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Super mom needs an extreme makeover!

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    Wow! Where do I even start? How am I going to make my mother seem different and more deserving of an Extreme Makeover? How do I even know if this is the correct way to contact someone to nominate her? Let me start with describing my mother. My mom is 43 years old. She is 5'7, and weighs over 200 lbs. She has recently lost about 20 lbs and is currently trying to lose another 25 lbs. She walks every morning , and tries to work out when she can.

    My mom is so many things to many people. She is constantly thinking of others no matter what she is doing. She is a mother of 3, even though all of us children are out of the house, she is still a mother hen watching over us at all times. My siblings and I are currently enrolled in college. My parents help each of us whenever we need it, but I feel like my mom does most of the work. She is the one who makes sure we are all right and checks on us by calling every day. My mother is my best friend.

    I don't even know what else I can say about her. She has lost a lot of weight over the last few years, and is desperately trying to lose more. She had 3 children C-section, and has a horrible time losing weight in her mid section. She just has a lot of extra skin that has stretched out from her gaining and losing weight. She even went to the doctor to find out if she qualifies for a tummy tuck, but they told her she would have to gain 50 more lbs in order to qualify, and her insurance wont cover the cost. I just feel awful for her. I watch the show whenever I can, and every time I do I think I should submit my mom to this show, and today I finally decided to do it. Again, I have no clue if this is even the correct way to contact someone. I just pray that someone will read this and nominate her for an Extreme Makeover.... I am very doubtful but EXTREMELY hopeful!

    Waiting to hear from someone.....

    Caring Daughter

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