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  • I Love this show so much!

    I just wish I could have this happen to me. I have never been pretty in my life. This gives me hope that one day I may be... for the fact that if they can go through those surgeries then maybe oneday the dieting will pay off for me... As I watch these people go through the surgeries to acheive their dreams and then live happier afterwards is so refreshing. Normally I hate shows like this because it depresses me. Like on FIT TV I can't watch it for the fact that seeing all these sexy slim people makes me at 256 seem huge and grotesque.
  • My Mother Kathryn Campbell has been the best mother and i couldn't ask for a better one.Shes been there for me all of my life and has taken such good car of raising me by herself Mothers really do know best.

    My name is Kayla Gutierrez and one thing i would really like to give my mom is an extreme makeover. She really deserves this change because she has worked hard all her life for everything she has and if i could give her one special thing it would be to make her feel more confident with herself.It would be a miracle if she could have just have this for herself.She never asks for anything and always buys and helps other people.If I lost her life wouldnt be as happy and wild as it is with her right now. My mother has things about her she doesnt like and if she won this i know she would be amazingly happy and couldn't be more thankful.My mom really does deserve this and i hope one day she can be happy with herself on how she looks because she is a beautiful woman inside out. Extreme makeover let this dream of hers become a reality.
  • My parents mean so much to me. They disserve to be happy together.I know that if they were ever chosen for extream make-overs they would feel so much better about themselvs. My dad would even stop drinking, my mom would accually feel confident for once.

    Hello my name is Amber. I am writing in behalf of my perants. their names are Carmen and Jesus Ruiz they both need make overs like you wouldnt belive. They could each write a few books telling what they've been through and the worst part is you could look at them and kind of imagine they've had a hard life. Yet they are still, together and they are the reason my four brothers and sisters and myself are succesfull ,good people ,and all around awsome. Please give my parents this opportunity of a life time. If I ever won the lottery. The first thing I would do is give both my parents a brand new home and each a make-over, They are so special and you know the best part, if they dont win this, they will still be good people and They would still inspire me anyways, that is why they deserve it more than anyone.
  • I need help! I want my body back!

    I seen you ended the show 2007, but if you bring it back, please think of me. I am 29 and my weight is 220. I tried to diet, watch what I ate, and ran on the treadmill, but it just isn't working. My self-esteem is down. I feel like I will loose my husband if I don't lose the weight. He is 3 years younger than me and is in good shape. I know that if a get some help I will be able to keep it off. It's just so upseting when you try and you see no progress. Please I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Extreme Makeover

    Extreme Makeover This is a story about a three children family .The mother of the three children had died after she gave birth to the little child . This is really a disaster to the family .Their father took care of all the children .He love her so deep .In every corner of the house they missed their mother ! Then the Extreme Makeover got there to give the children and father a big surprise .The family had a journey during the Extreme Makeover made the surprise . The Extreme Makeover destoried the old house and made a new one .The want to destory the old things and have a new start !The house has a window in the top of the house ,it meams their mother is looking the children in the heaven .And in the second floor,there are three windows ,it meams the three children missing their mother .That is really moving !

    Everything in the house are very good .They all designed in everyone in the family's interesting .When the project was over the family had a big smile.This meams they really succeed.I think the Extreme Makeover had done a good job,it made us know that the society is filled with love ,That's why the program is loved by so many people .I think they really have intelligent minds in both charity and buisiness.I think they will more and more prosperous!
  • hi there i am angela and would love your help thanks

    hi there i am a 32yr old mum, i hate my body and would love extreme makeover to please please help change that for me. i wish i could do it myself but unfortually i havent got that sort of money, so please please help me feel good about myself again.i watch extreme makeover when ever its on and wish it was me on the show.you make everyone look and feel grt about themselfs. so please make me feel the same about meself.i would be so grateful. look forward to hearing from you.please please contact me thanks so much, angela from scotland
  • Who ever did, deserves the happiness of the people who are transformed by this show

