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ABC (ended 2007)

Please, I begging you, I need an extreme makeover please.

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    Well, not if it is valid but I'm from mexico, and I watch your show and I like to see how you return the joy to families, then I thought of you because you are my only hope for me and my family, I am a bit hard to write this, so I will summarize: we have never had a home, because we never had an economic condition enough to buy one, then we always rented a house, but in these last days everything became more complicated because the owner of the house in which we live and urgently requested leave the house in a week, then my mother, my brother and I, we started looking for a house needed enough for my brother, my mom, my dad, a big dog, and one small, and I live in, and there arose the problem because we do not have enough budget to rent a house that is cheaper, we set the budget, and then after a week, the owner of the house appeared and only gave us a few more days, and now we're desperate, because we have no home, money, my father's job is not enough to keep us, my mother no longer employ, I have 15, and actually believe that further study is therefore very difficult for me and my brother.

    and seriously, if you read this letter and choose, we would make the happiest in this world, and so I ask you, please we need an extreme makeover because we have nothing.

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