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  • Address to mail a letter

    Does anyone know the mailing address to send letters, to the Extreme MakeOver, Home Edition, when asking if they can help a family in need? Posting on line is just not the way I can do this. I know of a family, in need, & posting where anyone can read, I just feel wouldn't be the right thing to do. Or if anyone knows of any other way to send a letter, even by email or private message, this would be helpful. I should have wrote long ago, but I was praying things would get better, for the family who are in need, but they are in more need of 'home improvement', then ever before. Thank you!
  • I wish.....

    My name is Siobahn "Bonnie" Miller. I am a 31-year-old woman who is a divorcee. I am in the Army National Guard. I live with my mom,dad, sister and nephew in a 3-bedroom home. Their names are Mark, Ann, Brianne, and Landon Watson.. When I was in basic training, we found out that my mother, who has always been our glue, has cancer. Last week, one of the spots they found, turned out to be Melanoma. It is the worst stage of skin cancer. We have lived in our house for 14 years, survived 4 grandchildren, my divorce, a nasty custody battle, rats eating through the electrical lines, my mom's medical bills and medication and numerous other things that would normally devistate anyone's family. My dad has been the sole bread winner for soo many years because my mom can't work. I joined the military for two reasons: Patriotism, and the most important, to help my family. The bank has decided that my family is a liability to them and forclosed on their mortgage. They have to move by June. I am not asking for help for me or my sister, but my parents put all four of us through a private school while working two full-time jobs, attended basketball, valleyball, soccer games and numerous plays and cheerleading peps. All they asked of us was that we would try to remember the values they fought so hard to instill in us. My parents were Navy sailors. I thought it would only be right that I try to follow. I am only 4'10 and wasn't supposed to get into the military. By week two of Basic, my name was known all over Post as the soldier to watch. I was given the highest honor from the post Commander on graduation day. My mom is mine and my sister's best friend. They should be in a house with a healthier atmosphere, no rats, and enough room for all of them to be comfortable. The most important thing they deserve, is a space where Mom and Dad can escape and seriously relax.....ignore the worry of cancer even for a few minutes and just go back to being them. I am asking for help for the two people in my life who never turned away from us. I am asking for my parents. Please, Ty. Please, help my parents........If you can help, please call 843-801-0362
  • Help give my family our life back

    To begin I am a wife and a mother. We had a normal life, 2 good jobs, a house, 2 cars in a nice neighborhood. I was like super mom, I played with all the kids in the neighborhood, we had a pool that everyone came to swim in, I coached my daughters softball team, everything was about family and community. Then tragedy struck. Where I was working I had been being sexually assualted by my boss. I did not know what to do, it was like being tortured in every way possible. After time a few other woman that worked there and he was doing it to decided to go forward and report it, and I did the same. When I had to sit there and explain all that happened to me, I had a complete meltdown. For months I could barely get out of bed. I tryed to stay at my job, but there was retaliation there and I could not take it, so I had to leave. Within a few months things were just falling apart. I was suffering from Post traumatic stress syndrome, severe depression, dissassociation syndrome. In time loss began, we lost our home, our cars, everything. It has really damaged my daughter also, she has grown into a shell, that cannot be broken. I had opened a case against the man that did this to me and the agency I worked for through human rights, but after a year and a week before trial they informed me that the most they could go for is 20 thousand dollars. It was to late to pursue other avenues, so I ended up settling for 15 thousand dollars, which really didnt even cover my medical and medications. I took what I could and bought a run down trailer on a crappy piece of property, and that is where we live. I feel like I have let down my whole family, and I feel like it is all my fault. Our home needs alot of work and we just cannot afford it. I do not leave the house much because of my depression and fears. I gained over 100 pounds since all of this and my psychiatrist says its because I want to make myself unapproachable. I believe that is right. We have lost everything in our life and I would be so grateful if you could find it in your heart to help us get some of our life back. We also have 5 dogs, 4 that we had rescued over the years. Our animals are our life and since we had to leave where we were, it is not fair to them to have such little space. They are part of our family and we love them very much. I just want my and our life back. I want my daughter to be happy again. I want her to have a space that she can be happy in again. Please help us. We do not want much, even if you could just makeover our trailer into a space to be proud of. Anything would be great. Please get back to us as soon as possible. God bless you for what you do, and know how thankful all these families are.

  • Deserving Family!

