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  • HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am reaching out to Ty. Earlier this year, my mom was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. She is going through kemo right now and she cannot get around as well as she used to. She is very tired all of the time and I have no idea how else to help her. She gives a lot to the community and where she works. Also my aunt was diagnosed with cancer too. My grandmother has emphazima and my uncle has MS. I would really like to help out my aunt. She has to take care of my grandma all of the time because she is doing very poorly and just recently got out of the hospital. She also has to take care of my uncle with MS. My aunt is a hero for taking care of her loved ones before heself. Her house is not really suitable for them because my uncle can't get around in his wheelchair and i REALLY want to help them out for all they do!

    Thank you so much,

    Delaney Becker

  • Hallo there from Iceland

    Even if I don't have my apartment or house, I just want to say how much I enjoy your doing for people .

    Each time I cry when I see the reaction from people who get help from you, it is absolute outstanding.

    I adore also your humor and it makes me happy to watch you all work.

    I send my best greetings from Reykjavik

  • School fire

    My school just had a major fire. All of our text books all of our supplies were in the fire. Its really sad because it was the only the second day we started. We don't have anywhere to go right now. I really upset because I would never think of this happening. Luckily no one got hurt.
  • extremely unusual request for help with a nursing home

    I dont even know if what im about to ask is possible, but its worth a shot.. I work for a very small nursing home in Blackstone Massachusettes. Its a very old building but very cute and home like rather than the usual hospital type setting most nursing homes have.. there a very nice porches on the first floor for the patients to go outside but there is no elevator in this building, so most of the patients on the second floor never get to go outside or go downstairs to activities in the dining room because they are in wheel chairs. i just feel like this is the last days of thier lives and theyy deserve to enjoy every aspect of it possible, even if it is only sitting in the sun watching the birds. If i had enough money to renovate this building myself to give these very special people a little more to enjoy in life than a closed in room, i would love nothing more than to do it. but unfortunatelly im a single mom with three kids and custody of my nephew so my free time and money is limited.. but all i can think about when im at work is how much id like to fix up this building for these wonderful elderly people who have all touched my heart in some way. i love decorating and i look around at simple things that could be done to make this such a nice place . just an elevator or an upper deck so they can all go outside, and maybe some new paint on the walls.. this is a long shot but hey miracles can happen right? either way.. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LIVES YOUVE TOUCHED WITH WHAT YOU DO AND SHOWING US THAT THERE STILL ARE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.
  • We Need Your Help If Possible!!

    My mom just had an accident and she really cannot walk.. doctors are going to remove her finger and most of her right foot.. My parents live with each other and with my older sister and her son of 3yrs. Now That My mom is home from the hospital, it just breaks my heart to see her in her wheelchair TRYING to get around in the house. And we have a small house! Please Help Us!!!
  • Please help fix our house

    My name is Grant Peyton and i want to help my mom fix our house. Recently she lost her job and my dad left us when i was one, and i can't do anything to help with the house. our kitchen has more storage than our closets, we have to do our laundry out side, there's mold in the bathroom. I just wanted to see if you could help. To reach us her email is leah.peyton@comcast.net and her cellphone number is 925-890-0550
  • My Parents Need Help

    My parents came to this country about 30 years ago to try and chase the American Dream. They became home owners and they also had a small business. However, a few years ago, they lost the business and had their home foreclosed. My attorney and I have been fighting for the last 5 years to keep them in their home and just last week we were finally able to work something out with the bank. However, my mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which is increasingly crippling her and my father has suffered massive heart attacks and has undergone series of heart surgeries. I have worked very hard to keep their house for them and how that I have accomplished that, I would like them to enjoy it. Their home is over 60 years old and falling apart. I've tried to keep it together, but it needs a serious lift. The dining room attached to the home is sinking and the kitchen is rotting from the outside in. The downstairs bathroom has become absolutely useless and the upstairs bathroom is well on it's way to the same condition. There is no insulation and there are cracks everywhere, not to mention the pest problem that they have also tried controlling. Please help. They are in desperate need of it and I can't help them anymore without completely drowning myself.


