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I need to have a makeover !!!

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    This is for my wife , Shes from Brazil & we've been married 3 years, we live in central Virginia. Connie has many problems ...


    I'm a brazillian mom of a 25 y.o. girl and since she borned, my abdomen has been the reason of an extreme problem to me. I think it's a genetic problem that I got from my parents and has worsened year by year. Beside that my chin is double, my front teeth are messed up, and a couple of others esthetic problems to be fixed...

    When I came to this country I was in a list from a public hospital from Rio de Janeiro to make a tummy tuck surgery for "almost free" with the famous surgeon Ivo Pitanguy team program. But I choosed my husband and had to give up of my second dream. Now I've being watching all these shows with a dramatic change in all peoples' life and this is exactly what I need: an extreme body makeover!

    We don't have enough income to even think on this possibility... My husband is handicap and was retired earlier. I'm a data entry clerk of a small town in Virginia with an insignificant professional chance of upgrading... Do I have any chance in this show?

    Please, help me if you can!

    Thank you so much for listening to me! I'mlooking forward of hearing from you soon,

    Constance Franklin

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