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  • my life not all i want it to be. but im grateful for what i have. single mom with 3 kids.

    My name is Tracey Brewer. I have 3 girls a 7yr old a 5 yr old and a 5 mnth old. we live in a 1 bedroom apt. ive tried getn somewhere else 2 stay. but its either the cost is to much or a credit check. i would be greatful for any other place to stay. We are really crowded in my apartment. my kids dont have enough room for a bed. we are watching your show now an my 7 yr old said mama do you know the number to call and ask them can we get a new house to. Yesterday she told me she saw a sign for sale at a house could we buy it. its really stessful being in the small place we are in. We would really be grateful for anything. i love my kids to death an would love for them to have a bedroom. even if all 3 of them had to share one. they would be overwhelmed with joy just to have a bed. thanks for reading
  • Mcafee Family really needs extreme makeover

    My name is Lateefah Williams i live in a very bad neighborhood where they shot all the time and i really want to get a extreme makeover done to my house. i have 3 kids, two girls 13 and 5 and one boy 7. my 13 year old and my 7 year old share rooms and my 5 year old does not live with me but she comes to visit a lot. i really have don't have any money and if i want one thing i want a good home for my kids to live in and so they could have their own rooms. i was thinking maybe if i just can get a chance to get on your show i would want this house torn down and rebuild and very high security. i have no car and it is very hard to get around. i think if it wasn't for my grandfather having a house for us to live in we would be homeless. my house has very bad wiring and my tv's go out very fast. it is very bad floors and weak walls. i really need the help so please help us.
  • Please help

    My name is Ariel and I have a family of 6 brothers and 1 sister my father and mother baught there first house in 95 but now owns twice of wht the house is worth and its also falling apart my father is 69 years old and my mother is 53 and they should be retired my father works with such an enormous pain in his left arm which he has a bad nerve but does not go away he calls me everyday kinda like almost crying asking wht to do cuz he could not pay All bills on time he says he feels like giving up sometimes thats how bad it is they he says he should be retired all ready and is tired of working and sometime my sister will steal the lil bit of money he got left my mother has a daycare she broke her. Ancle not to long ago and into surgery but after surgery she had no choice but to keep. Running the day care to playbills and to fix the house which is not being done cuz of bills my mother told me if she had 2 broken legs she would of still kept the daycare running I said wow I try my best to help them on bills every month and try to buy stuff for house to fix but it's not enough my father and mother are go to church a lot my father sings in the band he says he prays everyday for hope he tells me he stays up late to watch tv when he gets off of work to try not to think of the problems he has with the house and he also tells me he is hiding his pain from his arm the bad nerve so he doesn't get fired I dont know wht to do no more they helped a lot of people they are very kind loving parents please help them !!!
  • My Family or someone else's

    My ome burned down and we lost wverything. I have only one four year old . It was the worst thing we have experienced. House fire, custody court, , seperation, stolen car, gained 58 lbs, and had best friend comit suicide all in a little over a year. However, I believe that after a home fire people belive that life goes on but you lose hope belongings memerios , your whole life actually i am a single hard working mother who needs to have a lot of repair work done in my home. You guys are amazing. i never sign up fpr things like this cause you always think it only happens on t.v. but just maybe you guys will take in to condideration that I have my whole life ahead of me and a little help would be so awesome. I will also donate and install a a/c and heat unit in a location close to here for you for an other family if I can get some help. please consider helping my daughter and I get back in the saddle of normal / if it is still out there??
  • Just a little pleaes

    Hello, ty i watch your show all the time i just think its amazing how you help these families out its really nice! My meme (grandmother) has always been opening her home to people . we have always had someone staying in our house, shes a wonderful person! my grandfather died from cancer at 25 and they had two children, and my uncle was killed at age 20, in 2006. My grandmother has a few health prooblems.She has always been talking about a makeover for her house. i would really love your help if you could.
  • Two families need more space and home repaired

    I have been through a divorce, my house caught on fire, we lost everything, we moved in with my boyfriend we each have 2 boys and a grandbaby, we only have 2 bedrooms the boys sleep in livingroom and made ding room a bedroom we need more space the roof is leaking down the walls ceiling is bubbling about to cave in water heater about to go out and our bedrooms are cold we need more insulation in walls my are 3 oldest boys sleep on floor and couches please help us
  • please answer my preyers we need a good standing home

    Hi my name is Jenifer. Mccurry I am engaged to a hard working. Man Anthony. Jackson. An we are a house of four but we only have three bed rooms our son is having. To share a room. With him we just don't have the money. To finish our home its just falling. Apart an its tearing our family. Apart cause we dnt have enough. Room for all of our things no closets for our clothes an everything is breaking including our livingroom couch an tables please help us an anwser our preyers please. We are in deep need.
  • Just a 14 Year Old Asking For Some Help...