    Denise Bernard
  • Ward family

    hi i am hoping to get your help with a disable woman who was hit by a drunk driver at age 6 here is her story it was air locally on KRDO new here in Colorado Springs.Co (KRDONews@krdo.com) http://dorotheabriers.causevox.com/ please in the name of Jesus if you can help you can reach us at anginitahilton@gmail.com God Bless you.

    Ive noticed how many families need your help and that this probably another review that might pass your way. My name is glarymir rivera im 27 years old, but its not me that need your help is for my wonderful parents, it has been the only home that we actually call home my parents dont want to get rid of it because we have had so many memories from good to bad. My dad is a long time veteran he is 55yrs old and works at the airport for several years as a maintenance driver and has recently got another job as an inspector for U.S cable because even though sounds good my parents are at financial point where they have even filed bankrupt. I love my parents so much they have done the impossible for all of us and everyone, but the problem is they dont have enough money to remodel their home to where they would be happy and satisfied especially my mom im afraid that one day the home that we all lived in would be demolished. ive never asked for anyones help and im not sure if this would be a waste of time but if this is really true and possible my GOD, what a blessing would it be for my parents.
  • Please build us a house for us in India

    Hi, my name is Ramya Mogili. I live in Andhra Pradesh, India. My family and I watch the Extreme Makeover- Home Edition everyday on BBC Entertainment. We love your show! You have made so many families happy. You made their dreams come true. It really is an encouragement for struggling families all around the world. My family is one such instance. You have really given us a chance to be excited about. My family comprises of four members. My dad, mom, my younger sister and myself. My dad was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2000 when we were living in the States. My dad was operated on and the doctors had to remove 25% of his brain which was affected. They had to leave in some tumor because when they tried to touch it, my dad was not able to speak or move the right part of his body. So they left some part of the tumor in his brain. The doctors advised him full rest. My dad had to resign from his job and we had to move back to India in 2002. By god's grace, he is doing great, although he is still on medication. A year and a half back, my dad was severely attacked my seizures, which he would have at least 7 times a day. The doctors increased his dose to drive the seizures away, which by god's grace have stopped, and he feels sleepy a lot. My mom is the only one who works. She works for a charitable organization. She was struggling to make ends meet, with buying dad's medications, paying school and college fees, etc. But God has been faithful to our family. We live in an old portion of a house, which is ours. Its pretty old and we don't have the money to renovate it. Our bathrooms don't have light, the electrical lines are faulty, we have frequent phase cuts because our lines are so faulty. Please help us. We really need your help. I finished my B.Tech (engineering), and I'm currently looking for a job. My sister is going to pursue B.D.S(Bachelor in Dental Sciences) and we need financial help. My mom's burdens would reduce so much if you guys help us. Please. Thank you.

  • Try to read this at least <3

    Hi my name is Paola Hernandez. I am 17 years old. I live in El Centro Ca. I have a sister and a brother and we were rise by my mother because my father abuse of my mom and passed away 4 years ago. We live in a trailer that we are renting and we are not going to be able to pay it.They took away the help of my older brother it always get complicated for buying food my mother deserves a new house for all she has done for us. We have just 2 rooms and we are 4 and its really small and its get really hot in the summer. My mother never gets helped by her family. We are the only support that she has so please come and makeover our home.

    Dear Home makeover,

    PLEASE HELP!!!! i know you get a million of these everyday but please over look this one. My step father needs you, he does"nt know Im writing this but he is 55 and has a very bad heart condition. He raises 2 teenagers during the week and another 2 on weekends. Me and my brother sleep on his couch and my sisters room is a horrible room. He tries so hard. He cant even cook for us, we need to eat out everyday and he barley has the money. He needs you bad, he rugs and bad, his walls are falling apart, and i persona deserves nothing but the best. l think he deserves a new home, he tries so much for us and he deserves it! PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU HE NEEDS YOU PLEASE COME AND HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT COME I DONT KNOW WHAT WILLHAPPEN PLEASE PLEASE!!
  • Please Help My Family Please

