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  • This show had a good cause and helped many people and will always be missed!!

    I really think that this show had a great cause. There are people who struggle emotionally cause there is something off about them. They hurt in everyday life with all relationships. The way they veiw themselves hinders them with the way that they approach the world. This show eliminated the cause of those problems. Maybe if we could have went a little deeper in seeing how there lives were being lived after returning to their everyday life then maybe the show might of had a little bit more of umph, but I was satisfied with it. I loved it and it gave me hope. Just thinking that maybe that could be me on that show! Maybe I could get that chance. This show will always be missed! I'm sure there are plenty more people out there who feel the same as I do. Maybe this show will return someday though. Maybe with more of a mission than before to provide even more than what they did before to help change lives. They've already given enough. But, for us extreme makeover lovers we can only hope that some excuse might arise for them to bring the show back.
  • Extreme makeover.

    I wish you would bring the show back. It gave so many hope when they thought they had none. I personally have issues that an extreme team could probably fix. I have seen you do some amazing things to help people with all different kinds of things. Some things they were born with that thanks to you were finally able to be free of. I am sure that I speak for many that wish you would bring the show back and give all of us a little HOPE. I hope who ever needs to read this does so. Thank you.
  • I loved Extreme Makeover.

    Whoever came up with the concept for your show,it was pure genus! It was Queen For A Day taken to the 21 st century..I had wanted to be on your show,but found out about it too late. Should you consider bringing it back I would be horned to even be considered as a contender,much less a participant.I am not accustom to airing my life on an open media platform,but I assure you it reads like a novel,as well dose many others i seen on this page. Thank You and hope to see the show on the air again very soon!
  • i want to know...

    Hello to all!

    I want to know how i can be transformed at Extreme Makeover ?
    I see every day the show on a romanian chanell and i wish look well with "Extreme Makeover" help.'
    How is make it the selection, wich criteria, how much cost .....
    I live in Romania, Bucharest city .. and i don`t know if the show is available for Europe and my country too.
    If it is please someone give me the information how i can be transformed by Extreme Makeover and in witch conditions.
    After i see some of Extreme Makeover at TV, i really want be other person .... Hope have an answer soon!
    All the best Sincerly y`rs Sorin
  • tye is so super sexy he tends to ruin it a little by talking he should go shirtless... so hot

    thats all i gotta say pure sexyness ok so i have to have atleast 100 words and all i can think of is ty is hot super hottie i cant really think of much more to say oh well the show is good they do a good service for people in need and the houses are amazing i dont know how they do it all in only one week its very cool i wonder if they have a budget i know they get slot of stuff cheap or free by showing free advertising like for sears and such well thats 100 +
  • Please bring it back!

    You should bring back the show. Alot of us believe that shows like this are our only chance of improving ourselves. I wanted to apply to be on this show because my boyfriend and I plan on getting married and I want to look my best. Even with him in the military-we cant afford this kind of makeover. Also the show has a positive effect on the people on it. It makes them stronger and their self-esteem stronger. They are able to face the world. They are able to go out and face things that couldnt face before. The show is sadly missed by me.
  • I loved Extreme Makeover

    My name is Joyce, I auditioned for the show in Atlanta a few years ago. I was among the last 3 chosen to be on the show. I was so excited. I just knew I would be chosen. When I didn't get chosen I was devestated. I thought for the first time since I was 30 that I would finally look my age. Now that more time has passed I look even worse. I have finally become a hermit. I don't go out anymore. I am so ashamed of the way I look. I don't try to make friends with anyone. I basically don't have a life . I don't talk to people because of the way I look. And because of my teeth. I used to be the life of the party. And everyone loved me. Now if I'm around anyone, all they do is stare at me and stare at my teeth,because I look so bad. Please bring back the show. People like me really need the opportunity to have a life again. I would Love the chance again to be on the show.
  • Bring it back. Extreme Makeover gives us ugly duckling a chance to feel better about ourselves and love not only our insides but finally feel comfortable with our outsides as well.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Amazing fun and uplifting. Extreme Makeover is a way to help a person love everything about themselves. Me for instance loves my personality but my outsides dont match my insides. This show gives people like me a chance to be able to be a full package and feel comfortable in our skin again. I give this show five hundred thousand thumbs up! So please bring this uplifting program back. As for the lawsuit, people should know what they are getting themselves into when they enter a show like this. I truly believe that it is called Extreme for a reason. If you are not in the mental state to handle it dont apply. I still think that it is a great show!
  • my name is natalie and iam 25 years of age my telephone number is 01206 531946 i have 18 teeth missing because when i lost my milk teeth there was none up there to come through i am very very depressed being such a young age and need help.