    Hello my name is Whitney. As most kids that go off to college, I picked a college 3 hours away from home. I don't get to go home to often and I am realize how much my family has went through and how much they give to me. My mom got Cancer when she was around 24 and my Dad got in a car accident when he was 25. My Dad is a farmer and he has one arm, as you can image it was a big change to do everything he has to do with just one arm. You can see the strength my parents have had to have to get through these problems. It doesn't stop at that. My Dad would do anything to help a stranger and my mom would give everything she could away to help a total stranger. They are really good people. My sister at age 23 is going through a divorce, so she moved home with two kids. The oldest is 3 and the other is 2. My mother has always had 2 or 3 jobs raising 3 kids and she never once missed a game. She works every chance she gets still to put me and my brother through college. She always tells us that she wants us to get that education so we don't have to work 2 or 3 jobs and can enjoy our families. My mom is really my role model in life. She doesn't just stop at working all the time for us, she helps with my sisters kids every chance she gets. I swear that lady never sleeps or takes any time to herself. I just wish I could give her a nice house to come home to after a long of work. As you can image my house is a old farm house. I don't think the bathroom/shower upstairs has been fix for 3 years now and you can't use the upstairs shower since it leeks really bad. It has gotten so bad that it is rotting out the ceiling in the living room downstairs. There isn't enough room for my sister and her two kids, let alone if me and my brother when come home for school breaks. Right now my sister sleeps with her kids in the same room. I feel like my parents don't deserve this living situation. They are hard working and giving people that seem to never get ahead in life. I just wish I could give them the home that they deserve. I didn't even mention how our barn is falling apart for the last 3 years and either just isn't much of anything to do. My dad loves to work on four wheelers and things like that, but I haven't seen him get to enjoy that for the longest time. I just feel like a new home and barn would help easy the situation at home.The tension from living all together is so high. It really makes everything so hard to deal with. When I come home it isn't that happy home I remember. It seems my dad and mom and sister fight all the time just about nothing. Please help me save my family. I don't like to air my problems on people, so this is a lot for me to ask for your help. I ask please for my whole family.
  • My Friend Needs Help!

    My name is Heather and my best friends name is Missy. Missy is a great person that suffers from severe anxiety she has two children of her own and her "boyfriend" has three children, two of which, live with them. Missy and her "boyfriend" Roger have been together for almost 10 years they were suppose to get married three years ago but he had a stroke after his brother died. She has 6 people living in a two bedroom house. 4 children in one room and her and her husband in the other. The 4 children are ages 17, 16, 12, and 10. She is struggling and unable to find a job right now. Missy is a great person and always thinks of others before herself. She is going through a lot right now her dad is on level three of renal failure her mom just got out of the hospital from an unexplained episode of seizures and partial paralysis. Her sister just went to prison and her oldest childs father is dying as well. She doesnt have much support or money but she does what she can but I feel like she deserves more. A new home for her and her family may ease a lot of her anxiety issuses and help her help her soon to be husband. She is also a cancer survivor please help them they need it.
  • Worst Grandson Ever Wanting To repay Grandmother Back!

    My name is Ben and I'm the worst grandson.My grandmother is the best woman in the world!All she does is give people her last.Even me,a somebody who doesn't work for anything,and takes everything,even disrespects her.she's even bailed me out of jail,and hasn't sued or kicked me out on my ass for it even when people tells her that I'm not going to be anything.But look who ever gets this I'm just asking will you all help me to pay this great woman back.I fill like I owe her everything.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.Help me pay her back!!!!!!
  • bobbyjoe

    my dad was the hardiest working man you will ever meet.one night going to bed from along night of work gets in his bed falls asleep only to wake up at 3 in the morning to gun shots he had no chance with a rifle his roommate starts to fire blew his leg off shot up both arms and got him in the chest as well..half dead the ambulance carry him to hospital and his only request was he said to the paramedic was he didnt want to die alone..not only did his roomate take his life almost he took his ability to work ever again and do normal things anymore the Dr had to take his legg.its been along recovery process and everything he worked for so hard is all gone and the government doesnt want to help a bit after all he payed in all his life.my dad is in need of some happiness a lil dream come true.He wouldnt dare ask nobody for nothing and hes determined to push through this time by hisself but i know hes strong willed but theres no way he can do this on his own.and although he wouldnt dare ask .im asking for him.please help my dad atleast have the home of his dreams and give him a lil hope in life...there are miracles that can happen i want him to know that.his story goes way deeper and more intense..he cant work anymore and that is killing his soul and i want him to know there are people out there in this world that do care...thanks sincerly amanda....p.s ............please please keep us in consideration ..he has always helped the world its his turn....and hes still strong in faith ..after all this...hes the greatiest man you will ever meet ..he just has nothing anymore because of his kind heart helping a roommate out and than all in one night his entire life changed in a split sec..were from a small town where you never see miracles..leesburg g.a.but i still believe.
  • Help my father!!!!!

