Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 3 Episode 5

Teas Family

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on ABC
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Teas Family
Purdy, MO - The Teas family are given an extreme makeover. Paul and Cyndy Teas has used all their money to open a camp for handicapped children. Volunteer workers lives with the family and they have very little space.

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  • local family

    this family is from a few miles away My brother in law washes their windows, I was happy to see them get a new home they do great work, since the show I have been able to see the house in person it is very nice, they are holdind a fund raiser , and looking for help to spend some of the money they got to expand the camp this weekendmoreless
  • Great Christian Camp

    This is the camp that Kurt Warner, NFL QB supports and his children go to

    As the Teas do this for their love of not just the children

    But also for their love of Jesus

    Asking for nothing in return at all

    Despite all of the hardships that they had went through

    With no paychecks and an uncertain future ahead of them

    But the community pulled together and helped them with not just a new house

    Most of all, helping them out with the new camp!

    Way to go EXMHE!!moreless
  • The Teas Family, who left their regular jobs to open a camp for kids with special needs and always seem decline offers to help them, finally get helped themselves by EM:HE.moreless

    I\'m a sucker for tearjerkers, so I\'ve always really loved this show, but lately I\'ve been a little bored by it.

    But this week I really enjoyed the 2-parter Teas Family episode. The family was one I could really get behind and root for. Their glee in seeing others benefiting from their good fortune was what really appealed to me. When Lance Bass from NSYNC showed up and wrote a check to their former camp counselor from Russia, who went home and started her own similar camp, and Mrs. Teas yelped with delight, I loved that moment. Another standout moment was when a young blind campgoer stood up to give thanks to the EM:HE crew and sang a goose-bump-inducing rendition of Amazing Grace. What a talented kid. It was great that they let the campgoers take part in the renovation as well in little ways, such as artwork, etc. But the part that tugged my heartstrings the most (and unexpectedly so) was the replica of tree that they built in the Teas Family\'s new house, with wooden cutouts of the campgoers\' hands standing in as leaves. *gulp* Reminds me of the little clay relief of my own 4-year-old hand that my grandmother has had hanging above her television for several decades. Sure, the house itself was amazing, but personal touches like that are really what make these renovations great and meaningful to the families who get to live with them long after the cameras are turned off.

    Loved this one. Hope they can keep it up.moreless
  • Very touching two episodes. I would've cried, had I not been multi-tasking.

    This was a very touching and emotional epsiode, seeing a family whose only goal is to help people get the help that they deserve.

    I haven't dealt with a lot of special needs kids or people, but I do know that they need some tender loving care and the Teas definately provide that with their camp. The Teas opened their heart and their homes to these children, and without these people, life would be very bleak.

    To see them get something to help them help more people was great. They got the extra space to help the volunteers, as well as give the kids a place to hang out when it rains.

    I loved the episode and the guest appearances helped as well.moreless
  • Episode #304 is the Tom Family, Fairfield, Ca. I was there the whole time as a volenteer, and have confermiaton that it\'s episode #304.

    Located in fairfield, Ca, just 50 miles north of San Francisco, the Tom Family gets thier 2300sq ft house with a new 5300sq ft, wheel chair acessable, smart home. Susan Tom, a 53-year-old is the single mother of 13 children, 11 of whom she has adopted, many of whom suffer from handicaps and diseases. Teenagers Hannah and Xenia were born without legs. Anthony has a degenerative and usually fatal skin disease. and passed away just before they where informed of being selected on the show. Eight-year-old Faith has disfiguring scars and no hair from being badly burned as an infant. Joe, 15, recently passed away from cystic fibrosis. Margaret, 18, helps Susan raise the family.

    This family is very deserving, I went to school with Anthony, and am glad to see someone helping them out after Susan and family have given back so much to the community.moreless

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