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tired of looking tired!!!

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    [1]Jul 14, 2008
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    help im in need of help!.. at the moment i can only dream about being the belle of the ball, im a 27yr old mother of 3, with low self esteem due to natures way (pregnancies) stretch-marks are a major issue! also deflated breasts (a-)!!!! i survived after nearly 10yrs of domestic abuse, but all the negative comments and put downs are etched in my brain, i have a lovely chap now and i hate moaning about my body but it does have a major impact on my life unfortunately i also have my fathers nose which makes any side profile photos unbearable, i would love to wear nice clothes but due to my small bust it proves difficult as the clothes never hang properly and i end up looking like a 13yr old!, i would love to be happy about myself and rid any flaws and for my lovely chap to see me having confidence and not having to turn the lights off to get undressed! this ugly duckling would love to be transformed into cinderella, regards sarah x
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    [2]Dec 28, 2008
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    It doesn't seem as if he's complaining....so u could either find some time to work out at home/with the kids. I've heard of workouts that u could do while doing your daily household chores. If not, just embrace your body...everyone's body is different and someone who exudes confidence knows what he/she has and is proud of it.
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    [3]Aug 7, 2009
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    I feel horrible for every mother out there who ends up with a totally different body other than the one that she had before pregnancy. Because I can relate completely. I also know what its like to be in a relationship that is abusive. The mental abuse can scar worse than any physical abuse. I'm in a good relationship now. However, I can't find a reason to believe that I'm worth looking at therefore I don't want to be looked at. I can't believe I'm beautiful or something to be wanted. And just because a man loves you doesn't mean he desires you. Which isn't his fault cause I wouldn't want this either. My hub tries everything to convince me that I'm desirable, but I know the deference. And I want to be looked at the way I have been before. The time before pregnancy. I don't want to punish him so I've quit complaining about my body to him a long time ago. I caught him looking at some pics a long time ago on the net. Which is why I don't believe that men really believe anything scarred up or saggy is attractive. No matter how good a man. He doesn't look at the pics anymore because of how it hurt me, but now I know why I can't believe him. I love him and forgive him but he proved some things to me. If he desired what he had than he wouldn't of looked at the pics. I don't believe that looks are everything, but a mutated body can hinder the romance part of the relationship. Everyone wants their mate to WANT to touch them and WANT to look at them. Not just act like they do. Women aren't stupid and can tell the difference between a robot touch and a real I desire you touch. Same goes for the way they look at you. So momma's out there I know how you feel and I feel your pain. And I wish so much that this show was never canceled cause it was changing the lives of people who were in extreme emotional pain. I'm sorry to everyone who might read this and have negative feelings toward what I have said, but it's the blunt truth. You don't know unless you've been there and everyone is defferent and unless you can warp your perspective around to feel another way than you probably feel this way. Don't give up mommys. I know I've been negative, but I'm just trying to be descriptive. Love them babies you got and you man. Lets not let our pain be their pain too. Someday maybe extreme makeover will come back. Or maybe you can find your own solution. Don't give up...I'm not going to
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