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    Hi my name is linda my grandsons name is matty he is cardinal glennon childrens hospital for children fighting for his life with JMML this type of leukimia is deadly to children of this age and is very rarely found my kids were tiold without a transplant matty had a 5% chance of survival and with it a 50% chance of has been in there since sept.2012 they finally diagnosed my little man matty at 2 yr old with JMML in may suffered alot of pain where he couldnt walk we had to carry him he couldnt eat he would get sores all over his body drs did tests of all kinds couldnt find what was wrong since birth because of this being such a rare got the blood cord transplant in dec of was doin good and then he got sick running fever 103-104 they found an infection in his liver and hasGVH GRAFT VERSUS HOST DISEASE is the donor cells are attacking his body and he is rejecting the donor hasnt eatin in 3-4 kids wont beable to take him home yes the rent a trailer but they have to have a newly clean built place with no type of diseases or all clean air where he can come home or he will get sick because his ammunE SYSTEM IS VERY LOW HE CANT FIGHT OFF tried t shirts to get the word of JMML out there and she trusted someone they kept the money and never sent out the shirts we havent alot of money as im disabled and we want to get helop to do a t shirt thing she has the pattern pics of the fron and back on her sons prayer FOR MATTY on dont know what you can do if anything but my baby is a loving caring little man im his nana thats what he calls me he has a 2 yr old brother with marshall syndrome who has to have ear and eye surgery before he is five or he will be blind and deaf by age know there are alot of ppl with children like this have no donation thing or sponsers helping my children and its expensive going back and forth and trying to find a home for their basby to go home loves sponge bob as matty and mason call it BOB older brother brian is in good health thank not good at wording things or asking anyone for help i always do things my self but i cant help them this you for listening and reading this message MATTYS look at PRAYERS FOR MATTY on facebook
  • Burn Survivor needs your help.

    I suffer from manic depression and have pain control issues from 7 failed surgery attempts on my back. 1998 I was in a motor vehicle accident that rolled over and caught fire. There was no time to get out the truck, drivers side down was fully engulfed with flames. My husband at the time knocked my daughter out of the way and got himself out first. He stood on my head and shoulders to get himself out, kicking me in the face as he did so. I am a published Author, my book "Agony" explains in detail the whole account of the accident and my 1 month stint in a burn unit. 30 % of my body is burned. My teeth have suffered from our lack of finacial help and are in a bad state of also need a tummy tuck. Can you help me with any of this? It would be a dream come true after what Ive been through. Contact info 832-404-3888
  • extreme make over

    hi i watch extreme make over with Ty and i havea story. i lost my daddy on mother's day this year. and now my mom is stuggling. and i just foundout tha my mom's house burnt down and she caneled the insuarance on it when my daddy past so she cant fix it but it cant be fixed it's gone so i wonder if yall would do yall's magic and help her with her house. thank you Malinda Varney my number is 813-325-3967 she lives in oklahoma city,oklahoma
  • making a difference...

    I think thats the whole purpose of what you guys do. Like the rest of the world I still not understanding the tragedy we saw happen in Newtown, I live near by, work in Sandy Hook for about 10 years and never suspect the Newtown cops would get any busy than giving us speeding tickets or something like that. Well... I guess I was wrong. Their presence was huge like the Fire Department, Hospitals, the community got closed to survive the pain, trying to fill up gaps w/ love. The same way now ,I think , and I'm sure we going to have a lot of people to agree, we could have an extreme makeover on the Elementary School, to celebrate the lives of those who survived, to show the heroes they made a difference saving over 500 lives, give the community one more chance to show we are together, we want participate rebuilding Newtown. please, take a minute, and think if you guys would be happy to help us to give Newtown other reasons to be remembered of. Thank you for all the happiness your show provides to the families, always going to your fan, please let me know if you can do it, i'd love make part of it. Denise
  • Sandy Savivors Struggle

    i am 13 years old and i want to help my mimi and poppy live in a new house. during hurricane sandy their house got washed away. they lived right on the water and there was at least 4 feet of water in their house. right now they are living with us and its wonderful famiky time but they need to have a warm home to themselves. my family and i all think that this would be a great surprize for them. we all love them so much and this would be a gift that they would remember for the rest of their lives. please choose us because words dont even describe how much this will make all of us feel:)
  • Wishing to have me make over

    Since, when i was young. so many times i encountered some issue that i am the one who have ugliest faces in the world considering that i have more scars in my body. That time, i was thinking that this issue will never stop until i die. I tried so many times to find some remedies to lessen my scars, my brownies skin but still not effected since im not the rich one.