    After seeing all these shows and practically feeling the happiness of the people who have the opportunity to be part of them, I think everything they do is just right. They transform the lives of people who are not comfortable with themselves and who have lived years of awkwardness thanks the abnormal physical appearance, into gorgeous people who can enjoy themselves and finally be satisfied with their new and amazing results. I would love to thank the whole staff for all the work and the effort they have put on these transformations and simply for doing the best at their jobs. Thanks Extreme Makeover.
  • hi i watch this show all the time and i really found this amazing because giving a second chance to someone is heaven.I have this friend that lose her husband like 8 months ago and forget about herself.she really need a big make over.i hope she will get p

    changing her life would bring her back,shes totally out of everything she has one teeth on front and all of them are cut in half or gone.she has this huge glasses.and she looks like 50 or 60 years old.shes only in 37.as a friend sometimes i would get embarrase of how she looks but i didn't care i take them out somtimes to eatanyway.she is a good friend.finding a true friend is hard to find in the surface of this world.so i thought i might as well try.i got nothing to lose but who knows and god knows.miracle is a miracle
  • i love this show.when i watch it i always wish that my mom could be on it because she really needs this . her clothes are awful and she use to have really good style until she got married to her recent husband and she sais that she would lov

    my moms clothes are so ugly.
    she knows that her clothes are ugly and sometimes i try to help her but she has like one cute shirt that i convinced her to buy couple of days ago.today she is wearing an orange shirt with a jacket that has shapes all over it its like re and brown and all kinds of dark ugly colors with black pants and brown shoes.sometimes they are not bad but then there are times that me and my sister just have to tell her something but i think she really wants this and i know i want this and we would love to have this opportunity for her to make herself look and feel better because she is always talking about how she hates her clothes . she use to shop at american eagle and all that kind of stuff ,then she turned 40 now i dont even know where she shops . but please i dont know how to get her on the show but this is worth a try . let us know on email
    p.s. she just told me that ts not just her clothes its her hair and she thinks she fat and just recently she has lost her buisness from hurricane katrina and does not take that good of care of herself anymore . so let us know
  • I wanted to know how to get ahold of someone regarding the Gilyeat Family. I was wondering if someone could please contact me back regarding this show as this family dearly touched my heart and soul. Thanks Karen canadian_wind@hotmail.com

    The same as above am interested in becoming friends with this family if he is interested back. My email address is in the summary part of this page. I am not looking for anyone just a good honest friend and could feel all of the hurt and pain this man has been thru. Very seldom do or would you find someone who would go to the extremes that he is going. Other people would probably have given up by now, you can hear and see the love this man has for his kids. I cannot understand how any mother would or could just walk out on her husband and four beautiful children.



    Daniel Gilyeat episode
  • i've been watching the show, how you guys change people's life. it is awesome. i wish you guys can pick me before i get married.... i really want a change. i really dont like what i see in the mirror. so please please please pick me before i get married.

    i've been watching the show, how you guys change people's life. it is awesome. i was amaze on how you guys can change their lives.. i wish you guys that you can pick me before i get married. i really really really want a change. i really really dont like what i see in the mirror. so please please please pick me before i get married. i am so desperate...... by the way my wedding date is on april 2009.. i want to become a beautiful bride.... pick me please please... pick me please please pick me... please please please please
  • The last show i was able to see was the one were the girl wrote in about her ready to change her face to lip problem that she was born with, when she was done she didn't even look like the same person she was beautiful and bet shes feels the same now

    I feel like extreme makeover touches peoples lives as well as hearts not just to the people receiving the makeovers by also to the people who are watching. In life that is really what matters. This show takes curtain things about people things that they don't like about there selves and changes them by the makeover. This boost their confidence as well as there self esteem. Thats excellent and it's a T.V show that is positive witch is hard to come by these days. If I had the address I would probably try to enter my mom shes real down on her self she's been single since my father past away 12 years but to me she looks good for 52.
  • The Voision Family,

    I just want to say that I watched your show Sunday night, of the Voisine Family, and that was the most tears I have shed sinch watching your show. I watch it every Sunday and I cry every Sunday, You the whole cast are angels from Heaven you have to be in order to feel the things you feel about all these families you help. I can not ever imagine something like that could ever come true for the family that needs what you have given them. I love your show, and you all as well. Good day and I hope some day you will get angels to give back to you what you have given to those familie. Even though you feel like you have gotten the best from the families thankfulness but like you always say there is more. :) to all of you. A viewer of you show Olga
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    You guys help all these people that have money and homes why not help people that have no money or no homes. go to my blog and read.ti anit right it anit right it anit right it anit rightit anit right it anit right it anit right it anit right it anit right it anit a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • I need me a extreme makeover i have a body of a 40 yr old and im only 18 please.