    My name is Rilee I am 14, I have two sisters, Myranda 11, Raegan 17. We were raised by our mother, Stephanie Sweek she is 38 and struggling to find a job in our small county. We currently have a place to live as of a week ago. But its not permanent. In June of 2010 my mom had a Grandmal Seziure, Semptember 22nd of 2010 she had Viral Meningitis, February of 2011 she had Mastoiditis, and finally last night, January 10th, she suffered another grandmal seziure. Also April 25th of 2011 I had back surgery because I suffer from scoliosis. I was in the hospital for 5 days in the bend pedeatric unit with 2 rods and 26 screws straightening out my spine. My mom had to stay in the hospital with me and then for two more weeks in the Ronald McDonald house. This whole time my sisters were staying with my grandma at our house 130 miles away. Our town has a population of 2,338 people and i was not able to have surgery at our small, basic hospital. So we had to stay in Bend for three weeks total. The whole time my mom is trying to cope and deal with this mostly by herself. She was also struggling to pay the bills and get my sisters and grandma food for our house so they could eat. When I finally got home I had three months of recovery time to go. In June my big sister who was 16 at the time was sneaking out and going to parties without my mother's consent. She was trying to take care of me, control Raegans behavior and give enough attention to my 11 year old sister with little help. Raegan ended up moving to her friends house because she didn't like the rules. It was very hard on all of us and we were worried about her. Then in September we got evicted from our house and had to move to my grandparents. It wasn't working out so we moved out to our aunts house hoping that my mom could find a job and get back on her feet. On December 12th 2011 we moved to Prairie City and got a house with her boyfriend. He bailed on us and we are now living at my cousins house back in John Day. We are getting moved into a new house with my uncle that he owns and he and my mom are going to split the bills. This is not a permanent arangement though and we need help. Right now the only way we are surviving is on 100 dollars of child support and limited food stamps. thank you.
  • Inspirational story for single parents? fulltime working single mom with 2 children with autism/aspergers. I have no Family that lives close to me.

    I was told by Childrens Psychologist that i am an Inspiration to all single parents that work. While sitting in the doctors office with my two children, there case manager( for autistic/aspergers children) came in to the doctors office & was asking questions. I told her my story & she asked me if I could rent an apartment plus take care of my House, I started crying, I said to my son we will apply for home extreme make over. Heres my story:

    I am a single parent raising two children with disabilities my son was diagnosed with severe autistim, he is now high functional autistic. My daughter was diagnosed with aspergers.I have worked full time raising my two children on my own ( relationship did not work out & father is not in the picture at all). I bought my house on my own in 1999, I kept working so my children have a home to call there own. I have no family close to me they are all over an hour a way and have severe health problems. Why working full time (8-4) when I get home from work there is a TSS workers & behavioral specialist come to the house. I have try to do my own repairs to my home fixing floors & painting, while doing yard work, & outside maintenance, the stone foundation is starting to crumble, I have used cement to try to fix it.. Electric is bad, we have black mold on the ceiling & cement floor. The kids have not slept in there rooms for 6 years they sleep in living room due to electric, and it gets very cold in there bedrooms. The heaters work but i have old stone rooms underneath there bedrooms, I have insulated the ceiling in the stone room, the septic is blocked & running down the drive way, I have spent money on chemicals to open the drain field & I have had it pumped recently still blocked .Recently I have been blacking out in my house I found out I have severe hypoglycemia, with diet & medicine I am doing better. I have had termites but could not afford the termite service. I have had my trees cut down around the property, that has helped. Since my roof leaks. I have had people fall through the roof in canning room & on the top floor of the garage, my insurance will not cover this. My daughter had a hair analylst to see what vitamins she was lacking to help with her behaviors with aspergers (psychologist suggested this) & the nutrionalist called me desperately & said she had high arsenic levels, its like she was playing in it .I had DEP, enviromentalist tested ground & water, & they think it is coming from the addition that was put on the house. But the DEP had no suggestions or help are available. The gentleman died of cancer that put the addition on he used wood from train companies back in the 1960's. I am alone, I am scared, I make to much to get help but I live pay check to pay check. We have helped donate gifts to people and children with special needs . It makes my children so happy to give to others.We as a family took in pugs retrained them to find them good loving homes for free. Recentlymy childrens school heard about what we have done & would like my son & my daughter to train dogs for special needs & the blind for service dogs, my children would love to do this to give back, we work great as a family helping animals. But my house is literally falling apart. I cant do this till my house is safer. I only have 9 years to have it paid off. Any suggestions ? Please. tesinger@verizon.net
  • we are pleeding for your help