    my name is natalie and im 25 years of age and have 18 teeth missing due to them not being there after my milk teeth fell out please please help me . being so young its affecting my whole life and im now at the point i wont even take my 7 month old son out so he is suffering for this i dont understand how i had no teeth to come through after i lost my first ones im incredably depressed over this and feel that without something being done i have no chance of living a propper life with my son and meeting someone to settle down with. please please help me i dont know what else to do about this and my dentist gave me a plate but that snapped all i do is cry over this its getting to much now especially only being 25 years of age. my number is 01206531946 if anybody out there can help me.
  • Great show..please bring it back

    What a great show ! It had to be a life-saver for a lot of people who otherwise would never have been able to afford the surgery or dental work. I would love to see the show come back so I could apply to be on it myself. I had a gastric bypass 3 years ago and was left with a lot of sagging skin due to my weight-loss of 87 lbs. My Insurance Company will not cover this..stating is "cosmetic". I cannot afford to pay for the surgery myself so I am really hoping you will bring the show back and I will be lucky enough to be chosen !
  • Me and my sister sincerely and deeply love this show it's the best show that could have ever been made. We love you, please come back.

    Hey I was hoping you would bring back the show. My sister has always been a huge fans of your shows, she has seen almost every episode. Through her lifetime she has been severely abused by our step mom (the step mom use to scratch her face and tell her she's beyond ugly), and used by men and adoption people and her teeth has rotten out and she desperately wants to be small and beautiful and boost her self esteem. The only thing I can think of as a sister to help her is to sincerely ask you to please help her and give her this once in a lifetime oppertunity.
  • Please bring it back... Its the only hope that some of us have

    This was a great show, I think you show renew it. I think you should let me have an extreme makeover, I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing this old me looking back at me. I'd love to have my neck and around my eyes, and my redone. Your most people only hope... Maybe my boobs redone...You benefited so many people, why let a few ruin it for the rest. This time make it a ship cruise extreme makeover. I know more would love to have this show to restart up. So give it a good thought. thank you
  • Please help me make my fiance's dream come true and make her happy again.

    i am writing to you in hope that you can help me most importantly my fiance.Well she was once a confident,bubbly,fun person, but from the past eighteen months shes changed,she hates her appearance.She hates her breasts as they are droopy,she has very bad stretch marks across her belly and thighs doesnt like her nose as its big and her belly is saggy from having my son . She told me her dream would be to have an extreme makeover it would give her the boost she needs.I am hoping you can help me make her dream come true.Please help !
  • My daughter Jolaina had a very serious bicycle accident when she was 16. Since she has extreme injuries, scarring, and struggles with pain. I would love to see Jolaina feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

    My daughter Jolaina has suffered a lot of pain due to her accident. She has undergone two major reconstructions on her right rotator cuff and a total replacement on her left shoulder. Her teeth were fixed; however, you can see exactly where they were broken. Her entire left side of her face has scarring from the accident, as well as major scarring that is raised up on her chin and above her lip. Jolaina's woke from a three day comatose only to hear that she now and forever will be dealing with having Epilepsy. Please help my baby.
  • inspiring and motivating