    I wath this show every season.For some reason i get sadder and sadder with me but happy for your guest.I look at myself every day in the morning in the mirror upset, wondering how i can get on your show.I would be so happy if it was possible. AFTER having a baby and losing my athletic body hurts me so much.I wish there was a way to raise my self esteem.Your show just gives me encouragement to say im not the only one.I would love an extreme makeover it will change my world.I will be so happy if i was on your show.
  • Wonderful show!I love that! Self-esteem is almost everything in life. If we have that we can do anything!You are WONDERFUL&COMPASSIONATE professionals giving people a chance to recover their self-esteem. Common people don't do that! Congratulations!

    First of all I hope you start to forgive my mistakes in English. It's not easy start everything again after 50 to live in another country, learn everything include the language. I know I have very unusual history, but you can check I all that I'm telling you. I am Brazilian psychologist and writer (self published), currently in California. I came here under very hard circumstance. After bad marriage and traumatic divorce in Brazil long time ago, I was still suffering a lot of abuses there... I decide to leave and with my heart full of hope I came to USA in certain I can get a better life here. Without choices, I started to do "domestic services" (very hard work) in hope it's temporary and start my Immigration process thinking it's going to solve all my problems. Unfortunately, never get done. The lawyer who I paid thousand s of dollars to follow my process just disappeared.
    I've worked hard for ten years. Even I had to send money to Brazil every month to help my family (I have a son with schizophrenia diagnose) I did some saves. Just a little money, when it's compared how hard I've worked. Two years ago I have dental emergencies I cannot to go to my country because I'm waiting for my papers I can't go(If I go anyway I can't come back). I went to the dentist here and the only solution for me was some implants since I didn't have dental work for almost ten years. I don't have any kind of insurance. I took all my savings and paid him thousands of dollars (I have no credit story because don't have papers, I have to pay cash for everything).He ask for and I did. He did very big mistake in my mouth. I can show you whenever you want to see me in person. It's doesn't only look bad! It's really terrible! Uncomfortable! It was a big frustration! I want to fix it and I went to another dentist and he says it's cost much more money to fix then the first time because he has to take it off and do everything again and now it's going to involve risk. It was one year ago I couldn't afford that I didn't have any money anymore. In 2004 I started again some job as nanny (live-in) to continue to send money to my son in Brazil and doing some saving again. It was not bad because I got very nice guest house to live and some salary each two weeks. Even though I like the house and loved the little girl that I use to taking care, I was not really happy because that's not really what I want to do. I have very interesting back ground and I want to practice it. I know I'm smart and creative personality. In another attempt to change my life I was looking for alternative ways and start to think about to sell my books at the Internet. I saw some advertise about the business and talk to somebody who encourages me to paid someone to teach me that. Again, he gets all my savings and didn't teach me how it's really works. Because I got involve in that kind of business I lost my job as a nanny. Now I don't have any money, any job. I got my website done but it's doesn't work for money (I didn't make one penny with that yet) and get homeless. Even I have some family in California they help me and I can sleep on the caught in their house but it's very small, they don't have a room for me. I have all my stuff in my car as you can see if you want. It's very embarrassed and no productive situation! I can't at least write anything because my computer is off. I don't have a room for that and I don't have laptop yet. I cannot have a regular job because I don't have at least a SS#. I cannot do hard work anymore. I am 60 years old now, very tired and frustrate. Because this situation I couldn't to take good care of myself, keep my diet or fix my hair, nothing . I've gained a lots of pounds and feel terrible. But I believe in God I have faith and I start to write another book about self-esteem called "I AM GOOD ENOUGH" . I write self-help books, I love to help people and I will. Need to fix myself first and finish it to get some money again. I will because I 'm not a victim, I'm winner and very positive person! I can do it, just need some help. I need makeup over. I know you have a heart. Hope when you read my story you will decide to help me to get there. You can see my website which is my name (www.celiabitencourth,com ). You can learn more about me if you click in "about celia". The picture was taken ten years go. You can't recognize me now. It's too much suffering! And you know the appearance is very important for business. You can check all information if you want. My email address is: bitsecrets@yahoo.com
    My question is: How can you help me to help others? How can I get there? How can I sign up for the Extreme Makeover?
    That's my daily affirmation: "I will! I am! I can! I will actualize my dream. I will press ahead. I will pay the price, I will never walkway from my dreams until I see my dream walkway. Alert! Alive! Achieved! " -Robert Shuler.
    Thank you so much in advance! I know you are going to help me.
    God bless us, each and everyone!!!
    Celia (bitsecrets@yahoo.com)
  • Over the past years I have enjoyed watching the real life changes extreme makeover has done for so many deserving people. My only wish is that I would have the chance to have an extreme makeover.

