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  • This show appeals to the lowest of our sensibilities ...

    like vanity, envy and pretty much every other deadly sin. Of course I've seen this show because it peaked my curiosity early on. After seeing a few episodes, I caught on pretty quickly. Before, the man, or usually woman was frumpy and dull and after their life is all of a sudden fabulous. The saddest part of this show wasn't the fact that people were fooled into believing that plastic surgery would cure their self esteem-but that afterwards, some of the contestants looked more screwed up than they did before. And yet, they didn't realize how good they had it before. It was like the Emperor has no Face. Terrible premise for a show. I'm just glad someone realized it.
  • Please help me

    I am Sheila Dyer. I am 51 year old. I have 4 children (grown) and 16 Grandchildren. Ever since I was little my teeth have been bad. That makes me feel ugly. I never felt pretty. I never going have the money for a make over. I just set and cry. I wish I could be a least pretty. I don't think I could not be anuthing but ugly. I can see poeple look than look away again. You can tell what they are thinking. And it hurts.
  • Dear Extreme Makeover

    My name is Misty I am from Illinois I am 26 and I have a beautiful 2 year old boy I am writing you because I am really desperate I don't have a job and i am single because I don't have the confidence I have very bad case of acne since i started puberty I tried everything and it just gets worse I also am not happy with my breast my right one don't even have any breast tissue in it I am tierd of not having the confidence to talk to anyone or look anyone in the eyes especially in a job interview I will send you updated pictures of it upclose I have no phone so send me a response to mistyshain@rocketmail.com please help me I am really tierd of feeling like i want to die.
  • my name is natalie and iam 25 years of age my telephone number is 01206 531946 i have 18 teeth missing because when i lost my milk teeth there was none up there to come through i am very very depressed being such a young age and need help.

    my name is natalie and im 25 years of age and have 18 teeth missing due to them not being there after my milk teeth fell out please please help me . being so young its affecting my whole life and im now at the point i wont even take my 7 month old son out so he is suffering for this i dont understand how i had no teeth to come through after i lost my first ones im incredably depressed over this and feel that without something being done i have no chance of living a propper life with my son and meeting someone to settle down with. please please help me i dont know what else to do about this and my dentist gave me a plate but that snapped all i do is cry over this its getting to much now especially only being 25 years of age. my number is 01206531946 if anybody out there can help me.
  • love the show but in real life i dont beleave this really happen for real people as my self that has noone and is very poor and really needs help with a good make over to better my self and looks

    if this is real god seen me a real angels help,s you no i need it badly and i have noone amen ..how dose one really get lucky to have this done for them give to them and if you have noone to help you that puts your name in to be pick for this i dont have no one so im asking you god ? how could i ever get pick for anything like this and really be helped by them ?????????????????????????anyone no??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????god help me .......please......amen................................im poor im poor do things really happen like this for the poor who has nothing or anyone to help????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Extreme Makeover Help

    My Lead Technician at work is a Disbeled Veteran who is the primary breadwinner in her home has a small child /4yrs at home and another child that is a College Student.

    We work on a Military Installation supporting our troops daily. My Lead is dealing with and has overcome many adversities during her Military career as well as after the Military. Because she has a tight schedule and is constantly and always committed to one task or another at work and at home, she has allowed herself to move out of the Fashion light! She wears jeans, khakis, t-shirts, hard toe shoes for the most part daily. She very rarely gets to go out to enjoy herself with her mate or with the girls for a nite out of fun! Normally, her hair styles are just basic with little to the imagination. I would like to see her get a chance to get all dolled up and strut her stuff on a nite or some nites out occasionally. I believe and feel that anyone who receives your Extreme makeover has allowed themselves to explore some of the many facets that are and have been hidden. If you could allow my Lead to receive one of your makeovers, I believ this would not only boost her confidence in her daily walk, but would allow her to experience some of the joys that have been missing in her life for many years. I feel this opportunity would also bring new adventures and attractions in her personal relationships. This Veteran is also a spokeperson for the Source America and the Ability One Programs for Disabled Persons and Disabled Veterans providing Disabled Veterans and Disabled persons the opportunities to obtain and maintain gainful employment. She also makes visits on Capital Hill / before Congress. This would do wonders in the advancement of this Veteran in her Professional and Personal Life!!! Please Help! Thank you

    Michael Brown


  • I need an extreme makeover ( PLEASE!!!!)