    i myself have always wanted the chance to have a full blown makeover and for several reasons, yet cannot afford it. before having my daughter i was self-confident and pretty secure with myself. now i have made a huge turn around. i feel like i lost my confidence and became insecure about my appearance and well my wardrobe. i am not depressed by any means, but i will admit that it has consumed a better portion of my everyday life. things that were insignificant to me before are the most important to me now. my teeth, my breasts or lack of, my hair, my wardrobe and most importantly my lack of confidence and the way it's made me become insecure. i wish i had the chance to re boost my self-confidence with an extreme makeover that i could only; dream of having. i know with this opportunity i will become secure and comfortable in my own skin again. i will then have the confidence to aim and succeed in other areas of my long term goals. i have struggled to be where i am today and well i am grateful for the speed bumps i have overcome, they have made me strong and gave me the ability to be who i am and appreciate it. now i am looking to overcome yet another negative impact and ask for your hand in helping me to accomplish my goal. please respond i appreciate your time spent reading my letter of hope!
  • I need a miracle and a blessing from God!

    I am a 19 year old girl trapped in what looks tbe a 28 year old body. I was pregnant last year and was so happy but lost my precious baby the day after I graduated from High School. Every time I look in the mirror it is a constant reminder if my loss and my gain. I lost my baby but gained weight, loose skin, broken heart, and etc...I hate this body I'm in...I want to be able to love myself and I want to be able to stop pointing out my flaws and regain my life. My hole life I was made fun of because growing up in a poor family I didn't have nice clothes and such and my teeth are bad and I was constantly crying because I hated myself because of the way I look...I want to love myself and to start over with a new life in a new body...I really pray for an extreme makeover because I need this to live and to love!
  • I appreciate that this show helps people feel better about themselves and encourages them to have a better quality of life, but what really concerns me about this show is how many are left behind.

    Consider ways to make these opportunities available to people like my mom, who really is a super mom, and beautiful to me and my dad, but never to herself. She used to be in the army, where she met my dad, and she is such a strong person, but she hates the way she looks. It's people like this you should help--those who just want to feel ok about themselves, not people who want bigger breasts or silly things like that. My mom cries when she watches this show because she wishes she could afford this kind of help, but it isn't even remotely realistic for a mother of five married to a great man, but a meager state patrolman's income. She gives up everything for us, and now that she has gone back to school at 36 to finish her degree things are even harder than ever and wishful thinking shows like this don't help her feel better about herself. I wish there was a way for normal, everyday country people like my mom to receive the benefits of a show like this--I can't imagine how it could change their lives.
  • hi my name is marija im writing this review so that i can try and get a make over for my mum.

    my mum is beutifull as she is but every time she looks in to the mirror she cant stand her self being the way she is. so that why PLASE help her i cant bare to look at her upset when some ome says something about her wait so please plase help her to get a new make over. which will also bring her confedence up so that when people look at her they think wow. i just want my mum to be happe with the way she looks for once in her life thank you. please read this and take
  • This is the best reality show I have ever watched. Keep going and Bless you for helping others have freedom for their past!!!!!!!!!!

    I watch your show faithfully and I shed tears for their joy and tears of hope it could be me. I am 51 yrs old. I hate to see my face in a mirror. I take care of elderly people in my home and I think I am starting to look as old as they do. I have had alot of trauma and anguish in my life and major brain surgery which started the aging process rapidly. I had acne all my life and what people say green teeth. I was teased mercilessly all through school. I remember with pain every time I see myself in a mirror. I want to see who I am on the inside. Through support of my friends and counselor I have had much healing but my ugly face just doesn't match. Whenever my husband goes out to buy clothes for a present he comes home with these ugly "OLD LADY" clothes. I hate it. Is that how he actually sees me. After all I am 4 years older than him. I can dream and hope and I will continue to cry tears of joy for those who have been chosen. God Bless you for the new beginnings you give for those that are trapped in their past, pain or bad luck in looks Nina
  • You do a wonderful thing for those people. You improve their lives.