    My dad has always been the type of person to always put other first. He is living in a moble home that has black mold and holes in the floor and has not done anything about it and I am really concerned for his health and my son and other family members he really needs help to get something done before its too late :(
  • help my husband's grandmother

    hello my name is Kristie Brent. my hubby's grandma who is in her 80's just lost most of her already falling down home due to a heavy storm. the house was a three small bedroom home, and was a health risk, the floor has holes in it, walls are unsterdy and the celling is falling down. she is now living with a friend, her family wants to help fix it but it really needs to be replaced. you may not help us as we are in Australia, but i don't know who else to ask.
  • My Grandmother needs your help!

    Hello, My name is Lorissa I'm 16 years old. My Grandmother, Mother of three children. Two of her kids are very far away, therefore My dad is left to take care of her because her husband passed away.He fought his battle at home for awhile, but as soon as he got sent to the hospital he passed away within a week, July 30,2011. At Veteran Medical Affairs Hospital.

    He died of lung cancer, he fought a hard battle. My Grandpa was a hardworking man. He served his country in the United States Coast Guard for 4 years. While working as a manager at the 7-11 convience store in Maryland. After he met my grandmother, they moved to North East. There my grandpa worked at Meadow Brook Dairy for 20 plus years. retiring in 2002. He owned at operated The White Diner on Main st. in North East. He also managed lawn maintence for 35 years for Dave Thornton Rental and Real Estate. As a hardworker he was, he also was a volunteer fireman with Fuller Hose North East for 20 years. He joined the department in 1970 and severed for 5 years, completeing all essential firefighting training. He recomminted to service in 1996, and decided to take a path of Fire Police. Serving 3 terms of secretary, 1 term as assistaint secertary, and one term as a lieutenant and a Fire Police Captain. Helped managing the annual "Cherry Fest". he served as a chairman for the past 12 years. Jack was voted Outstanding Fireman by his peers in 2004, and in 2008. He recently got an award for "Fireman of the year" serving in 2 diffrent Fire Deparments. Fuller Hose company #1, and Cresent Hose company #2. They chose him for his service to North East community,country, and setting an example and blazing a trail in the firefighter's postion. When he won that award he was fighting the battle of cancer for awhile. He was put in the hospital soon after this happened cancer struck him hard, within a week he had passed. My grandmother is now alone, keeping a 2 story house by herself as cluttered as it is, it is rather dirty. She also has babysitted her whole life, while babysitting 6 kids at a time 5 days a week gives her stress with all the other things that she has to take responibilty for. She is still babysitting kids till this day, she likes to keep herself busy. The kids don't really have anywhere to play. the back yeard is small, and has a creek, with a hill and no fence. Which makes my grandma worry everytime they go outside. they love riding bikes, but its hard because theres no room. there's barley any room in her kitchen for all the kids to eat. he kitchen is rather cluttered. she shoves her dishes in her stove. her fridge is so messy. she has 3 fridges for all her food. Her stove is rather old, which is sad because she loves to cook in her spare time. she has bugs in her house too, she always had a ant problem which is rather gross. My grandpa tried fixing it but nothing ever worked. Her bathroom is small. her she has an upstairs filled with junk from her kids when they were younger. she wants to redo her whole house, but it will take alot of work. Her panty you can barley walk in, and her basement is tough to get into cause of all the junk in the pantry. She's been asking my dad to help her clean out her whole house and repaint and move things around. My dad has enough stress taking care of his own family. Please consider my Grandmother for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Thank You (: -Her Granddaughter Lorissa Yohe
  • My Aunt Needs Your Help

