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help i really need a extreme makeover

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    [1]Jul 21, 2008
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    hello my name is danay and iam 34 year old i was writhing to u because i saw your show and i said let me try this well a little about me iam a singel mother of 5 boys yep 5 boy i been divoer for 4 years now i dont know how to write to much so iam sorry if i write some thing wrong its that iam cuben well like i was saying when i lived with my ex husband he use to call me name like fat pig and alway told me that i will never find a good looking men because i was to fat and ugly for anyone i always was skinny but when we got togetthing he didnt care about me kids and being to hit me and called me all this name i being to eat and eat he always told me i looked like if i was going to have twin because of my tummy after i had my last son i stayed fat and now i still look if i was going to have a baby after he left with my sis and married her i felt like i didnt have nothing to live for i hate mt tummy i tried to cut my tummy many time my baby son always tell me my dad left you because he say u are to fat but my you just need to get that tummy flat and u will be ok he always see your show and hell tell me if only wishes come true like that i told him what you mean my baby son say yes if wishes do come true iam going to wish that someone will come to the door and give u a extreme makeover like the one on tv. i just lol and told him papi please keep praying it will happend if u pray and he said i will pray every night up to that day happend so he dose every night pray out load because he say like that god know my mom need it really bad she need to be skinny again for people dont call her pig again,so please extreme make this big wish come true make me a cinderella and a real fairy tale. thank you and god bless you all!!

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    [2]Jul 3, 2012
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    i need one as well

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