help her get better! My sister is probably moving in with her boyfriend soon, so I don't think we need to do much with that. We just need all the help we can get. Despite the fact that they kicked me out for not having money, I still want to show them that I love them and that I appreciate all that they did for me. This would help them so so much!!
  • Disabled Vet's home ruined by contractor

    My husband is a disabled Navy Vet. We hired a contractor to work on our home. We took out a second mortgage to fund it. There were many major mistakes made. as part of the job we paid for a new roof for our home. It has been nearly 4 years and it still leaks. We continued to talk to the contractor and he made empty promises of "making it right" We are trusting people and believed he wanted to do right by us. My husband uses a cane to walk and has been on the roof many times to make some repairs to slow the leak. We eventually consulted an attorney. unfortunately the statute of limitations has passed. We do not have the money to fix our home. We have a very unique house and love it very much. At this point we are praying that nothing falls apart. Since that time I have become injured as well. We have no hope of being able to fix our home.

    My husband has started repairs to the interior of the house. Our bedroom and bathroom are torn up. Our basement had flooded and we removed all of the carpeting. As much as my husband would like to finish all of the projects in the house , he just can't. He was injured in a fire on a submarine. He saved a man's life and was given a medal in recognition of it. I am very proud to be his wife. I know it is difficult for him to look at all of the "construction " zones in our home while feeling helpless.

    We spent $1000. on an engineer to look at our home to list the is scarey.

    We have fought for every thing we have in life. We would be so grateful to be on a show to help us fix our dream home.
  • A Sterile Home for Gina

    Please I really need your help. My niece Gina has recently been diagnosed with MULTIPLE MYELOMA

    (Cancer of the Bone Marrow) Her home was purchased about 10 yrs ago as a fixer upper. Her husband

    has been trying to do it all himself and now that his wife has come down with this terrible disease it has

    become such a hardship for the whole family. Gina loves her dogs, however she cannot have them around after her stem cell transplant in Sept. 2013, and her home needs to be very sterile after she comes home from her 3 week stay at the CITY OF HOPE. Gina has taken care of her father in law for many years during his elder years, and always helped others. Can you please help Gina now that she can use the help during this terrible trial in her life?
  • Please Extrem make over I need your help

    please we really, really need you guys help I'm mother of four kids 2boys and 2girls 8yrs,5yrs,3yrs,and 11/2yrs this is my first time purchased a house I did not know or check the bougrand of the house because I was so desperate to move out from the 2bedroom apt where I lived with my four kids, my husband ,and my mother-in-law for their health issues. My husband and my 2boys had an asthma because of the carpet and there was not enough ventilation coming in my apt. I decided to take them out from the apt by purchased a house now I am facing a big problem by stressing my self working two jobs in a group homes taking care of people with mental health and Drug abuse. and go to school now am planning to quit school because I can't concentrate anymore in my study. They denied me financial Aid I'm always thinking how to pay my mortgage, and how to raise money to fix the house some part of the house is falling. Now we on summer, we are facing mosquitos bite every night all the widow net are felt and some windows are broken please TY and some other Designers I really need you guys help for the sake of my kids and my husband whose were suffering from severe asthma. if you guys can help renew my house so we can have a fresh breath and healthy breath I and my family will be the happiest people on this earth.
  • always had second hand things.

    Hi i'm going to keep this short as possible i'm a single mom with 2boys age 5,14 since i've been a mom I have never had anything nice for myself or my apartments everything was always used which im not complaining because its a blessing no matter what but since i've been on my own now that im a mom I wish an always prayed to have a normal looking home i'm so depressed because your home should feel like home I have no furniture just mixed things old futon bedrooms broken beds my bedroom is no better I try to fixes it with things from cheap stores its just so depressing as a mom an a women I don't have anyone visit me because im so ashamed of my place I need so much help with giving my place that home feeling so please if you guys can help me that would be the most an best thing I could ever have thank you kindly team make over god bless genny:)
  • Please help us