    My name is Amber I am 17 years old and my great aunt sadie needs your help. A few years ago she adopted her granddaughter Casey, after a life of abuse from her mother Casey was finally safe. But my Aunt didn't stop there. Casey's younger sister Raychel was in a foster home where she was beaten to the point of almost death, after my Aunt Sadie found out she took Raychel out of that foster home and to the doctor. What they found wasn't good and shocked us all. Because of all of the abuse that Raychel suffered through had caused a tumor to form on her brain. Raychel had to have brain sergury and was in a comma for months, when she finally came out of it she couldn't talk or walk. She was bound to a wheelchair for months and she had to relearn how to talk. But she is doing so much better now. She can walk with a cane and she can't stop talking, she is a bundle of joy and a real life mirakle. However my aunt and cousins live in a tiny two bedroom trailor with an addition for Raychel. The house is very small and hard so Raychel to move around in when she uses her wheelchair. My Aunt is retired and my Uncle works nights at a plant. They don't make alot of money so they can't afford to fix up the house or get a bigger one. My aunt has gone above and beyond what she should have to do and feel that she deserves a newer and bigger home, I also think that have a bigger house will be great for Raychel's progress and recovery. I hope you guys do to. Please e-mail at prissykitty_12@yahoo.com, if you think the same.

    Thank you,

  • We need your help

    Hey ABC, Extreme Makeover. My name is Stephanie, I'm 15 years old and my parents worked very hard and had to go on early retirement so with they're money, they moved to Italy. We live in a 2 bedroom house, the conditions are very poor. There is: damp, the stink of sewage and our water heater rarely works, parts of my ceiling sometimes fall off, we have no heating in the house except a little fire oven and small portable heating units. My mum has to boil up the kettle just to make the bath hot and even then it isn't that deep. My mum has many disabilities in her hand and she struggles to cook or doing parts of the house work. My mum would be thrilled and over joyed if you could come to Italy, Sicily to fix our house and mostly fix our hearts.
  • My friends grandmother needs your help

    she lives in a 3 bedroom and two bath house in Mesquite Texas. she has her grandson Alan and her other grandson Anthany and he has a son hits hard cause Alan's grandmother had to give up her bedroom for anthany and the baby me and my boyfriend go there everyday and try to fix up her house there is to much work to be done the house, she has a hard time getting around she has to use the wall her doors wont even lock or even shut she has to use the plug in the bathroom to use her washing machine she has so much water damage ABC please help this family its hard to fix her house just the two of us

  • The Allan Family Australia

    For the past 2 years my family and i have been really struggling with keeping our home, We moved to a town called Nambucca Heads about 10 years ago and my husband has been renovating it ever since.My daughter Matisse got Viral Meningitis when she was in year 4 she is now in year 10, she is always falling sick and is always having time off school and I'm always worrying if she is going to be Okay. Also my son has been diagnosed with have ADHD, Major Depression,Autism, pan-anxiety, PDD, learning difficulties and ODD. My beloved husband Noel fell off a mezzanine floor in November 2010 he broke ribs, fractured vertebrae and his elbows need to be reconstructed, the docters having giving him 2 years left of work with his elbows and at the moment he is at high risk of having a heart attack He is our only provider. I'm not able to work due to having Bipolar and having to home-school my son. Because of all of this we are way behind in paying our home loan they want to fore close on us, We have no-where to go. So Please Help us The Allan Family Australia
  • The Clark Family

    I don't even know where to start we are a 7 family home but we live in a two bedroom trailer and everywhere we go we run into each other we have one son that sleeps on the couch one daughter that pulls her bed down all it is a mattress in the livingroom and two boys sleep in a very small room and then we have our room and baby's bed sits in the closet cause we have no other place to put it he can't have much of a swing he can't have a bouncer seat in the house no room we have bugs big time afraid to eat sometimes cause fear of eating bugs it's a old trailer and is pieced together and not good we have to keep our wood stove blaring just to keep it warm cause of cracks in the floor we have several soft spots in the floor we sometimes go cold cause we haven't money to go cut wood and we barely make ends meat we have to move from here cause its up for sale and have to move this trailer to the new place sad thing is we don't know that it will hold up we need help and can't seem to get it please I pray every day for a miracle for my family because I have gone into deep depression over it I feel had I graduated had I done more then my family wouldn't be living in a trailer that is falling apart and we can't keep warm in please we need help
  • its too late for us, but not our community!!!!