    Hi my name is Shariff Beckley and I new help my mother has just come off life support and and has just come home from the hospital my mom I the leader of the public outreach and community serves breath of life SDA church and but now she can't reallydo those thing any more she. Please help me give back to her just like she has given to so mine people in the community here in rochester ny thank u
  • Please help us

    Sure wish they would makeover my daughters home, there are seven of them (3 of which are tripletts, one named Paul is austistic) and she needs me but has no room and I have no place to call home, I stay here and there because I am on social security, but it's only a little over five hundred a month and not enough to pay rent or utilities, and I love my grandkids more than anything! Plus their heating and air is gone out. Sure wish they could have it fixed and add on a mother in law plan. Please make my dream and theirs come true.
  • family of 8 in a 3 bedroom double wide ; fathers stroke

    Hello. My name is Brandi. I live in Pelion,SC. On Thursday January 5 my father collapsed and wash rushed to the hospital. He is 100% disabled and has had 2 strokes and blood on his brain. He is currently still in the hospital. Our home is not suitable for his capabilities now. We have 4 small children and 4 adults living under one room, at least what's left of it. Our home is payed for and my mother is the only one with an income. Now that this has happened to my father, the one income is focused on bills and groceries. We have a leaking roof that has caused mold in the ceiling and between the walls. We have exposed insulation in our kitchen and can't cover it because of the roof leaking. We know its unhealthy to have that with 4 small babies in the home. My father has helped our entire community when he was able to. If their power had gone out, a water line had busted or even to share our food and beds for those who needed it. I was planning to get married in July to start my own life but because of my dads stroke I wont get to have my wedding due to because of our situation. It kills me everyday that my dad lost complete muscle control on his left side not even a week ago.. my father will have to have a shower and bathroom large enough to be able to get in accessible with a walker and/or wheel chair. So I'm asking for help, to please help us out to destroy the mold between our walls, stop our leaking roofs, and get my dad a bathroom big enough for him and his new walker. It breaks my heart enough to know he wont be able to walk me down the isle that day. I just want him to know how many people truly do love and care about him. Please help out in anyway possible. Thank you so much!

    Brandi Christiansen

    (803) 477-0430

  • hello

    hello my name is lisa , I am writing to ask if theres anyway to help improve my parents house, I live with them with my 6 year old daughter and try my best to help out. my parents have been working to fix there house since I was in my childhood years, but can never accomplish one task without going back to the previous. because they always lend a helping hand to others and put projects on hold until months or years later. everyone has their problems and some maybe worse than others, but it breaks me to see them try so hard at accomplishing and never getting to finish at least one task. my father does have a brain anurisom and my mothers side does have heart problems, id just like for them to accomplish their.house and be stress free.
  • We need to build a upstairs ASAP please help..

