Extreme Makeover

ABC (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Episode 405
      Episode 405
      Episode 5
    • Jennifer and Jim
      Jennifer and Jim
      Episode 4
      Jennifer and Jim from Erie, PA both get makeovers before they marry each other. They will not see the results until they are at the wedding.
    • Yvette and Heidi
      Yvette and Heidi
      Episode 3
      A group of 4 overweight inner city teens (Yvette and her classmates Shira, Jahcobie and Kelsey) are followed as they shed pounds at a weight loss boarding school. Also profiled is Heidi, a Washington D.C. fitness lobbyist who lost 100 lbs. over the course of a year. Also providing special messages to teens about weight loss are rap singer Missy Elliot and ESPN's Linda Cohn.moreless
    • Micha and Chris
      Micha and Chris
      Episode 2
      Two people receive incredible life-changing physical makeovers.

      Micha is a legally-blind woman suffering from a severe overbite that has not only made it difficult for her to eat and talk, but has caused her to be passed over by employers who think that she is mentally retarded.

      Chris is a former boat mechanic who lost the ability to follow his love of sports and the sea when he lost his leg below the knee in a disfiguring motorcycle crash.

      Micha gets to meet her idol, Regis Philbin, and Chris has a visit from 4-time world champion wake boarder Tara Hamilton.moreless
    • Phillip & Kerra
      Phillip & Kerra
      Episode 1
      This is the season premiere. The extreme team gives makeover to a 38 year old man, named Phillip, who is deaf and helps others like him find jobs and a marine wife, named Kerra, who's face was scared by a poisonous spider that bite her that her husband brought him in his luggage from Iraq.moreless
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