    First my name is Sophia Mickins-Tolliver me and my husband have 7 kids all together. Myself and my uncle are disabled and my husband have heart failure disease along with other health problems. we were given a house by the church that we got but the house is unlivable the roof leaks Rooms in the house need to be done over basically the whole house needs to be done over if not I'm going to have to put my uncle back in a home for people like him but that is something I don't want do and we really need to get ours kids out of the neighborhood that we are in our kids can't even go out side and play with out other kids or grown people bothering them Please help us to get this house together for my family we would greatly appreciate it please and thank you very much So I don't have picture or video tried to go on ABC and do this but the app is not there anymore thanks a lot. Sign Sophia Mickins-Tolliver my E-mail address is smickins@yahoo.com
  • felicidades y bendiciones a todos

    Bendiciones a todos los que hacen este tipo de programas, son una inspiracin para otros, ojal hubiera un programa parecido aqu en Ecuador, hay gente valiosa que necesita un empujn para seguir adelante, que Dios los ayude
  • Parents do know best

    My parents need a home make over. The live in very small run down house. For as long as I can remember they have always put themselves last in order to help out other people. They have given people money, places to stay, cars, food and/or much needed help in other ways. I feel so strongly that it is time someone helps them because they can't help themselves for helping other people. Gotta Love them,
  • Help My Father

    My father is 70yrs old he recently lost his wife (my mother) he is also a two time cancer survivor, both times in stage four, He has 6 children, 18 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. He is really struggling with keeping a float we try to do what we can to help but it is still not enough. He is still missing my mother his wife, his best friend. His home needs a makeover, his needs a new stove, a fridge, new floors, and some other repairs. He is on disability and have been out of work do to the cancer surgery. I saw your show and how you help people and I was just wondering if you could help my father PLEASE!!!
  • READ PLEASE!!!!!

    Hi, my name is Kailyn and my best friend McKayla and her family need a new house last time I talked to her she said she lives in a small tralier but I think they have moved to a little bit bigger tralier but they need something bigger. There are 5 of them and their house is crowded they also have several dogs. Her parents would like a bigger house but her mom can't find a job and her dad has been put on disability since he broke his back and he has debt in many things I think they would LOVE it if you worked you're magic on their house. But we have one problem I'm only 12 and everyone says that no ones gonna choose me because I'm only 12 but Please help them the three kids are the age if 11,9, and I think 6 PLEASE HELP MAKING MONEY BY MOWING LAWNS ISN'T ENOUGH FOR THAT BIG FAMILY!!!
  • Please help my family

    Hi,My family is from Charles City,Virginia & they recently lost there home due to a house fire on May 20,2012.They are a family of 5.They have been together since there were in middle school & finally got married October of last year after having 3 kids 12,9,& 4.This family lost everything they owned and,now have nothing.There having too rebuild there home from scratch & its going too be really hard.My brother Chris owns a towing company and because of everything that has happened with her there home its hard too work & try and build a home for his family.So I'm asking please help my family there so decaited to each other & loving family.Thanks soo much.I hope too hear back from yall.
  • Daughter with leukemia and going blind

    I am 53 years old building a house alone, for my 26 year old daugher and 3 children and 2 other adults. as of right now we are in a 2 bedroom trailer 7 people. My daughter has leukemia, and is going blind, and I need help getting house done so she can see it before she loses all her vision. she is still receiving chemo. please help. I have used much of my money on her when our other house burnt down in 2011 to help with her medical bills. She is my million dollar baby I call her. This is just one of the last things i want her to see before she goes blind. If theres any other volenteer that you can think of please let me know. robertburr10@yahoo.com
  • find house to bring my disabled son & his family home to

    Hello to anyone who could help us.