    I'm Andreea 23 years old and I would like to make a surprise for my mom's birthday. Since my birth she started to gain weight and she lost almost all her teeth. For the last 3 years she lost someweight but her belly is hanging and she has no teeth.She has the ambition but she lacks the final touch and i would like to give that to her because she deserves it she raised me by her own since I was 1 years old because her husband left her for another.Because of her look she has no confidence and she thinks that other persons good looking are better than her and that is why sometimes she is others' puppy.Please choose my mom for this extreme makeover....
  • I'm a 16 year old girl who would love to do something wonderful for her mom. My mom thinks she has tons of things wrong with her, but I think she's beautiful the way she is. I would love for you to bring her on your show and make her feel beautiful again.

    My name is Tori and I'm 16 years old. My mom and I watch your Extreme Makeover show and she is always telling me how she wishes she could go on it. My mom is not comfortable with her looks and is always telling me how she has all these things wrong with her. I don't see anything wrong with her and I would love for her to feel the same way and be confident about herself. It would mean everything in the world if you brought her on your show and gave her a makeover to make her feel as beautiful as everyone else see's her. I would love to do something like this for my mom because she does so much for me.
  • I am over weight, lost in fat, and tired of seeing my babies enjoy everybody else.I want help to look good and feel good, Please consider me for the next makeover,I would love to feel beatiful. I would also love to feel ok to do cartwheels with my girls.

    I am 26 have had 4 children, and 3 of them were c- sections.I am scared of seeing me in the mirror, and scared of seeing me in the shower. I am 225 and only 5 ft 9 in,,, i am over my right size. I need help my babies are young and full of energy, i sit on the sidelines and watch them play with everyone else. I am not rich and can not afford the surgery, and being on widdows income does not allow for me to get any help, so i am not only putting myself up for rejection, but i am screaming for someone to HELP me.

    This show is wonderful because people that need a life change, really can get one and get support and help doing so. I rate this show the best. I would really like to know how can I and my best friend be one of the lucky people that Extrem Make Over help change there life. If anyone knows please tell us we need a life change. Me and my friend has been through alot and our wish is just to feel good and have confedence and just to have the energy to play with our children. My email is ponce101@comcast.net
  • Hi. My names alyssa and I'm 14. My mom has really bad self confidence issues and I would really love for her to have a makeover. She really needs a boost.

    My mom is 42 years old and has single for about 10 years, and has no confidence what so ever. She has a kinda bad style...She has this thing wrong with her skin and it makes her face look oily and she has alot of acne scars and sun damage. She has a lot of wrinkles and something called spider veins on her legs. she wears really out of date glasses. She has a lot of lines and crows feet. Her teeth are really yellow from smoking a lot. she thinks she has really small breasts. She also thinks she has a fatty mid section. She has a big nose (i hope she doesnt know i typed that)She just always puts herself down, and it hurts my brother and I to see her like that...So I would really love if she could get the opportunity to have this extreme makeover so she feels better about herself. If you took the time to at least read this, thanks.
  • I don't beleive that an extreme makeover would make me look any better as I think its an impossible task and I challenge the extreme makeover team to prove me wrong.

    I am a 37 nearly 38 year old woman. I was the short fat ginger one at school with a bowl cut, glasses and a lisp and I was bullied about everything. I now have high lighted hair so people do not know I am ginger. I love exercise and keep myself fit but I have a pregnancy lip tummy covered in loose skin and stretch marks I have stretch marks and cellulite on my legs and loose skin and I still feel like the girl at school inside. I believe that beauty is within but when you have been made to feel ugly for so long the beauty on the inside shrivels. I would love to know how it feels to feel beautiful and not to feel ashamed when wearing a bathing costume and I would love to feel sexy naked in front of my husband. I had my son when I was 20 and I cannot remember what a normal stomach feels like. If only dreams could come true.
  • Military spouse and in need of the best make over ever and I know that this is the best show for that. This is one a gift for my hard working husband

    Well where do I start, I am a military spouse and I just had a baby 16 months ago. As a result I have lost my confidence my I hate my body and will really love to get the person that I was back. I need to be that sexy woman for my husband and myself again. I need when he comes home from iraq that he get that welcome home he deserves. When we meet I was the sexy dive now I am just me and though he does not reject me I know that he wishes that his diva returns. Please help.
  • My name is Carin and im 13. My mom Carol has been struggling for 13 years. I love my mom so much and we enjoy watching this show. She always dreams of getting her teeth fixed. Her getting this extreme makeover would be the best thing in her life.