    One day, i heard about the Extreme Makeover and I am wishing and pray that one day i will be the one of the contestant, and am wishing i experience what would be my look after i make over.

    thank you for this chances and hope i will be the one of your lucky guest.
  • la realidad

    Hola mi nombre es Daniela, soy de Argentina, debido a como esta el Pais hoy en dia, queria saber que posibilidades tenemos de tener nuestra propia casa (suena alocado), se el trabajo que ustedes hacen, que es reconstruir, nosotros terreno no tenemos, pero estamos alquilando., y debido a la situacion que nos encontramos aca, pensabamos en la idea de que ustedes nos construyan una casa y nosotros pagarselas por mes como si fuera un alquiler....se que es raro lo que les planteo, pero es un probabilidad que me queda, ya que la situacion como les repito esta muy complicada para que una familia tenga su casa, sin mas que decir, espero respuestas... desde ya muchas gracias
  • struggle

    hi my name is juan I am a veteran of 2 deployments and was well on my way to a 3rd deployment before I was released to go home to help and be with my wife as she suffered from an illness. Once I returned I went almost a year with out a job and it caused me to lose my home and 2 vehicles we are on HUD and government assistance, I am currently disabled from the military and have been waiting 2 years for financial assistance from the VA. Please help my family!thank you
  • In need of serious help!

    I'm a 24 year old mother of 4. I can't afford medical assistance to help me with my issues. No job,

    serious self esteem issues that are effecting my relationship with my spouse i have 9 teeth that are removed five are my top front teeth. The rest of my teeth are decade and falling apart. Im so busy worring about my kids that i have let myself seriously go If you can please help it will be very much appreciated
  • My uncle's wish

    I this is for ratings nd everything but if some acually reads these and understands spread the word. My uncle is 57 yrs old and had a stroke that affected his left side his house is know where near livable please if anyone cares to help spread the word that help is needed at,

    52 East 1 street

    Wheeling WV,26003

    Sincerely Brandon Anderson
  • seria un milagro si nos ayudaran

    hola soy adriana tengo 36 aos 5 hijos , de diferentes edades vivimos en un pueblo muy chiquito y alquilamos , tenemos un terreno el cual hay necesitamos hacer nuestra casa y mi marido es albail y no nos alcanza los ingresos para hacer nuestra pequea casa y poder darle una mejor calidad de vida a nuestros hijos ya que entre la alimentacin , escuela , vestimenta no nos da un presupuesto para poder hacer nuestra casa mi marido trabaja por su cuenta y al no tener recibo de sueldo no podemos acceder a un crdito con un banco desde ya muchicimas gracias y dios quiera puedan ayudarnos dios los bendiga por ayudar a tanta gente .
  • necesito de su ayuda por favor

    hola soy noelia de argentina vivo en mar del plata con mis dos hijos y mi pareja los dos tenemos pensiones por discapacidad mi pareja no consigue trabajo y nuestra casa tiene mucha humedad y le faltan muchas cosas quisieramos su ayuda somos de mar del plata mi cel es 02235713502 desde ya muchas gracias muy bueno el programa .
  • Ms.Nikki

    My name is Nikki I am from Miami, FL I am 33 and I have a beautiful 18 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I am writing you because I am really desperate I don't have a job. .I'm so unhappy and depressed about the way I look it affects me every day. I have hernia on my stomach ever since I had my son. My stomach looks like chitterling (part of pork), My breast sag down. I am single because, I don't have the confidence. How can I apply to be on the show?! I would like help to feel happy again and to be confident with myself.
  • Dear Extreme Makeover

    My name is Misty I am from Illinois I am 26 and I have a beautiful 2 year old boy I am writing you because I am really desperate I don't have a job and i am single because I don't have the confidence I have very bad case of acne since i started puberty I tried everything and it just gets worse I also am not happy with my breast my right one don't even have any breast tissue in it I am tierd of not having the confidence to talk to anyone or look anyone in the eyes especially in a job interview I will send you updated pictures of it upclose I have no phone so send me a response to mistyshain@rocketmail.com please help me I am really tierd of feeling like i want to die.
  • Please help :0(

    How can I apply to be on the show?!