    my son and I built a log cabin back in 1995. In 2005 he was diagnosed with MS and because SS Disability took so long to take effect, we almost lost the house to foreclosure and so we had to sell it (something that bothers him to this day because he cannot do those things anymore). They sold everything they had to move to a climate that was the same temp every day to see if it would help (that was to Hawaii) but it hasn't helped at all, as a matter of fact he is so much worse now. His arms and legs do not work anymore and has trouble eating. His is very depressed because he cannot provide for his family. His wife and daughter try very hard to take care of him by themselves, but it is getting physically hard for them to even get him out of the house. she also cannot find work because of having to be his sole caretaker. We are trying to get him back to NJ where we have plenty of family to help in his care. I (his mom)have been frantically searching to find them a home to rent, that is suitable to him having a wheelchair. I have alot of people who have donated furniture but we have no house for them yet. I work seven days a week to help support them. If you know anyone who could help me/us, i would be truly grateful. Their daughter (my grandaughter who is going to be 15 and a sophomore in September). All her friends from the grade school she attended before they moved, now attend a new high school (Cedar Creek) and thats the school district where i am looking for a home for them. They are desperate and I am at a loss. Even if you have any suggestions, i would be truly grateful. Thank you so much.
  • help my father law willampruitt

    hi my name is cindy pruitt please help my fatherlaw willam craig pruitt with a new home makeover he has copd ,high sugar, over weight very bad breathing trouble he has to be own oxygen all day and at night has to sleep with a cpap at night due to his breathing trouble .he got out of the hospital 10mins latter sameday due to his breathing.themoble home is unfit to live in .the floors are very bad ,all walls are in very bad shape,bathrooms are not working rite,roof and kitchen sink leaks own dishes ,porch is about to fall in .not safe at all for my fatherlaws health condtion. it is infested in fleas,bugs very bad . the home is a health hazzord for willampruitt family of four willam craig pruitt and lindapruitt and cindypruitt, anthonypruitt thank u 229 avery rd hamilton al 35570 205 412-5700
  • help my grandmother

    Hello, my name is Brandon joe willeby. Saturday my grandmothers house burnt completely to the ground. Me my uncle johhny and my grandmother have no where to go. We have been living out of our vehicle, we need you help? Will you help us extreme home makeover????? Please
  • Please help.

    My name is sydney. I have a 2 sisters and a brother. im 14 my oldest sister is 21 and my other sister is 18. me and brother are irish twins im only 360 days older than him, hes 13. my mother is in her late 30's and my dad i think in mid 40's. my dad has a day drop during the week and does side jobs as well for heating and air cond. my mom has three jobs. she has 2 night jobs and 1 day job that gos from about 6 in the morning to about 6 in the afternoon. my mom gets every othere weekend off and gets occasional days during the week off her night job so she can at least sleep a little bit. my oldest sister is working towards the same job my mom has and thats a nurse. shes still in school and has a bad back which has taken her out of work for a while. we live in a in a house that is very old. were not allowed to stay in the basement for long because the mold makes it hard to breathe after a while and the roof is falling apart as well. im alllergic to bees but mostly wasps and all year round (not much winter) wasps find there way inside which terrifies me because if i get stung i have to use an epi pen which means i have to stab myseelf in the leg and ive never had to use it and i never want to. my mom has bee working so hard for years to try to pay for the bills and everything but mostly to get a new house. shes been trying to save enough money for redoing the house. the one thing thats probably stopping her the most is her shoulder. about 4 years ago she got in a motorcycle accident and i believe her shoulder was ran over. the docter she had before told her her shoulder was fine but as the years went on she had gotten severe artheritis and now another doctor has told her that its gottin to the point were she cant do sergury on it. it hurts her alot and i hate seeing my mom pushing her self too hard when she's also in pain. and me and my 18 year old sister have costed her alot in medical bills. my sister has had to go to the doctors because of many illnesses and i have for my ribs because they're deformed and move alot. it feels like theyre piercing through my skin and alot of times it feels like a cramp that will never go away and sometimes makes it hard to breathe and lay down but in acouple years when i stop growing ill be able to get surgery to fix it. as much as i want it i know it will cost my mom alot of money which means shell have to save even more. and all i really want is for my mom to be able to take a break and actually hang out with her friends and get the sleep she needs and not working 24/7. please help if you can, thank you!
  • Please help my mom!