    I need help with my new expanded family, i had triplets on March 29th 2011(9 months old)...He have a 2 bedroom house with me, my husband, 2 girls and boy. Well it's a law now that boys and girls can't sleep in the same room and are home is not in the greatest shape to start with...If you could take a look at our home and help us out, it would be very much appreciated. My husband is a sheet metal shop worker that works minimum wage and i used to work at McDonald's. It's very hard to get good paying jobs here and be able to afford what we need(house wise). Please, Please, need your help...
  • Please help this wonderful lady and her grandson

    Hello My name is Ericka and this is a little unusual for myself to do since I never ask for help but I have seen many of your shows and have cried on many of them. I am fifty years old.I have help a lot of people with a lot of different things and still do when I see that someone is in need. I have an ok home but it's over fifty years old and the wiring is real bad the lights come on and off when they feel like it the foundation is cracked it also is like you can pick the cement up with your hands and it's like sand. I have leaks in my roof. My garage is caving in the roof needs replacing. My furnace doesn't work half the time.I have always done things on my own and have never asked anyone for help. I always help other people. I have always struggled to make things work I raised my children and my sisters children lived with me as well. I'm raising my grandson with no help from anyone I have had him since he was a year old. My grandson is still with me. I'm in college now and working on becoming a Medical Assistant or a Nurse. I haven't been in school for a long time so it's a little hard but I won't give up I never have and never will. Ive had breast cancer and been in some major car accidents which left me with some disabilities but I try not to let people see that I have them. I hope to see my grandson go to college one day. Everybody tells me I should go on your show and that I deserve it but I feel I have a lot more than some people and I'm thankful for what I have. I told them I would write to you to see if maybe there is something you might be able to do to help my grandson and I fix our home.Thank you so much
  • our world makes me weap!!!

    I am an artist with a wild road behind me. after growing out of a homeless child hood, encarceration from 13 to 27, i put myself through art college with dreams of being an engineer. The dream of beating the odds was brought to a sudden hault when i took a vaccine that is still destroying my body till this day. No big deal, cause even though i had to stopschool after my assoc. to fight the reaction which ultimately lead to cancer. It didnt get me down. I still chose to spend spare time helping kids in the city through teaching art through the POW program as well as the nieborhood kids. lack of work due to not enough education in my feild brought on a depression that almost took my life.

    in the midst of giving up. God brought me to have a son. I said a pra yer. " God if this is a sign then hell share what people beleive to be your birthday. My son Jayden Noah Wilson was born shortly after seventhe morning after christmas. All i can do is all I can do to make sure he doesnt have to see what I saw as a child. my sickness may not allow me to see him graduate, yet i continue with the fear i may not see success that insures his stability, I have to beleive God has reason for my struggle, and he wont let my work be in vain. I ache for the pain i feel in these stories the shows are based on. If there are any persons with the heart to open ideas such as the home makeover show that can use what some call me( a unique and amazing artist. visit my website at www.mobilemurals.net. i still can work for the help i need. at the some time hopefully help build hope for others.God bless people and stay strong.
  • Strong mother's beginning of a new life after heart attack and pace maker and several other medical conditions

    My mother recently became disabled after working 30 years as a C>N>A. For the past 4 years she has stuggled with diabetes, congetive heart failure,copd,ect. She has just about everything wrong with her that could go wrong. my father and mother have been married for 40 years and have never had to ask for help until now. They're pipes freeze all the time and are messed up they have to turn the water off and on before and after they shower. There water pipes are rigged and flood the yard all the time.The house is over 100 years old and I was raised here my whole life. I love the fact my children may also be able to grow up here too.{If we can get the things fixed}They have leaks all in there roof.The roof looks bowed from the outside and in but cannot afford to fix this.They cant keep heat in the house. My father was trying to remodel the home before he became disabled a few years ago and now he can no longer lift anything more than 10 pounds. They are both over 60 and have had a strong work background until they both were unable to work. My father is a vetran he served in the vietnam. He has served his country and they both have helped me and my family get through rough times since the loss of my son in 2007.Also my brother is on a donor list for a new liver and they have to transport him back and forth toi vanderbuilt. They really need help. They have both spent there lives helping everyone they could and I would love to be able to help them out.Please if you could just consider them for the home makeover so they can begin to live a normal life. Thank you so much and God Bless
  • in need of help

    hello my name is laura my husbands name is matt and we have a 4 yr old daughter nevaeh and 2 year old son peyton. my daughter has eszma and allergies really bad and we have tried all different creams and soaps and medicine for her to stop breaking out. Our water freezes almost every month bc the pipes have not been wrapped and my husband dont know how to and our small bathroom has no floor under the tub and soon it wont have a floor at all in the bathroom if we dont fix it. we are loosing heat throughout the winters bc of so much insulation is not under the trailer our breaker box cuts off if we have more than one thing going and now our dryer just went out so we are having to dry our clothes at the laundry mat. my husband has been out of work for almost 2 months bc of the schools closing and i have been in and out bc of medical problems. I prey everyday that we will just make it through the day without something else breaking and that we can get help with the things we need so our daughter can be itch and pain free. Can you help us please?
  • My Family needs help Very badly

