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50kg loss

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    Dear extreeme makeover!!

    My name is amanda herr i'm 27 years old and have been fighting obesity most of my life, in 2002 i had my son ajjdeep who i love heaps but i was at a unbelieveable weight of like 120kg's at the age of 20, after my son was born i start dieting and walking, i started walking just 15min a day and it was a huge challange just 2 get to my letter box!! after i lost about say 20kg's i started aqua arobics then to tha gym, i lost most of my 50kg's by 2006 but my body has so much saggy skin, im at my goal weight of 65kg's which is perfect for my height but my excess skin is outta controll, my doctor says it takes a long time 2 heal but i do weights and train and feels like it willl never recover and makes me feel sick and unattrative and this stops me from working cause i feel yuck, i know i am special and all tha locals in liverpool and bankstown would love to see me be on extreem makeover, i wish someone would have applied for me cause i don't like 2 ask for help im a very self indepent person but i would love to show you pictures of me and go more into detail with what i do...... please don't just skip past me cause this is what i need to change my life and make a better future for my son, my family and myself!!!! my phone number is 0450559284, i need your call, please make my christmas and new year worth fighting for!!!

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