    Hi,. My name is Jenna. I'm Sixteen and live with my mom and step dad and my little brother Eric. My Little brother recently in the last 3 months has been to the hospital multi times. He's so allergic to almost everything. he's allergic to dogs cats the sun dust cinnamon and way more. Both my mom and step dad are deaf and its hard for them to pay bills Cause my stepdad cant work a good paying job because of an accident that caused him to mess up his back. My mom tried to work but because of her being deaf its hard for her to communicate with people, We Live in a trailor that's just not suitable or affordable for my mom to be renting, Things in the house are falling apart, the water heater sucks, dust collects within like a day, My brother keeps going back to the hospital. My mom has delt with a lot during her life, she's had 10 children and 9 of them were taken away from her I just recently moved back in with them after almost 10 years of not seeing her. and Maybe if she had a suitable house she could get the rest of her kids back. I'm writing to you cause everytime your shows on My moms sittting in front of the t.v telling me how much she wishes you guys could help her. And that if you guys did that maybe it would help her get the younger ones back. Thank you so much ,. if theres anything you guys can do for my mom and my family please let me know. We Live in Mayerthorpe alberta.
  • Please help my mother

    HI, My name is Nikki. Im 24 years old and my wonderful mother(43) needs help. She lives in a home with my 2 sisters, and her husband and 4 dogs. Recently my mother has taken in my 3 cousins under her wing and needs all the help she can, her living arrangement is a small 2 bedroom and 2 bath on 1 acre. She is such a good person by doing so many things for family members even though she cant really afford them. I honestly beleive good things come to people who wait and are always helping others. I just hope and pray that my mother is one of those people that gets the help she needs for taking in my 3 couins under her wing. The cousins are 12 yr old girl, 15 yr old girl and 3 yr old boy. If therei is anythin you can do to help out my mother and family please let me know. Thank you, God Bless :)
  • please help us we are a family of 7 living in a small 3 bedroom home

    please please can you help us we are two familes liveing in a every small 3 bedroom house we need more room thire are 5 adlts and two small childen in thise small house we whould like too remodle our other house next door but we are a low income famile and dont have a lot of extry money too do so i dont like asking for help but i dont know we will be able too this with out some help we live in st. joesph mo my name is karen so can you please help us we real do like yr show
  • We need a blessing

    I am writing this letter to tell you about someone that is a mother , mother in law , grandmother and my mentor . This person that I'm talking about has tooken in so many strangers , family members , homeless people and animals this person I am talking about is my mothers mom her name is Helen Berry she will feed you , counsel you , give you a place to stay , there is so many things she's done that it won't fit on one page. As of today my nana takes care of me and my three siblings 16,10,7,2 because my mom is on life support icu in hill crest medical center in Tulsa Oklahoma and my grandmother came to retrieve us from the hospital to take us back with us to live with her in a one bathroom three bedroom house nd there are already three children and two adults that are already living in this house which is in poor conditions , she drives back and fourth to Tulsa to check on my mother , also before this happend her eldest sister and five adults and one child stayed there because they were homeless who recently her sister died in which multiple families stayed there with my grandma. Before that she took care of my great great grandfather until he died. She tries to make what little income she makes stretch. Her health is not good now due to high blood pressure , arthritis , and other things . I think she will continue to help people until she takes her last breath. She still continues to persevere on no matter what her health is she will help. I know she deserves a home makeover . This will really make her happy and show her how much I trully appreciate all the things shes done for me and others. And maybe with this new house she can finally take us to Disney world like she promised us.....sincerely Jamaica Owens 405-795-8204 or 405-528-1641
  • Moving Forward but never forgetting