    My mom give everything to everyone and never get nothing back so please help my mom
  • please we could use some help

    my name is connie and shawn and i have had 2 strokes and heart surgery,major back surgery and i have fibromoliga which keeps me in chronic pain all the cant even get a vehicle and shawn has trouble with jobs with no way and we rent and im not able to keep doing all this im 47 and i dont even have land for you to even build us a one level house as stairs hurts know you dont thik this is important but it is we have nothin we struggle so hard and im tired of struggling i would like some kind of help if you can help us please please do my disability check is 730 a month and rent is 600 and the house we live in is fallin apart in areas we are in canton ohio and would love to have a decent home and a vehicle in the country so i can have animals and im asking please help us thanks for connie maffei 832-775-3403
  • we need help! :(

    hello, i am a sixteen year old girl. my dad started building a house for us to live in, but last year in august he got into a dirt bike accident. he shattered his femur and broke his jaw in three places. my eleven year old brother saw it the whole thing happened. he is in need of a knee replacement. when this occured he had surgery the next day after the day of the accident. he was rushed to the hospital. he is unable to build the house at this time. we were hoping to get in the house this summer but we are not able to now since he broke his leg. we are all sad that we wont be living in the house this summer, and im really hoping that you can help us. there is four of us in the family, me; a sixteeen year old, my brother who is eleven and my parents. we would love to be able to get the help from you guys. we would really appreciate the help, it would mean so much to us. if its possible, could you e-mail me back if you come upon this? its very important to my family and I. my mom has been so stressed out because of where we are living now. i dont like to see her like this. we started building the new house just up the road from where we live now. it was coming along nicely until my dad broke his leg. i was really really upset when that happened. i couldnt concentrate in school or anything. a new house would be the best present that i have ever gotten, and i couldn't ask for more. i think it would just make my mom so much happier. i'd rather have my mom happy then sad and stressed out, i've never seen her this down before. and we've lived in this house for about four years. i live with my grandmother, and we just want to move out.. so, if you come upon this, you please e-mail me:
  • we need you help

    Extreme Makeover: Home my mane is yasin. i leave in maryland with my 10 brother and sisters our house is felling parts my dad is the only working my mom is not working 5 of us we leave sleep on the floor. i have i sister who is death hard to hear . this house only have 4 bedroom and

    2 of 1 1/2 bathroom. the house is not big for us . i have 4 sister and 6 brother. in my live i never ask help for nobody and after i have see you guys what can u do for other people i know that you and brother are the best kind of people you can ask for help so pleas we needed your help so that we can leave a batter way of live like other people pleas help u . we are looking forward to get your help so please help us is my email. sincerity yasin
  • please help us!! 10

    my husband of 34 years shot and killed himself in our bedroom. there is blood on the floor under where we took the carpet and padding up, blood on the ceilings and the walls. PLEASE- URGENT CAN YOU HELP US, MY CHILDREN AND GRAND DAUGHTERS LIVE HERE AND WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE i beg you, HELP US?

  • i would like to help my wife

    there was a double murder in southern il and it was my wifes daughter jessica evans and her boyfriend. they went fishing one nite and never came home. she was suppose to graduate this month. my wife is trying to be a nurse and thinks its her fault that this has happened. she needs ur help. we have an old country house that needs work. she really needs the help tho with the tuition in becoming a nurse. i love her very much and would love to see her happy name is rob surprenant and i live in norris city can u help!
  • Mother and disabled child need your extreme help.

    My name is Elle, and I clean peoples yards and haul stuff with my trailor. I was referred to clean a ladies yard. When I arrived, She introduced me to her mentally challenged son. Also, she has heart problems and she has no income. The lady (Emley) has lived at the house since she was 2, her father also died that year and she has 9 brothers and sisters. Her mother had filled the pool in so the

    children wouldn't drown. Emiley's mother is still alive at 95 and living with one of her daughters. Upon entering the home I couldn't believe my eyes. The home had barely had no furniture, the walls were falling apart, windows broken, the front door you can see the light on the top and bottom and everything is a disater. The kid has been begging his mom to dig up the pool and asking me if I was there to dig up the pool. Emiley, doesn't drive she has no car and rides a bicycle to the grocery store. She is constantly struggling but she seems to have good spirits.