    Ty I wrote to your show years ago asking for your help! No one has ever replied, now my husband is close to retirement from the Marines, the bank will probably get my house and we will have to go, but you have to help do something about the hospitals in this area PLEASE!!!!

    My mom died from Cancer, I have had it, I am an RN, I work with both children and adults, in the Oncology field, ER, and Recovery room. I am getting ready to start a new contract as a travel nurse at Kaiser In LA because the hospitals in this area are so bad I wont and cant work in them. They have tried or so they say for years to build/open newer, larger more up to date/better run facilities in the area but something ALWAYS blocks it or it takes YEARS to complete. I have had many doctors tell me if I finished my nurse Practitioner they would open an oncology clinic out here and have me run it with my family, you see I have a 27 year old partially disabled son, his 2 children and their mother live with me, she is training to be a med assistant, and my son has been doing counter/ and books etc for years, my husband a special op marine also has been an instructor, office personel and warehouseman and supply, I also have my 18 year old son, 14 yr old daughter, and my sons friend living with us. But what I am begging you to do is please take a look and see if maybe someway you can help to improve the medical facilities available to people in this area. as I said it is too late for us as the bank wont work with us we have tried to hire 3 different people now and yet they refuse to lower anything, they just keep taking houses away in this area, even though we have been here since 2004, and of course bought way high and now the house is worth less than half of what we owe wells fargo will not budge. My husband and I as well as our children will continue to do community service and help our fellow marines in need until such time as they drag us from this house, but we truly beg you to consider seeing if there is something you can do to maybe open a small clinic close by. I have many friends that have said they will volunteer time as well along with us to help care for the people at least part of the time. I thank you for your time and thank you all for all the wonderful things you have done for so many deserving people. You are all truly wonderful big hearted and talented people. Take care Aloha, Toni and family
  • We are in need can you help?

    Hi my names isaiah bridges im 18 yrs old, I think what you guys do is wonderful to help people in such need in such short time notice, Im writing you today on behalf of my loving and caring mother.My mother strives her best for us four boys to go to college so we can have a better life and can actually become something. I pray every night maybe one day I can buy the house my mothers always asked for. Lifes not easy but shes trying doing the best she can. My father passed away almost 5 yrs ago. I know its tough on my mother raising 4 kids on her own. Currently we dont own are own house so were living in a 3 bedroom apt, with 5 of us living together.The neighborhood were currently living in isnt the same as it used to be, I know my mother would love to live somewhere without worring about one of her four boys getting hurt. Im not really the one to believe in miaracles but I pray everyday a miaracle happens and you can help my family in a urgent time off need thank you and god bless.
  • please help me

    i need help i really need a home makeover my aunt has one leg she 9 disabled kids her home falling down shes real sick we seen u on tv and we really need your help we would appecaite your hospitallity PLEASE HELP ME dont pay no mind to the picture thats one disabled kid

  • my ant needs help

    My names jd and my ant house cought on fire lastnight and lost everything she has 2 special needs kids ones 14 and the outher one is 26 my ant had a stroke about a year ago and can barely use her right side of her body if y'all would think about it comeing and billed her a new and a better house it would mean a lot to thin all thanks
  • The Schrader family

    Hi Ty, my husband and i have two kids,6 and 9.We have a pretty good size house but alot of things we don't need in it,like our step's that go to alot of place's.The reason i say we don't need them is because my husband has to have knee surgury (on both knee's) and he will not beable to get around the house.For the past year he has been putting it off because of that.I have thought about putting ramps but he would still have to get up them,and we just built this house not to long ago,and he can't even finish everything that need's to be done.Just wondering if maybe we could get alittle bit of help.thank you.And thank you for taking the time to read this. Erica Schrader
  • my life not all i want it to be. but im grateful for what i have. single mom with 3 kids.

