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ABC (ended 2012)



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  • Fire Repair

    My name is Ariel Price and my story begins back in fall of 2002. I was only eleven the day our house burned down but I still remember everything about it. My mom coming straight from her job as our dad yelled at my brother thinking he was the cause. We watched fire fighters throw things from mine and my little sister's bedroom windows on the 2nd floor. Our mom tried to joke about it to cheer us up. The fire was started by bad wiring in the attic. It was not anyones real fault but the insurance company refused to cover it. Our parents decided to rebuild the top half but the state had us tear down our home because it had no foundation. With our house destroyed and living in the shed in the back yard, CPS took us away. In April of 2009 I left a bad foster home and searched out my family. I only have contact with 2 out of 3 siblings and my mother currently lives with me. Recently I found out that the property my mom owns can still be claimed and so I have her filling out the paperwork as we speak to get it back. My mom has done so much for us and because she has done it all while being a diabetic I want to give her the one thing she has tried so hard to give to us. A good home. I want it to be a surprise so please, I ask for your help to make it possible.
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