    Hello, my name is Maria. I am 27 years old & have 5 beautiful children & a awesome husband that is very supportive of all my family has been thru. I am asking for help for my family because I would like to truely have a home for my children & my parents could be comfortable in a also a fresh start in the rememberance of the losses we just recently faced. Well her I go alittle bit about us && our family & why I ask for your help. We live in a small town not to far from corpus christi,tx. My parents, my niece, myself, my children & my parents. Our home is a 4 bedroom for 10 of us with not enough space but we make the best of it. My parents are disabled my mother has lost several toes due to being a diabetic & is not able to walk alone or even cook for herself & not having a tub or shower to accomidate her needs. She has trouble walking in her walker & often trios over herself. Things are really rough for her & well as us. Cause when your parents suffer you as a child suffer.My father has always been a hardworkingman to provide for his family until he got carpal tunal syndrome & had an operatation on both hands that did not help him in anyway. He survived beeing in a coma for a month or long having a trache & feeding tube for about 6 months. My parents have always struggled & learned to keep moving forward no matter how hard life is. This past december my nephew passed away after commiting suicide in the backyard of our house & my 5 yr old daughter found him hanging from a rope as she looked out the back door early december 16th a day after his birthday. We often look in the living room of our house hoping to see him like we use to before but we face reality & know he is has gone. During the preprations of my nephews funeral service my older sister grew ill & we could not get her to see the doctor til after her sons services my nephew. she finally went in ths day after the burial && never came back home we remember everthing we talked about for christmas & planned for her return home with in the next couple of days && she never made it home she passed away 8 days after my nephew did. We have lost so much the house where we could all share laughs, love && even just family dinners into a house of pain, hurt & tears. I would love for this house to be our home again a home of remebrance to our family, our nephew, our sister & to the love we use to feel in this house. To hear the laughter of our family once again & learn to move forward past the hurt & pain thank you. I would really love to hear from you_E
  • please help my grandma

    Hi, My name is Angela i'm 13 years old and my Grandmother needs help because her Husband (My Grandfather) had 3 strokes that affected his right side and unable to walk, about 15 years ago. sometimes its even hard to get him in and out of bed. My uncle also lives with my Grandparents because he was in a terrible motorcycle accident which caused him to lose his left leg about 6 years ago.both my uncle and grandfather are in wheel chairs. My Grandparents have lived in that home for 35 years and doesnt have many accommodations for them. Please help my Grandma because she has to take care of them all by herself with little help from her family and friends, So please please PLEASE contact us in Laredo,TX 78040 202GRANT STREET... thank you:)

    -ANGELA!! p.s my grandma also wants this really bad! it even made me cry when she said it,.. beacuse I told her about this show and she got a QUICK smile on her face and told me to try it:)
  • Thanks allot !!

    I am Minakshi from Bangalore India.

    I am here just to say thanks allot to you all who are doing such a great job through this TV Show and helping who are really in need of your help.

    I am watching this show since 6 months and feel in each episode that one day I will also try to do such kind of things in my life for at least few people.

    I lost my father when I was only 20yes old when I was in final year of my graduation and in this situation I stared working to get money to fulfill my family's need. My father was an honest officer of postal dept. He passed away in 2002 due to bone cancer.after my father me and my younger sister started taking care of my family of 8 members .After 6 years I thought we both have to get marry and ask my elder brother to take care of our family and found a role in my office for him. We found one nice person for my younger sister and she got married then I thought about myself and found a decent person through matrimony site. we were in love for almost 1 and half years and finally got married with both family's agreement. unfortunately within four days of our marriage I came to know that he is suffering from blood cancer and within 15 days we got admitted in hospital and after one and three months when I returned from hospital I was alone. But I decided not to go back to my or his home town and start a normal life again as my love took promise from me to stare a new life after him. I struggled and now I am on my feet and trying to help my family who are strangling to live a normal life due to financial problem.

    I have written this long story only to tell that I have gone through lot and understand the situation of those people who are going through different different type of difficulties . you people are there to help them as they are in need of you. I can understand whatever you people are doing for them. Really you people are doing great job.

    congratulation and thanks allot .
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