    My name is Tracey Brewer. I have 3 girls a 7yr old a 5 yr old and a 5 mnth old. we live in a 1 bedroom apt. ive tried getn somewhere else 2 stay. but its either the cost is to much or a credit check. i would be greatful for any other place to stay. We are really crowded in my apartment. my kids dont have enough room for a bed. we are watching your show now an my 7 yr old said mama do you know the number to call and ask them can we get a new house to. Yesterday she told me she saw a sign for sale at a house could we buy it. its really stessful being in the small place we are in. We would really be grateful for anything. i love my kids to death an would love for them to have a bedroom. even if all 3 of them had to share one. they would be overwhelmed with joy just to have a bed. thanks for reading
  • Mcafee Family really needs extreme makeover

    My name is Lateefah Williams i live in a very bad neighborhood where they shot all the time and i really want to get a extreme makeover done to my house. i have 3 kids, two girls 13 and 5 and one boy 7. my 13 year old and my 7 year old share rooms and my 5 year old does not live with me but she comes to visit a lot. i really have don't have any money and if i want one thing i want a good home for my kids to live in and so they could have their own rooms. i was thinking maybe if i just can get a chance to get on your show i would want this house torn down and rebuild and very high security. i have no car and it is very hard to get around. i think if it wasn't for my grandfather having a house for us to live in we would be homeless. my house has very bad wiring and my tv's go out very fast. it is very bad floors and weak walls. i really need the help so please help us.
  • Please help

    My name is Ariel and I have a family of 6 brothers and 1 sister my father and mother baught there first house in 95 but now owns twice of wht the house is worth and its also falling apart my father is 69 years old and my mother is 53 and they should be retired my father works with such an enormous pain in his left arm which he has a bad nerve but does not go away he calls me everyday kinda like almost crying asking wht to do cuz he could not pay All bills on time he says he feels like giving up sometimes thats how bad it is they he says he should be retired all ready and is tired of working and sometime my sister will steal the lil bit of money he got left my mother has a daycare she broke her. Ancle not to long ago and into surgery but after surgery she had no choice but to keep. Running the day care to playbills and to fix the house which is not being done cuz of bills my mother told me if she had 2 broken legs she would of still kept the daycare running I said wow I try my best to help them on bills every month and try to buy stuff for house to fix but it's not enough my father and mother are go to church a lot my father sings in the band he says he prays everyday for hope he tells me he stays up late to watch tv when he gets off of work to try not to think of the problems he has with the house and he also tells me he is hiding his pain from his arm the bad nerve so he doesn't get fired I dont know wht to do no more they helped a lot of people they are very kind loving parents please help them !!!
  • My Family or someone else's

    My ome burned down and we lost wverything. I have only one four year old . It was the worst thing we have experienced. House fire, custody court, , seperation, stolen car, gained 58 lbs, and had best friend comit suicide all in a little over a year. However, I believe that after a home fire people belive that life goes on but you lose hope belongings memerios , your whole life actually i am a single hard working mother who needs to have a lot of repair work done in my home. You guys are amazing. i never sign up fpr things like this cause you always think it only happens on t.v. but just maybe you guys will take in to condideration that I have my whole life ahead of me and a little help would be so awesome. I will also donate and install a a/c and heat unit in a location close to here for you for an other family if I can get some help. please consider helping my daughter and I get back in the saddle of normal / if it is still out there??
  • Just a little pleaes

    Hello, ty i watch your show all the time i just think its amazing how you help these families out its really nice! My meme (grandmother) has always been opening her home to people . we have always had someone staying in our house, shes a wonderful person! my grandfather died from cancer at 25 and they had two children, and my uncle was killed at age 20, in 2006. My grandmother has a few health prooblems.She has always been talking about a makeover for her house. i would really love your help if you could.
  • Two families need more space and home repaired

    I have been through a divorce, my house caught on fire, we lost everything, we moved in with my boyfriend we each have 2 boys and a grandbaby, we only have 2 bedrooms the boys sleep in livingroom and made ding room a bedroom we need more space the roof is leaking down the walls ceiling is bubbling about to cave in water heater about to go out and our bedrooms are cold we need more insulation in walls my are 3 oldest boys sleep on floor and couches please help us
  • please answer my preyers we need a good standing home

    Hi my name is Jenifer. Mccurry I am engaged to a hard working. Man Anthony. Jackson. An we are a house of four but we only have three bed rooms our son is having. To share a room. With him we just don't have the money. To finish our home its just falling. Apart an its tearing our family. Apart cause we dnt have enough. Room for all of our things no closets for our clothes an everything is breaking including our livingroom couch an tables please help us an anwser our preyers please. We are in deep need.
  • Just a 14 Year Old Asking For Some Help...