    I am praying that someone will read this and say that I am deserving of an Extreme Makeover. I was only 34 when I was struck with Bells Palsy, the left side of my face has been paralized but has improved some over the years. It was three months after I was diagnosed before I could close my left eye, and I still look completely retarded when I try to smile. I never knew how much I'ld miss the little things like whistling, and not drooling when you drink something. Beleive me there were many things I had to relearn to do. Also due to child birth and raising three wonderful children,time and gravity has taken their toll. I have lost alot of self confidence and self esteem over the years . I cry at night wondering if I ever regain the once pretty face that stared out at me five years ago. I just want to walk into a room and not have everyone whisper about me and stare at me like I am a freak. Please, please help me if you can suzieqsek@yahoo.com . Many thanks and God Bless!!
  • Extreme Makeover is a Godsend...

    Everytime I have brushed my teeth, smiled, met someone new, seen a camera, eaten, looked at a photo, spoken, every single day, for the past 32 years, I have ached for new teeth, so every time I watch Extreme Makeover grant someone a new smile, I weep... I cry for the longing I hold, and the joy they experience. On their behalf, I offer you much praise.
    If you ever want to do a "family makeover" special in Australia, I have three sisters--ages 36, 42 (self), 45 & 48... It would make for a great show!
    Your show is incredible... The joy you bring to so many is amazing... In a world of chaos and disappointment, to see people blessed the way you bless them, astounds me...
    God bless you, Extreme Makeover!
  • I would love for my mom to be on extreme makeover. My mom has gone threw so much. My real dad passed away about 10 years ago ever since then she has put on 100lbs. She never does anything for herself she is always doing for others

    I would love for my mom to be on extreme makeover. My mom has gone threw so much. My real dad passed away about 10 years ago ever since then she has put on 100lbs. She never does anything for herself she is always doing for others. She had to take care of my dad for 5 years. She was the only one in the house to have a job and raise a family and barley could take care of us. My Dad was diagnosed with sugar diabetes. She had to run in to the doctor 3 times a week. She was always in the hospital so she could never eat right. After my dad passed away she married again. The man she was with mentally abused her he made her feel so low about herself to were she just stopped caring and just didnt have the time to do anything for herself. My step dad never had a job. So sometimes my mom would have to work two jobs just to keep us above water. She had to raise 6 kids on her own 3 hers 3 his. He was never home to help her take care of us so all she has ever had is stress in her life. My step Dad cheated on her for 8 years straight. She just found about it all and FINALLY divorced but she is scared she will be alone for the rest of her life. She is so depressed about how she looks she wont even go out. She even stopped buying herself make up because she feels like it does her any good. Please give my mom and extreme makeover she deserves to be happy and feel beautiful again and I really dont want my mom to be alone everyone deserves to be happy and be loved so please help her love herself again!
  • hello my name is melissa i live in california well i want an extreme make over for my mom i'm sad because my mom doesn't drees like she did before she weights 198 my mom doesn't have confidence in her self she's always describing her self ugly ..........