    I would like help to feel happy again and to be confident with myself.Im so unhappy and depressed about the way i look it affects me every day, it is also affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, it affects me being a mum to my daughter and I don't like going out in public. I would like to be happy with life and to be a better partner and mother. I know the only way to do so is if I get the chance of a life time to have a makeover it would complete me, and I could finally start getting back to being myself again. PLEASE HELP !!
  • Please help me

    I am Sheila Dyer. I am 51 year old. I have 4 children (grown) and 16 Grandchildren. Ever since I was little my teeth have been bad. That makes me feel ugly. I never felt pretty. I never going have the money for a make over. I just set and cry. I wish I could be a least pretty. I don't think I could not be anuthing but ugly. I can see poeple look than look away again. You can tell what they are thinking. And it hurts.
  • my mum needs help!

    i am 12 and my mum is 38. i realy want to help my mum be the person she used to be, when i was born she was in a very abusive relationship that changed her she was abused and still has the scars, she had to try protect me and herself. that made her lose trust in men she has been hurt and used by friends and has lost trust in all people her family wasnt there to help her wich made her stressed and when she finally tryed to start new she ended up in another bad relationship she has been attacked and that stoped her going out she feels depressed and hates people seeing her the way she is she is single and sais that she will always be single and alone she has no confidence and has gained weight that she cant handle i dont even know how she got to her size so fast its hard for her to lose the weight because of her knees and her bad back she cant handle going into puplic places and being seen she has a mental illness that started since the abuse she gets upset when she goes to get dressed because she doesnt have many nice or tidy clothes she struggles with going out even just to the shops every day she puts on make up because she hates seening herself without it even if she isnt going anywhere, she sais she hasnt got many good friends because she has been hurt so much and the few she is friends with ask her to go out with them but she doesnt coz she feels to bad about herself we have a spare room with all my mums old clothes that useed to fit her but she never goes in there coz it upsets her and she has no social life because she is to stressed and has been hurt so much in so many different ways that it has made her ill, it makes me sad to see my mum so sad and not the happy person she used to be and to hear her talking bout how she will always be alone and how sad she feels i want to help her and to be able to see my mum out with her friends and to be able to have a social life i would love to just have her be happy and feel good about herself for once and it would do so much for her and me i realy wish i could help her but i just dont know how but she has always watched exereme makeover and i hear her saying that she wishes that she could be luckey enough to have that happen to her she only wants to be able to feel confident around people again and she has told me the only thing that keeps her going is me and i would love to be able to do her this one special thing for her coz i know it would be a dream come true for her. i know that alot of bad things have happend to my mum and alot i havent been told about some things have been so bad that she doesnt realy speak of it and its upseting coz she realy does try her best to make a difference there is just to much to explain that if i were to tell you everything it would be paiges of badluck and pain, she is mentaly and physicaly handycaped that it makes everything so much harder she was 8 stone and has put on another 8 stone hes has tryed to lose the weight but it just gets worse we went to a gym earlyer and it was hard for her to be able to walk in and as soon as she saw men she lost it with herself and could not handle the fact that there could be someone looking at her she hates being around people coz she is not mentaly stable enough to cope with the stress we dont have enough money to bye something to help her lose the weight coz she rather put me first. things that you find easy like going to the shop being around people my mum finds dificult she stays in hiding herself away she spends her birthday alone because she just has nothing nice to do she only goes out when she has to, her parents try to help her but nothing realy helps her and i know that this is my only chance to make her happy and to actually help her, if you can think of all the bad things that happen to people its all happend to her. she sais she will never be picked anyway so im trying to prove her wrong and do this for her coz i know this is her dream for something to finally go right in her life. and its not right to have my mum say she hopes i dont turn out like her its not right for anyone i dont think anything more can go wrong for my mum i just want to make her wish come true. from Angel x
  • Looking for information on entering a contest for ....