    Please bring extreme makeover back on I need an extreme makeover so very urgently. I want to feel good about myself again. I have tried but i just need so much and i have no means to the end.
  • wish for a miracle

    I'm a 55 year old woman. I became disabled due to a back injury. My Grandmother left me a home to call my own when she pasted away, but being on a limited income has limited me when it comes to fix up money. I cant even afford insurance. The roof on my house is about to fall in over me. I have a while left to live here on earth with the help of God and if I don't get help I will have no home to live in .Please help . I would even pay back the money used if you will accept a small payment monthly. It would give me a sense of well being, and a better quality of life. thank you for your time.

  • Is Extreme Makeover still taking applications because it keeps sending me to the home edition and my looks are my problem.

    I wish to get a extreme makeover so I don't look 10 years older then I actually am. Not to mention my teeth embarrass me . I don't even like going outside my house anymore :( What do we have to do to get the shows attention? Can anyone tell me what direction to go to find where the applications are because that would be a blessing not just only to me but the rest of the world too. I need my teeth done my tummy tucked I need to shed my weight and my nose needs to be shorten and the wrinkles from my face I want gone. I have thunder thighs and the flab on my arms could make me fly. Please someone help.
  • Please bring it back... Its the only hope that some of us have

    This was a great show, I think you show renew it. I think you should let me have an extreme makeover, I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing this old me looking back at me. I'd love to have my neck and around my eyes, and my redone. Your most people only hope... Maybe my boobs redone...You benefited so many people, why let a few ruin it for the rest. This time make it a ship cruise extreme makeover. I know more would love to have this show to restart up. So give it a good thought. thank you
  • hi there i think the guys on extreme makeover home edition do a fantastic job and i wish that i can do a job like that in south africa but unfortunately i dont have the money to help people here.

    i would be greatful is home edition could come over to south africa and help me help people who are less fortunate that would love to have a home and cannot afford it. I have used up all the money i have to help children less fortunate than i have to put roofs over there heads and my husband says that i should not help people that i should help out my family.yes he is right but there are children that are living on the streetsa and they want just to have a roof over there heads in the winter
  • a turtle needs a home too

    i think the turtleman call of the wildman on animal planet has a shack for a home he has now shower god now what the inside of his house looks like but he does so much for people and i think he needs this so bad well this is what i strongly believe in God Bless lewis woolsey
  • a single mother with no hope

    i am 26 years old single mother , with 1 year old baby girl , i have never been in a holiday because of my appearance and the way i look i have lost hope confidence and many more. since i had my daughter i am scared to go out and i cover my stomach and my body because i feel very disgusting. i used to have a long hair but now i look like an old women with no chance. i wish i could get my sexy body back again. i would love to be chosen thank you.
  • necesito de su ayuda por favor

    hola soy noelia de argentina vivo en mar del plata con mis dos hijos y mi pareja los dos tenemos pensiones por discapacidad mi pareja no consigue trabajo y nuestra casa tiene mucha humedad y le faltan muchas cosas quisieramos su ayuda somos de mar del plata mi cel es 02235713502 desde ya muchas gracias muy bueno el programa .
  • my mum needs help!