    hello my name is melissa i live in california well i want an extreme make over for my mom i'm sad because my mom doesn't drees like she did before she weights 198 she used to dress professional but now since alot of things happen to her she doesn't care anymore.she's always wearing the same old cloth. i would love an extreme make over to my mom because i feel like she really need to be more confidencial and like who she is because sometimes it make's me sad when she looks in the mirror she's always describing her self ugly and i really don't like that .. my mom's hair is always in a bund her cloth are pretty much always closed up because she has stretch marks on her arm she never comes to a parent confrence because she doesn't know what to wear ! she buys her self cloth every once an year pretty much she's always with sweaters most of the time she's wearing her p.js or jeans she doesn't really care anymore she's been really down because her my mom died and my big sister left .... with my dad she doesn't have a sense of humor most of the time when i want to go somewhere she just drops me off and leave my mom never wants to go out she's always at home most of the time we do go out but that's only when she lives me some where or buy diapers or go to the market me and my mom are always watching this show and i know she will love an extreme makeover please make and extreme makeover to my mom !............
  • Well I don't know if this is a complete waste of time or not, but I thought I would at least give it a try, for my mother who has done everything for everyone else and deserves something in return for a change.

    So here I am pleading with you all to help my mother get an extreme makeover. I know you probably have millions of people wanting to be on your show a day or wanting your help, and i am one of those people who are asking for some help. I am asking for you all to maybe help my mother out. She has 4 children that she has devoted her life to. She spent the last 24 years providing for her children and she's lost site of helping herself out or taking care of herself. Now, she's very depressed all of the time, she never wants to do anything because she's embarrassed with the way she looks. She went from being on the top of the word with her confindence level to being at the bottom of the barrel. My mother means the world to me and I want to see her happy again. I want her to be able to do the things that she only dreams about doing , anymore. Please ,Please help me in being able to help my mom out with this wonderful gift, and make her dreams come true. We would all be forever grateful for it. Thank you, for taking the time to listen to me.~ashley~
  • My husband and I are heavy adults. Have been all our lives. Just the thought of changing our outer look to finish the inner person would be a dream come true for my husband and I. Hopefully my husband I could have that chance on day. Where do we sign?

    A wonderful show that gives people like me a second chance in life. To walk down the street with there head high. To be able to take pictures without any shame of there body. To be able to love there self from the inside and out. This show give hopes for the future of people who lost there hope along time ago! I feel they should keep the show going! People watched, people joined, people cried for joy for each other. It is a show of hope to love yourself like they should have a long time ago. Thank you
  • love the show but in real life i dont beleave this really happen for real people as my self that has noone and is very poor and really needs help with a good make over to better my self and looks

    if this is real god seen me a real angels help,s you no i need it badly and i have noone amen ..how dose one really get lucky to have this done for them give to them and if you have noone to help you that puts your name in to be pick for this i dont have no one so im asking you god ? how could i ever get pick for anything like this and really be helped by them ?????????????????????????anyone no??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????god help me .......please......amen................................im poor im poor do things really happen like this for the poor who has nothing or anyone to help????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • My thoughts on Extreme Makeover

    This is one of the best shows on makeovers. I have been watching it when I can find it, and it has inspired me. I want a makeover. It's a great show for those with a low self image or with problem parts of their bodys. Such as myself, it has inspired me to want to be more than I am. Also a great show for those who havn't got the money to just go out there and get thousands of dollars of work done on them when they feel like they need it badly enough. I wish I could get on the show so bad.
  • I really pray that someone contacts me for my mom to be on your show. She really needs/deserves this and I would really love to see her happy.