    I have been working there for a couple of weeks. I've come to know Emiley and she is a very giving person. I think that your show is wonderful I watch it every week, I'm one of your biggest fans and it amazes me to see how happy you make people and how their lives had changed because of your show. Maybe you could help her and her son to have it eaiser. I have refused to take her money for the

    work, cried myself to sleep and dreamed about your show. That's when it occured to me that you and your show could perform miricles for Emiley and her son. I couldn't think of a more deserving person to help, that's why I wrote you this letter.

    `There is so much more that I could tell you but I think that you should see it with your own eyes (from my lips to GOD's ears). I hope this letter reaches you. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email address, I have provided below.


  • I would just like to help my mom.

    My name is Chloe, are house was full of molde are dad Shawn had to take out the walls the floors and closet my mom Sara tore threw her mcl and cant even go up the stairs without crying i dont want to watch her cry every night she has alot of brusies on her feet and arms she takes too much pills to keep her hair from fallling out she is on crutches forever whitch makes me so sad she has to stay home everytime we do something fun for are school but that doesnt bring me down shes my mom she will never bring me done please come help us my mom would love it i just wantes to see her bright smile and meen it
  • Please help!

    My name is Pam. an EF 5 tornado recently hit Moore Oklahoma, taking out so many homes. i know someone already commented about this asking for help... but i wanted to also say something. No, im not from Moore and i was not affected by it. but i am an Oklahoman. and my state is in great need of help... please, help these poor victims, they have no home, no where to sleep, no food, all most of them have are the clothes on their backs.... please,someone help them.
  • Help

    My name is Dawn Oswalt and I live in Oklahoma and was hoping maybe yall could help the victims in Moore Oklahoma a f5 tornado hit so many towns . I don't know anybody there but such disaster and I know any help is better than nothing. A lot of families lost so many loved ones and they r still looking for more survivors that haven't been found. I don't have much but ive sent what I could to help. I know you guys are very kind and caring. I just hope and pray for all those people. I feel so thankful that there was not anymore deaths. These people lost everything but they did not ever ounce give up and they sticked together. I may not have a lot but I do have a roof over my head and my two children are taken cared of. Please can uyou help in anyway . I cried when I saw what the tornado did to those neighborhood and children school but these people need help and a kind hand.
  • extreme home makeover edition

    My name is April Johnson I in Houston tx I need home makeover for me and family mom is Mary Johnson she is mom she past way she has cancer she take lots meds My dad is Wesley Johnson he is my dad we did lots of bills lots today I need new room I like glee DVDs and CDs I lot i want glee room big time rush going help ya'll ok they are boy bead I got boyfriend form big time rush is carlos is my first real boyfriend
  • I'm 6 months pregnant and our house i falling apart , HELP !!!

    Hello my name is Brittany, i'm 22 years old I live in Gastonia NC with my boyfriend and his mother. I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and our home needs a lot of fixing up to do. The kitchen floor is rotting and sinking in, the windows are busted and they don't fit in the frame, walls are falling apart, bathtub is going through the floor and the bathroom sink does not work, the rats and bugs have taken over. In the winter time it is freezing because of the cracks in the house we will have the heat all the way up to 80 degrees and it don't feel like the heat is on. In the summer time it is blazing and we don't have central air all we have is a fan and air conditioners and that does nothing.
  • a gift to a great dad whos sick

    Hello im Hailley blush , im 19 years old and i was born and raised in Brooklyn New York

    Currently my dad is Very Sick , he Lost alot of weight and lost his job to Serve Sickness . The Bathroom floor is Caving in and the Kitchen ceiling is falling , pipes broke and theres a hole in the floor , since my dad lost his job he has no money so when we eat we eat when we can , he's i his 60's and i dont know how much time i have with him but im trying my hardest to get a job but times are rough . if you could help this would mean alot
  • The Roof is Caving In, Help!!!!

    I have friends of mine who's roof is caving in on them, and it's very scary. I'm scared for them and their children. Their roof was built and sits right on the walls and everything is cracking. They can't get help from anyone, not insurance, not the inspector, no one. This is so upsetting to be sleeping and in fear that their house will cave in on them. They need help, desparately!!!!
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