    Extreme Makeover ... (for body)

    I was excited to hear that there still was a possibility to enter contests that a person could be made over from head to toe! I so liked and believed in the things that this show was doing for both women and men that had issues concerning appearances, that seemed to be effecting the emotional parts of life, .. namely depression. And due to lack of money or support have not been able to take steps in order to change the current situation for themselves. If there is still is a place where a person could find out more information concerning contests, for this particular subject, I would appreciate if you would direct me in the direction i need to go.
  • Help out my family.

    I am 19 years old and attending college Independently. I ask you to help out my family with whatever help there is out there, we are a big family 7 brothers and 5 sisters. Now its only 6 brother my little brother passed away when he was only 2 years old and now my sister that is 20 is very sick and has been in a hospital for a month now, she has some kind of blood desease and I dont want to go through what I did when my brother passed away. My parents live in a house that is in a not very good shape, and there are eleven people living there, my parents work from 8 am to 9pm every day of every year. Its hard for them to spend time with us or go watch us play the sports the we play because they have to keep working to give us what we want. I only ask for a little bit of help because I knkow there are worst families out there and I know they deserve more but I wanna be able to spend more time with family together as a whole. Again the help would really make my parents, brothers, and sisters very happy and thats what I live for.
  • help me plese

    dear extreme makeover,

    Hi my name is Rachel Campbell I am 15 years old. I was taken away from my mother a year in a half ago and I have been living with my aunt ever sence. My sister and i have been through a lot of hard times, my mom has now abandoned us and were lucky enough to have my aunt. Her husband died of a heart attack 11 years ago, sence then she has raised three kids of her own and now she is raising me and my sister. She has a lot of health problems, she has had heart surgery and back surgery. She has done a lot for me and my sister even though she has a lot of health problems. she has also helped a lot of people. she is helping my cousin matty get through college by letting him live here, because his dad passed away from pnumonia last year. i am writing this lettter because i was hoping to do something really nice for her. our house is falling apart literally the ceiling has fallin in in my aunts room and it is starting to go through the hallway. our stove is no longer working, mold is building up in certain places. our driveway has holes in it. paint is chippping off the house and we barely have a backyard its all dead and our patio floods constantly and is now turning into algae. there are 7 people in our house and 1 cat, 2 dogs. we live in a 4 bedroom house. the dogs are always inside because there is no where for them to play. it would be so awesome if you guys can help us out we have been through a lot and i want to show my aunt that im very thankful. Our adress is 23049 cerca dr. santa clarita,CA. 91354. if u wish to call my aunt number is (661) 373-7914
  • I really need help!

    Hi , my name is debby mckenny i love your show and i would love it if you would help me with a extreme makeover , im 50 years old i have cancer , i have done kemo and i might still have cancer it is just hard for me to get around when im not in the shape to just get up walk around and clean and i have both of my grandchildren. I have been struggling for awhile now and i only get ss and my boyfriend lost his job im beging you to help me keep me and my family together , we live in a two bedroom trailor and all they do is yell at me and my family. I have always dreamed of owning my own home im not asking for anything free or a huge house just big enough for me and my family so can you please help me and my family , im begging you , so please just help us.
  • thank you for yours shows

    i recently watched the episode where you helped a family who lost there dad i know exactly how it feels i lost my mum six years ago and nearly lost my dad a month ago and we live in a council house i work with people who have learning disabilities and i am a full time carer for my dad when he is out of hospital it has been so difficult for us as a family and i know if i loose my dad i will become homeless as the property we live in is for over 55 or disabled and it is grate to see people helping other people in situations like this even if it isnt in this country because we all need to stick together and help eachother out when times get hard i just hope that if the worst does happen with dad as he has had 2 lots of meningitus and has bran damage now some one would be willing to help me like i would help any1 who needs it i cant wait to see more shows thanks for your encourage ment that there more people with a kind heart than what there seems from debbie p ramsgate kent uk
  • I need your help

    Ciao.Ma numesc Mihaela,am 33 de ani.Sint din Romania ,dar traiesc in Italia.sint casatorita ,fara copii,ii dorim dar nu reusesc sa ramin gravida.Va rog daca credeti ca ma puteti ajuta,in data de 23 iunie 2012, avem cununia religioasa,iar eu nu ma simt frumoasa,pentru ca sint grasa si am citeva defecte care eu nu mi le permit a remediare.Sint casnica fara voia mea,din pacate cu criza asta nu imi gasesc un servici.Va rog din tot sufletul sa ma ajutati sa fiu frumoasa in ziua nunti,sa fiu o mireasa superba.Va rog sa imi dati un raspuns indiferent de decizia care o luati.Va doresc viata lunga si sa aduceti bucurii in viata a cit mai multe persoane.Va multumesc.

