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  • Disabled Vet's home ruined by contractor

    My husband is a disabled Navy Vet. We hired a contractor to work on our home. We took out a second mortgage to fund it. There were many major mistakes made. as part of the job we paid for a new roof for our home. It has been nearly 4 years and it still leaks. We continued to talk to the contractor and he made empty promises of "making it right" We are trusting people and believed he wanted to do right by us. My husband uses a cane to walk and has been on the roof many times to make some repairs to slow the leak. We eventually consulted an attorney. unfortunately the statute of limitations has passed. We do not have the money to fix our home. We have a very unique house and love it very much. At this point we are praying that nothing falls apart. Since that time I have become injured as well. We have no hope of being able to fix our home.

    My husband has started repairs to the interior of the house. Our bedroom and bathroom are torn up. Our basement had flooded and we removed all of the carpeting. As much as my husband would like to finish all of the projects in the house , he just can't. He was injured in a fire on a submarine. He saved a man's life and was given a medal in recognition of it. I am very proud to be his wife. I know it is difficult for him to look at all of the "construction " zones in our home while feeling helpless.

    We spent $1000. on an engineer to look at our home to list the is scarey.

    We have fought for every thing we have in life. We would be so grateful to be on a show to help us fix our dream home.
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