    My mom does so much for me and to pay her back, I thought I would try my hardest to give her something that she really wants. My mom is beautiful, she has absolutely no self confidence, she doesn't dress the way she wants to because she doesn't think she has the body for it. If my mom got chosen to be on your show it would be life changing for her...and her family. We would all be so much happier knowing that she is happy with herself. She goes out of her way for us and I just want her to be happy. Please extreme makeover, do what you do best and make my moms dream come true.
  • Hi my name is claudia. I have watched this show alot lately and it's amazing; and I think that my mom deserves the the oppurtunity to be on extreme makeover.

    My mom was always a happy type person. She always liked to go out. She dressed beautiful, but with time has changed. Now she is always depressed because she thinks that she is not pretty enough and over time has developed low self-esteem. Over time after having all of her children has gained weight and she just cant get rid of it no matter how hard she tries. Also she doesnt feel right with her self because she knows this is not the real her; and this is not only depressing for her but also us, her children because it hurts us to see her this way. She doesnt really like to go out anymore because she just doesnt feel right. She never dresses up anymore unless it's for christmas or a graduation. So PLEASE PLEASE i ask if you can work your majic and help her bring the real her back out.
  • i think the show it is fantastic how much it changes peoples lives! i can't believe how amazing people look after having there teeth done, not to mention the way you fix there skin and how they change from average to Glamorous.

    I am writing from Australia and I can't get enough of this show, its generally on late at night but I stay up and watch it as much as I can. I would sincerely like to know if you would ever consider making the same show in Australia with people from Australia. I envy the people who get chosen for your show, there lives change for ever. Every time I watch your show I wonder when its finished have they changed there lives? There jobs, partners or even just there attitude. How many of the people on the show really look after what they have been given? I really wish that your show would come to Australia, I would definitely put my hand up to be your very first contender. Please let me know if you do ever come to Australia. One of the most amazing shows I watch. I love it!! migalue22@hotmail.com
  • I love your show...you truely do make miracles happen. I hope that when you read my review you can make a miracle happen for me!

    I have seen many miracles on your show. I have suffered with depression and battled with my weight for some years. I've now lost most of the weight, but struggle with the many flaws left behind. The flabby arms, horrible skin on my face, the mole on my nose that I've always been teased about,my shrunken,small, saggy, breasts and flab stomache. I dont even leave my home much anymore. I'm not attractive to men. My ex told me he wouldnt marry me becuase I was too fat. I've had to wear glasses since I was a kid and I just hate it. They make me feel like an unattractive geek! I once was 230lbs and in a severe clinical depression. My Doctors have worked with me on the depression, but have told me I have self esteem issues or rather I have no self esteem! Physically I hate what I see in the mirror and try to avoid looking in them. I did loose a lot of weight and am down to about 157-160 lbs, but my goal is 140lbs. I cant tone-up this flabby gross skin. I have suffered many losses over the past year, and am so tired of being alone. I just want to feel beautiful and loved by somebody! I want and need to look in the mirror and love the person thats staring back at me, and right now I dont like that person at all. I'm a single mom with two kids that suffer because of me not leaving my home and not ever doing anything or having a life. Theres so much to tell, 255 words cant do it.I dont want you to help me get my old life back.I'm asking you to please help me start a new one! Sincerely, and thanking you for your time.
  • i need a extreme body makeover so i can fell better about myself and towards others. please make my dreames come true. thanks.

    hello I really need a extreme body makeover i had two kids and gained weight. i stay sad alot and depressed knowing i don't look like i used to, i have two kids that wants me to do things with them,but i just stay tired or don't fill like doing anything much even my husband wants me to go places with him but i just want to stay home and not go anywhere. i really hate the way i look and it's hurting every one including myself. please help me so i can have my life back. plase make my dreams come true. THANKS.
  • hello our names are charissa, declyn and andrew and we are writing this review to get our mum and extreme makeover and make her dream come true

    my mum is beautiful but she doesnt think that. she has been through alot in her life. she had cancer 6 years ago and ever since then she has not been herself she has had trouble with her weight but whatever she does nothing happens. she has been wanting a makeover for years and lately she has been really down and upset because she thinks she is ugly. we hate seeing our mother like this and we want the mum that we had before the cancer back. its really hard when we see her crying and we want that to change. by giving her her dream of having an extreme makeover
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