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  • My name is Abby and I really want my mom to go onto this show. She really deserves an extreme makeover. She does everything for my sister and I and she deserves this in return.....

    (continueing from summary) She works all the time, trying to get the money to buy my sister and I what we want and leaves no time or any money for herself. I believe that after having 3 children, and being 48 years old, my mother should get an extreme makeover to boost her self confidence and make her feel beautiful again! :) If my mom got the chance to be on this show, it would change her life. I believe she would be much happier with herself and her life if she had a little help from the Extreme Makeover team! I love this show, it is very influencial, in the way that someone can turn themselves around and feel young and beautiful again. It is amazing what the people go in looking like and come out looking like.
  • Hi, I want to start by saying how much I enjoy watching what this show does for people who may not be fortunate enough to do for themselves. When I see what yall do for people on the show all I can say is, "they are blessed".

    I have tried several times to apply myself, but I can't seem to figure out the procedures. Then again, I haven't been lucky enough to win anything in the past so I'm sure this won't be any different. I really hate the way I look, and the worst part is, my daughter even questions why my teeth are the way they are; and will hers be the same. I assure her that hers won't get this way. I cry everytime I think about the way I look, and how everyday it gets worst. Thank you for listening.
  • Keep this program on the air "Please", I enjoy this show.

    I'm so glad that this show is back on the air,I'am hoping that I can be a canidate to have an Extreme Makeover for me (Debbie Lower) and my friend Linda Garmon we are both in our 50'S. But I really look forward in watching this Program it makes me fill better knowing that someone out there are helping people to improve there lives 100%. Please do not take this off the air anymore "Please".
  • my name is barbett please help me with a make over i was in a busive relationship can't even get a job because of the teeth that's missing in the front of my mouth i get turn away from job's i have the skills but i don't have the aperients, God bless

    This tv show is wonderful it's a blessing from God extrem make over is Gods work because he always help people he make people happy, he makes them smile again walk talk eat drink and just love life!! extrem make over care's about people and i love you for that, i hope to be part of the show some day thank you again your the best i never miss your show your the best!!!! (smile)
  • hi,i love this show its how feel about myself and does any1 who knows how i can apply to go on this as a makeonver would make my life so better for me. please someone let me know how to apply to extreme make over. contact on vicky_lily@hotmail.co.uk.

    i love this show its so inspirational to me, the way u help people make themselves feel better etc and ilove this to be me one day i could feel better about myself so me and my children can start to live a life of happiness instead of them seeing mummy sad all the time, please can someone help me contact the show on how to apply to go on extreme makeover
  • Olha... esse Realiy é mt bom.. porém tem seus errinhos básicos...

    Eu concordo com o Fórum e acho o Extreme Makeover muito muito muito bom..., porém..., acho que deve haver alguma mentirinha ai no meio..., eu ainda não consigo acreditar de que eles consigam reformar casas daquele tamanho em apenas sete dias!!!..., acho que a ABC deve estar dando algum truque nos Telespectadores..., mas aqui no Brasil eu tambe´m não gosto daqueles comerciais enormesss!!!... caramba! o tempo que dá um comerial é o tempo de dormir e acordar cem vezes e tomar uns duzentos cafés!!! LOL

    Brincadeira.... mas..., porém de tudo isso tirando todos esses defeitinhos ruíns e irritantes o reality atmbe´m é bom!

    Passa todos os Domingos às 8:00 PM e com reprises às quartas..., aqui no Brasil a emissora é People+Arts..., mas acho que ai nos EUA de ve ser ourra com certeza.


    Cauê :)
  • So Dreams Do Come True

    This show is a perfect example of " Dreams really do Come True." It is so wonderful for you all to do what you do. This show is definately addictive. My husband watched it with me one night and has gotten so into it that he will record a game that's on at the same time just to watch it when it's being aired. I think everyone wishes they could make changes to their bodies, but unfortunately we all can't afford it. This show is great. This was a remarkable idea. My favorite thing to watch is how you turn a woman's body back if not more beautiful than before she started having kids. I think every Mom would agree with me that would be the ultimate dream of a lifetime.
  • About Extreme makeover

    I'm sorry for my english but i'm a 23 years hold italian guy_I don't know what i have to say about this show_The first time i've seen it i've tought "Does really exist something like this show?!"_Then, after ten,eleven etc. times, i started to love it with passion_Is fantastik how the people prove emotions after them transformations_I think is a wonderfull show becouse it is full of scenic effects that are not false but real like in the person's life_I hope "Extreme makeover" make "street" on tv and other person will have possibilities to watch it becouse is full of life, real life, like a dream, the dream of every person_I'd like to take part to the show but in await i'll press on to watch tv_
    Thanks a lot to the staff_
  • i hope u r going to give my mother a chance . She is a sweet person and she has 3 girls. She needs this more then anything u could think of . She has been singel for over 13 years and maybe a little bit longer.

    Hi and am a gurl named Destiny and. i am writeing this to tell u about my mother. She is 46 years of age and she needs a extreme makeover. She is a great person she thoughtful and she .Has always wanted this . She is a careing person and she has given up every thing .she does not have alot of stuff . She rather give up every thing to me and my sisters. Then be happy.So i am hopeing u will get back at me and . Let her have this chance to look and feel better about her self . Well my name is Destiny and i want to .Thank You for your time . Bye Ps: Please write me back !
  • This show is truely ahead of it's time. I cant even imagine the impact this could make in anyone's life. To have the opportunity to deal with physical issues that you really have no control over from birth,.. I am impressed beyond belief.