    I have never asked for a helping hand,my family and I have always been able to provide for ourselves and always willing to help others if we have anything to spare. My dearest aunt bonnie moved in couple days ago she is bed ridden and 500 lbs retaining fluids,diatbetic,high cholestral, and much more.... her hospitol bed doesnt work properly, i dont have proper set up for her to live here but im making do! We dont have any sort of doctor who will provide her prescriptions,we need a dietition for proper diet plan, unable to find a visting phyician, she is serious about getting help she doesnt want to die we can only help so much!! she cannot recieve her medicines she needs for health problems.unable to keep her sugar down its always at 500. Please help!! We all want her to live!! we have her in the living room. our hallways cannot fit a wheel chair (not that she can get out of bed) she cant walk she needs a therapyst. We have no ramps no nothing for caring for her.We want to help her if we can but we cant with out someone helping us!! and teaching us. her son abused her thats how we ended up in this mess we couldnt allow that to happen any longer. He hid her in a bed room no tv no nothing didnt change her or feed her for couple days she needs all her meds on timely manner. Oh lord please help us!!! Sincerely Kelly Wise
  • Please help my family

    The reason I am writing this review is because my grand father has recently lost his leg. It ishard for him to get around the house in his wheelchair because it is very small. When my dad and I are not home he usaly falls. Also my dad hasmanythings wrong with him. He has diabetes and he has something wrong with his foot and has, to get it taken off. My dad is single and if he does lose his foot i will need to take care of him and my grand father. A,so,we have found termites in our kitchen so I am asking you to please help my family
  • There are alot of people that need help

    I dont really know where to apply for this show, but i was hoping that maybe just maybe these forums might be seen by someone who can reveiw them for future shows... tonight was the first time in a long time that somthing i saw broke my heart! unlike some of these reviews im not looking for help for myself, and god knows i could use the help too, but i light of what i saw tonight i see that im not so bad off.. Theres this boy that i knew that used to hang out at my house with my kids.. a couple years ago.. i hadnt seen him in a while, he'd come over and play with my kids... and just this last summer he had an accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down, hes only 16 yrs old!!! it breaks my heart to see him live like he is living... he stays in the living room in a hospital bed.. in a crowded small 2 bedroom Trailer with 5 other kids and 2 adults.. i went to see him tonight, and he told me "hes waiting for his room to be built" which im affraid he will never have... if there was anything in this world i would love to do, is i want to save him, i want to take him out of there and give him a better life... a nice enviroment if one has to spend most of his life in a hospital bed god dont let it be in a tiny little place with no windows. it dosnt feel like a happy place to be.. i know its home to him.. his whole family really needs space. i dont know the other kids well. or the parents.. i just know him. and i know they could use the help. so this is my plea for someone to help him...
  • my dad is now disabled

    all his life he's helped people doing small jobs on the side to keep us going and the one time he helps an elderly couple a few blocks from our house he fell out of the tree while doing the job well actually the tree limb hit the latter and down he went. he shattered his ankle and broke his tibial bone in 8 different places and the his fibula bone in half at an angle. we've been dealing with that since October and just found out today he'll never walk again the muscle that allows his foot to move is dead. hour house is no way wheel chair accessible we have to take him down the front stairs and back up by basically carrying the wheel chair up and down the stairs...and the wheel chair we have will have to eventually be returned to our neighbors because we are just borrowing it....my parents don't even know how they are going to pay the hospital bills..lol my sister has already gone and got a part time job and i'm looking at it too but got to figure out a way to work my schedule around either my mom or my sister so someone is home to take care of dad. my sister and i were devastated to find out that home makeover will no longer be running...hope you guys keep doing gods work
  • Please help