    My mom is a single parent. She takes care of me (thirteen years old), my nineteen year old brother, and my twenty-one year old sister. She works all day and she is always putting herself down. She never buys anything for herself because she makes sure she takes care of us. My mom has gained a lot of weight, but she has lost a lot and still wants to lose more. I just hate seeing her have little confidents in how she looks and hate seeing her always down. I am asking you guys the biggest, the biggest favor. This make over would put her in a better spot in life. She's not happy with her life and they way she looks and it's hard being a single parent, taking care of three kids. Please, please, help me out. My mom really needs this, maybe it will make all are lives better. My mom is 46 years old. I hate saying this, but it's getting embarrassing and I feel so bad. I mean she tried diets, eating healthier, exercising. But, it's hard for her because she has little confidents, her weight needs to go. Please help me.
  • Hello my name is danay ortiz and im 34. i have been struggling for 4 years with my 5 boys.we love watching your show, i always dreams and wish of getting a extreme makeover just like in the show,by me getting this extreme would be the world to me.

    well i been a singel mother of 5 boys for 4 years now i have worked 2 job to put a roof and food on the table my ex left with my sisther when i was 8 mouth of my baby i dont know how to write to much english so bear with me so back to my story my ex left with my baby sis got married and had two kids from my sisther wich that made my family & me go nuts i always worried about my kids and there heath but not me after everything i being to eat and eat and didnt matter how i look but it got to a point that my 8 year old son is saying that iam to fat and that i look like if i was going to have a baby and he think his daddy left the house because i to fat and my baby sis is not and that his daddy always told him that he didnt like fat girls so that made me upsit and after that i been trying to lost some pound but everytime i tryied i cant i have to much tummy and alot of docter have told me i really need a tummy tuck to help also i really need new teeth i never had the money to take care of them and when i was like 15 i ask my mom to take me to fix my teeth she told me she couldnt because she didnt have money and that cost alot of money so now i cant eat everthing i wish i could eat because iam missing alot of them and iam just 34 please help me feel better about my self i been throw to much with my ex and my kids please try to bring a little happyes to my home thank you and god bless you all!!
  • well to start off during the past 4 years I have been going through serious health and have had many surgeries. my apperance has changed drastically and even though i am still a positive person i am not that comfortable with the way I look now.

    I love this show and I always watch. On the show they made great things and I always dreamed of being on it have having an "Extreme Makeover", because I need and I know you guys can make the change. Please I dont want to sound desperate but the fact is I am. I like to see what you people do for other people you make there self esteem high and that is how people get real happy and there life change. The way you look is sometime what put you up or down. I can talk about this because I was skiny and because of Cancer and so many surgeries I am real down with the way I look.
  • My name is Alaina. I am thirteen and I enjoy this show so mcuh. I love my mom soooo much and she has been struggling for the past almost five years. Her getting an extreme make over, would probably be the best thing that would ever happen to her!

    My mom is a single parent and has been for almost five years now. She takes care of me and my five year old sister. She works all day and she is always putting herself down. She never buys anything for herself because she makes sure me and my sister stay healthy and so we can have a good childhood. I mean, parents always want their kids to be better than they were, right? My mom has gained alot of weight, she is somewhere around 200 pounds. I just hate seeing her have no confidents in how she looks and hate seeing her always down. I mean it's at a point where she doesn't hang out with her friends and doesn't go anywhere because of the way she looks. I am asking you guys the biggest, the biggest favor. This make over would put her in a better spot in life. She's not happy with her life and they way she looks and it's hard being a single parent,taking care of two kids. Please, please, help me out. My mom really needs this, maybe it will make all are lifes better. My moms name is Denise and she is 28 years old. I hate saying this, but it's getting embaressing and I feel so bad. I mean she tried diets, eat healthier, exercising. But, it's hard for her because she has no confidents, her weight need to go. please help!!!!!
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