    My name is Rilee I am 14, I have two sisters, Myranda 11, Raegan 17. We were raised by our mother, Stephanie Sweek she is 38 and struggling to find a job in our small county. We currently have a place to live as of a week ago. But its not permanent. In June of 2010 my mom had a Grandmal Seziure, Semptember 22nd of 2010 she had Viral Meningitis, February of 2011 she had Mastoiditis, and finally last night, January 10th, she suffered another grandmal seziure. Also April 25th of 2011 I had back surgery because I suffer from scoliosis. I was in the hospital for 5 days in the bend pedeatric unit with 2 rods and 26 screws straightening out my spine. My mom had to stay in the hospital with me and then for two more weeks in the Ronald McDonald house. This whole time my sisters were staying with my grandma at our house 130 miles away. Our town has a population of 2,338 people and i was not able to have surgery at our small, basic hospital. So we had to stay in Bend for three weeks total. The whole time my mom is trying to cope and deal with this mostly by herself. She was also struggling to pay the bills and get my sisters and grandma food for our house so they could eat. When I finally got home I had three months of recovery time to go. In June my big sister who was 16 at the time was sneaking out and going to parties without my mother's consent. She was trying to take care of me, control Raegans behavior and give enough attention to my 11 year old sister with little help. Raegan ended up moving to her friends house because she didn't like the rules. It was very hard on all of us and we were worried about her. Then in September we got evicted from our house and had to move to my grandparents. It wasn't working out so we moved out to our aunts house hoping that my mom could find a job and get back on her feet. On December 12th 2011 we moved to Prairie City and got a house with her boyfriend. He bailed on us and we are now living at my cousins house back in John Day. We are getting moved into a new house with my uncle that he owns and he and my mom are going to split the bills. This is not a permanent arangement though and we need help. Right now the only way we are surviving is on 100 dollars of child support and limited food stamps. thank you.
  • Inspirational story for single parents? fulltime working single mom with 2 children with autism/aspergers. I have no Family that lives close to me.

    I was told by Childrens Psychologist that i am an Inspiration to all single parents that work. While sitting in the doctors office with my two children, there case manager( for autistic/aspergers children) came in to the doctors office & was asking questions. I told her my story & she asked me if I could rent an apartment plus take care of my House, I started crying, I said to my son we will apply for home extreme make over. Heres my story:

    I am a single parent raising two children with disabilities my son was diagnosed with severe autistim, he is now high functional autistic. My daughter was diagnosed with aspergers.I have worked full time raising my two children on my own ( relationship did not work out & father is not in the picture at all). I bought my house on my own in 1999, I kept working so my children have a home to call there own. I have no family close to me they are all over an hour a way and have severe health problems. Why working full time (8-4) when I get home from work there is a TSS workers & behavioral specialist come to the house. I have try to do my own repairs to my home fixing floors & painting, while doing yard work, & outside maintenance, the stone foundation is starting to crumble, I have used cement to try to fix it.. Electric is bad, we have black mold on the ceiling & cement floor. The kids have not slept in there rooms for 6 years they sleep in living room due to electric, and it gets very cold in there bedrooms. The heaters work but i have old stone rooms underneath there bedrooms, I have insulated the ceiling in the stone room, the septic is blocked & running down the drive way, I have spent money on chemicals to open the drain field & I have had it pumped recently still blocked .Recently I have been blacking out in my house I found out I have severe hypoglycemia, with diet & medicine I am doing better. I have had termites but could not afford the termite service. I have had my trees cut down around the property, that has helped. Since my roof leaks. I have had people fall through the roof in canning room & on the top floor of the garage, my insurance will not cover this. My daughter had a hair analylst to see what vitamins she was lacking to help with her behaviors with aspergers (psychologist suggested this) & the nutrionalist called me desperately & said she had high arsenic levels, its like she was playing in it .I had DEP, enviromentalist tested ground & water, & they think it is coming from the addition that was put on the house. But the DEP had no suggestions or help are available. The gentleman died of cancer that put the addition on he used wood from train companies back in the 1960's. I am alone, I am scared, I make to much to get help but I live pay check to pay check. We have helped donate gifts to people and children with special needs . It makes my children so happy to give to others.We as a family took in pugs retrained them to find them good loving homes for free. Recentlymy childrens school heard about what we have done & would like my son & my daughter to train dogs for special needs & the blind for service dogs, my children would love to do this to give back, we work great as a family helping animals. But my house is literally falling apart. I cant do this till my house is safer. I only have 9 years to have it paid off. Any suggestions ? Please. tesinger@verizon.net
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