    Well first off I love this show and I see the amazing things it does for people, but I am asking for help. My house burnt down in 2004. I know it's a long time ago but ever since then we haven't had a home. Ever house we have lived in we get told to leave. This is the 3rd place we have lived in since then and now my dad had to move us into a apt building and we are all in different ones. My mom and dad and my younger brother And sister live in one. And my brother his girlfriend and 2 babies live in another. And my boyfriend and I live in another. My dad has always done so many things for everyone and now they need help. So please help us. We don't even have a home.
  • my grandfather and kyphosis,the hump bach syndrome

    on 11/24/11 my grandfather passed away because he had a blood clot in his heart. my mom had to basically plan the funeral and everything. we had a get together for my grandfather and my mom paid for all the food to be cooked and she didnt have a job. my mom does not have a job. we have four people living in our house and we only have a 3 bedroom house it is me, my mom, and my two brothers. i am 14 years old , i have a 7 year old brother and a 13 year old brother. my 13 year old brother has kyphosis a hump back syndrome. my brother has been in so much pain for a while. i love my brother to death and i can not see him hurt like he has been doing. the doctors said to get it to go away he would have to have surgery but they were going to try physical threapy first to see if that would help if not they would have to have surgery. my mom has no job to pay for this or to pay for us to have christmas this year. we only get maybe one christmas present from our mom this year we need a new home because this house we live in is almost 40 years old and its fallin apart all im asking for is for yall to give us a new house and give us a good christmas by giving us a new house it would be the best christmas every. thank you for reading this it would be great if you could give us a new house and a good christmas... thanks, Merissa Miller
  • need home too

    Were bad off too as well..but got god is in are hearts as well.near auto liven life.
  • Thank you! Thank you! thank you! I hope that u guys now that u are blessed and God loves u. What you are doing is amazing and u are helping people who really need blessings in their lives. Every time I watch the show I cant help but cry! this is amazing


    Continue doing this wonderful work and don't ever forget that u really are blessing people that need a miracle in their lives. Bless you all and don't stop this amazing work of God you are doing. millions are inspired buy your work.

    Sandra Dipate (Oxford)


    I'm an female union carpenter, I really can't explain how over joy I get to see families so happy! I myself lost everything in new york due to an work injury, now I'm in miami.

    But after I heal up, I would like to join your team in helping others using my skills as an carpenter.

    May God keep you all bless!

    Luisa Ines Ortiz ( Local 926)
  • I love the show!


    First let me say the 200 character min is a pain!
    That said, I love the show and watch it a lot! I think in a time of shows that are not family rated or have bad language this show is refreshing. I wish more programs were helping people because our world would be so much nicer. I esp. love seeing the shows where you help our servicemen and women. My brother served in the army and his son has been to Iraq twice as a National Guard, my husband served in the army for 10 years, so I appreciate what the servicemen and women do for us so much!
    Thanks everyone for all that they do to help these people on the shows. Keep helping others and making shows like this one!



    My coworker needs help! His Mother, Father and recently his brother just died. They left him a house in which the ceiling has colapsed from the rain, the furnance is broken he lives in one room with a small heater and not to mention the mould that has most likely formed from the leaks. He's an amazing person but has slipped into a depression because of his living conditions. His money goes to his deceased brothers debts. Nobody deserves to live in these conditions and want only the best for him! Please help him because this house is all he has and had sentamental value and nobody to turn to. crystal-deli@hotmail.com

  • My Brother is Dying,sprinal injury to the neck,needs medical help.Breathing through a ventilator.Stuck in Nuku'alofa,Tonga 3rd world country.Only hope for life to get back to America.2 days tops.But i cant afford it.PLEASE LORD HELP MY BROTHER!


    My Brother6 days ago got into a car accident.7 aboard,2 died,5 lived,my brother is in the ICU.Doctors are telling me since its been6 days since he severed his spine that he is paralyzed from the chest down.He is an American Citizen who came to visit me in Nuku'alofa Tonga.My brother doesnt have long at all.We are in a poor country with no medical help for him.Only hope for him living now is Atracheotomy before he gets a chest infection then death is definite.Please Bring Medical Help here to him. He needs a Doctor, a another ventalator, and medication.please help me.kaleti #676-840-6774 moms#(503)244-7741

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