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young mum of two in need of extreme makeover please help

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    im not sure where to start or even if this is how u can apply to go onto the show but here goes anyway i am 25yrs old have two beautiful children aged 8 and 3 since having children i am really unhappy with the changes that have happened to my body i was a lovely size 8 and never went past 8 stone before having my 1st child and i put on nearly 6 stone during my 1st pregnacy which never really bothered me but after losing most of the weight and getting down to 9 stone i was really pleased with the weight i had lost but because i went from being so small to going so big i was left with loads excess skin on my belly no matter how hard i haved tried i just cant get it to go away i then fell pregnant with my second child but only put on 1 stone and again lost the weight afterwards but still have been left with loads of excess skin on my belly bit more than i had after having my 1st child im on 25 and am always hiding behing baggy clothes never want to go out with friends because i can never feel confident in any nice clothes because of my tummy ive gotten to a point where i have just lost any hope of ever having a nice figure again and that is why you are my only hope of feeling like a lady and having some confidence to go out and enjoy being young while i still can and enjoy my body instead of always feeling embarrassed about it it has also put alot of preasure on my relationship as i dont belive anyone could love my body i also got beat up a few years ago which left me with broken teeth which knocked my confidence even more i think my looks are my best feature apart from my teeth but i would love to have a body to go with it im not very good with putting how i feel about my body into words but i really hope u can help me become a more confident person and hope that maybe i could be a good candidate for your show i really need your help please can u help me find myself so that i become more confident as i dont want to pass these horrible feelings that i have about myself onto my children i want my children to feel like they have a mummy who is not ashamed of herself and that my children never have to go through this as i could teach them to never hate their bodies please can u help me i dont know what else to do thanks a mummy who needs u
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