    I am amazed and in awe of the impact this show must have on those you help, not to mention those in your viewing audience. I sat spellbound while watching this show for the first time recently with my husband. I can't think of anything better than to help someone with self esteem. It is a problem we all share..things we would change about ourselfs, that we have had no control of in the first place. I am glad to see that there is at least a percentage of people out there who can receive that opportunity. And in such a short time!!! Wow!!! It made me think that anything is possible..that you could lose that much weight, and change things about you in such a short time. (I realize that T.V. shortens this considerably..even still, to do it in a year would be fast in my opinion). Good Job to those in front of the camera's and those behind them!!! I am so very impressed...and can't see how anyone else couldn't be as well.
  • a true blessing from heaven, for many who wouldn't have a chance at life. bless whoever is paying for this and all those who are giving of themselves.

    Never have I seen a show that has more human interest,people who are given a chance at life and don't have to paye a dime to do it. Even more you pamper them and treat them a royalty, and none is treated any different than the one before them. words just cannot express what it means to see lifes chanced for the better and see the joy on their faces that will last more than a day.
  • This show appeals to the lowest of our sensibilities ...

    like vanity, envy and pretty much every other deadly sin. Of course I've seen this show because it peaked my curiosity early on. After seeing a few episodes, I caught on pretty quickly. Before, the man, or usually woman was frumpy and dull and after their life is all of a sudden fabulous. The saddest part of this show wasn't the fact that people were fooled into believing that plastic surgery would cure their self esteem-but that afterwards, some of the contestants looked more screwed up than they did before. And yet, they didn't realize how good they had it before. It was like the Emperor has no Face. Terrible premise for a show. I'm just glad someone realized it.
  • hi there i think the guys on extreme makeover home edition do a fantastic job and i wish that i can do a job like that in south africa but unfortunately i dont have the money to help people here.

    i would be greatful is home edition could come over to south africa and help me help people who are less fortunate that would love to have a home and cannot afford it. I have used up all the money i have to help children less fortunate than i have to put roofs over there heads and my husband says that i should not help people that i should help out my family.yes he is right but there are children that are living on the streetsa and they want just to have a roof over there heads in the winter
  • Extreme makeover is for me the best reality show that ever exist. To change someone's appearence in order to make someone's life better, is like a dream come true, is like going to paradise on earth... and not only for women, men also care about his appea

    Well, I'm a portuguese fan of your reality show, I find your work simply a miracle, the things you do to turn someone's dream come true is absolutely wonderfull, I have no words to express my happiness when watching your show.
    I'm sad because I can't participate in extreme makeover, we don´t have a show like yours in Portugal, and United States of America is very far from my country... I'm 29 years old, married and I have a lovely and adorable 3 year old daughter, but i'm not happy with my body. I know I'm not ugly, I have a pretty face, fat but pretty, but I got fat a few years ago, and I can go back to my previous weight... I'm 1,60 meters and I weight 92kilos, my ideal weight should be 55kilos...
    well, I've almost lost my hope on getting thin, and I'm sure that if I lived in America, I would already contact you to try an extreme makeover...
    So, congratulations for your miracles and keep on with your job.
    Kisses for all of you!
  • Thank You!


    Hello I think Extreme Makeover is awesome! there\'s wheel chairs for people that cannot stand up at all. They strap there legs in and the person can stand up w/out falling! This show is so awesme and perfect! I hope it continues for years to come! Thank You ABC!
  • extreme makeover is such an eye opening programme as i am in the same situation as some of the people that have appereared on the show it is such a comfrt to know that there is hope for people out there that there is a light at the end

    of a tunnel and the chance to be able to walk down the road with your head held high and not having to hide and to just be happy and enjoying life because they have been given the chance to by the extreme makeover team but as they say everybody is entitled to there own opinion and this is mine
  • I live in Panama in Central America, what can I do to get an extreme makeover.

    I live in Panama in Central America, what can I do to get an extreme makeover. I´m 32 years old, single, no kids, I still live with my parents and because of my job I´m getting fat. I have a rotative schedule and this makes me eat at any time. Also I´m not able to do exercise. I want to meet someone to have a family and continue being beautifull, please help me.
  • How can one get on the show

    If you have information on how to apply please email me at Twinwh@yahoo.com I really love the show and I would like to know if anyone knows how to apply for the show, I would love to send my mother on the show...She deserves it! My mother has been a single mom of 3, including twins (Me and my sis), she has written and published a book called \"My Fresh ideas\", She used to model but after my brother and the two of us, she kinda fell off. I would appreciate any info you have. Thank-you!
  • People go from ugly to attractive on this show

    This show can be disgusting when they show the part where they might say get their teeth straightened, or LASIK done. I think it's okay when they do their hair. That's NOT gross. I woudn't say they are knockouts after their makover is done. I really need a makeover too.
  • What a great idea for a show! Who thought of this ?! IT IS GREAT!!

    This show is incredible! It gives people who believe they have flaws the chance to change and liven up! I love it! I wish I myself could participate in the show! I would be much more confident and ambitious in life! Good luck to all the participants who have already been affected positively by this experience!
  • A show where a team of builders pick a family that doesnt have a big or not nice enough house and they knock it down and rebuild it in seven days while the family goes on vacation.

    This show is so nice to people and kids i cant believe it. They go from living in shacks to living in big mansions! They are so generous and they work day and night never get sleep just to build a family a new house in seven days. It makes people want to do that for others who have less than us. I want to start doing that after one episode of the show. I was absolutely amazed and so happy for the family i cried. Now that is a great show one of the best shows ever!! I love it.
  • I think its great,and id love to have one too.

    I think plastic surgery is amazing not only does it make people feel fantastic,it also boosts the self esteem.Personally id love to have the chance to have it done.Not that i need my self esteem boosted,its just the body that needs that.Carry on doing the good work,we need more happy people in the world.
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