    I love this show "Extreme Makeover" , The wonderful miracles he has done for the unfortunate people is just great. I believ e you our lil angel from heaven, thanks
  • If anyone deserves it this woman does

    This woman is a kind and giving person and she would do anything for anyone that she could.She had her sisters children living with her and she also has her grandson with her. Her grandson has been with her for about nine years. This woman has fought breast cancer, and she also has a bad heart. She has a lot of neck and back problems due to a car accident. although she has all these problems she is still out there helping people that need help. She is in college working on getting a bachelor degree in Medical Assistant or she may get a degree in Nursing. She is one of the most hardest workers I know , very independent and tries to do everything on her own. I think that she would give the shirt off her own back if someone were cold. She has help me by giving me a place to live and supplied the apartment with everything I needed for it. She also helps many people with different things. She has a house that has a lot of problems the roof leaks, the wiring is malfunctioning, the foundation has issues, the roof needs replacing as well as the garage needs a roof and it's caving in. She has no insurance on it so if anything happens she looses everything that she does have. If anyone should get the extreme makeover it's her. Please help her and give her the gift of a lifetime, as she has done so much to help others and never asked for anything in return. She is going to college to be able to continue to help others in a different way. you may contact me by pat_daggett@yahoo.com
  • Please help my life!! Love your show

    I feel so bad about myself I sometimes go into deep depression spells that I feel like dying. I am a 26 year old woman who is a DV survivor, foster child, and recovering addict. I am very proactive with getting my life together however, I want to feel good about myself and like what I see in mirror. At this time I dont feel that way! I am a single mother and I live on low income housing ,so as I am going through school, I have no money! I need teeth work and I'm overweight. Can you please help make a life changing makeover for me! That will make me so happy! I believe I deserve happiness since I have been through: sexual abuse 10times, had no parents growing up, a baby died, lost two other kids by my stupid choices, experienced domestic volence, homelessness, and currently a single mother trying to put the ieces of my life together! Thanks for taking your time out to read my post andy hope your life is blessed
  • help my mum please

    hello my name is thaynara i am 17 years old and im the daughter of roselina. my mum feels really bad about her body and the way she looks sometimes she even wants to kill herself. her dream is to change her body and become a really beautiful women with a different way of feeling . sometimes she watches extreme makeover on sky and keeps saying that she would love if she could be on it. one time she said that even if she did that and after so time she dies she said she will die really happy because she had her dream come true.

    its so hard seen my mum feel this way so i would be so happy if her dream could come true

    i love her and i hate her feeling bad about her self

    thank you i think is amazing what yous can do with womens
  • Loved extreme makeover, is there a show like it that might be taking on new candidates?


    Im 25 years, a mother, wife and student. I watched extreme makeover when it just aired and continued to follow it. Have always wanted to be one of those lucky people. I suffer with insecurities,due to my appearance and would like to know if they'll be airing again. If not if there's a show like it and how could sign up for? Thanks :)

  • I miss the show but watch all the reruns. I just wish you'd bring it back!!!

    What was so special about Extreme Makeover was the emotion that ran through when first: The contestants first saw themselves and second: When the contestants family and friends first saw them. It made a person want to cry because of their overwhelming joy. The transformations were incredible. Changes beyond the contestants expectation took place before their very eyes. When viewers can't take their eyes off the set because they are afraid of missing the big "Reveal" you have to know you have a great show. The show was very professionally done and the crew was great to watch as well. What a shame it's gone.
  • Hi,

    Hi, I am the new member, I miss this program i never see some show like this before, please let me see it again PLEASE. I watch other programs but not one is like Extreme Makeover. Sorry i don't have good English, i am Spanish but im trying only for Extreme Makeover, This program make you fell like really you can change now the doctor can do everything, if you work hard you can lose punts, this program give us i lot of tips to how look better, nothing is imposible if you really want to do something in this life. Thanks for give me this change to leave mi message and I'll be waiting to see this program again.
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