    i am 12 and my mum is 38. i realy want to help my mum be the person she used to be, when i was born she was in a very abusive relationship that changed her she was abused and still has the scars, she had to try protect me and herself. that made her lose trust in men she has been hurt and used by friends and has lost trust in all people her family wasnt there to help her wich made her stressed and when she finally tryed to start new she ended up in another bad relationship she has been attacked and that stoped her going out she feels depressed and hates people seeing her the way she is she is single and sais that she will always be single and alone she has no confidence and has gained weight that she cant handle i dont even know how she got to her size so fast its hard for her to lose the weight because of her knees and her bad back she cant handle going into puplic places and being seen she has a mental illness that started since the abuse she gets upset when she goes to get dressed because she doesnt have many nice or tidy clothes she struggles with going out even just to the shops every day she puts on make up because she hates seening herself without it even if she isnt going anywhere, she sais she hasnt got many good friends because she has been hurt so much and the few she is friends with ask her to go out with them but she doesnt coz she feels to bad about herself we have a spare room with all my mums old clothes that useed to fit her but she never goes in there coz it upsets her and she has no social life because she is to stressed and has been hurt so much in so many different ways that it has made her ill, it makes me sad to see my mum so sad and not the happy person she used to be and to hear her talking bout how she will always be alone and how sad she feels i want to help her and to be able to see my mum out with her friends and to be able to have a social life i would love to just have her be happy and feel good about herself for once and it would do so much for her and me i realy wish i could help her but i just dont know how but she has always watched exereme makeover and i hear her saying that she wishes that she could be luckey enough to have that happen to her she only wants to be able to feel confident around people again and she has told me the only thing that keeps her going is me and i would love to be able to do her this one special thing for her coz i know it would be a dream come true for her. i know that alot of bad things have happend to my mum and alot i havent been told about some things have been so bad that she doesnt realy speak of it and its upseting coz she realy does try her best to make a difference there is just to much to explain that if i were to tell you everything it would be paiges of badluck and pain, she is mentaly and physicaly handycaped that it makes everything so much harder she was 8 stone and has put on another 8 stone hes has tryed to lose the weight but it just gets worse we went to a gym earlyer and it was hard for her to be able to walk in and as soon as she saw men she lost it with herself and could not handle the fact that there could be someone looking at her she hates being around people coz she is not mentaly stable enough to cope with the stress we dont have enough money to bye something to help her lose the weight coz she rather put me first. things that you find easy like going to the shop being around people my mum finds dificult she stays in hiding herself away she spends her birthday alone because she just has nothing nice to do she only goes out when she has to, her parents try to help her but nothing realy helps her and i know that this is my only chance to make her happy and to actually help her, if you can think of all the bad things that happen to people its all happend to her. she sais she will never be picked anyway so im trying to prove her wrong and do this for her coz i know this is her dream for something to finally go right in her life. and its not right to have my mum say she hopes i dont turn out like her its not right for anyone i dont think anything more can go wrong for my mum i just want to make her wish come true. from Angel x
  • I appreciate that this show helps people feel better about themselves and encourages them to have a better quality of life, but what really concerns me about this show is how many are left behind.

    Consider ways to make these opportunities available to people like my mom, who really is a super mom, and beautiful to me and my dad, but never to herself. She used to be in the army, where she met my dad, and she is such a strong person, but she hates the way she looks. It's people like this you should help--those who just want to feel ok about themselves, not people who want bigger breasts or silly things like that. My mom cries when she watches this show because she wishes she could afford this kind of help, but it isn't even remotely realistic for a mother of five married to a great man, but a meager state patrolman's income. She gives up everything for us, and now that she has gone back to school at 36 to finish her degree things are even harder than ever and wishful thinking shows like this don't help her feel better about herself. I wish there was a way for normal, everyday country people like my mom to receive the benefits of a show like this--I can't imagine how it could change their lives.
  • People go from ugly to attractive on this show

    This show can be disgusting when they show the part where they might say get their teeth straightened, or LASIK done. I think it's okay when they do their hair. That's NOT gross. I woudn't say they are knockouts after their makover is done. I really need a makeover too.
  • homes distroyed

    I was watching your show, several times. But could not watch you destroy some homes that were nice. nice homes that could have been given to someone who could have lived in them... I live in a OLD HOUSE THAT IS MIDDLE OF A COW PASTURE. WITH RATS, MICE,RATTLE SNAKES. NO level floors, outside boards are falling off. WE RENT. I want a decent place to live. I am 62 and I am afraid of falling like I have several times. I like to see people helped. IT IS A GREAT SHOW TO HELP OTHERS. But to destroy GOOD HOMES IS A CRIME when there are people who could live in them... I lost my job to India 2009 and I WANT TO WORK but can't find a job. I know people who are still loosing their jobs to India because this country WON'T STOP SENDING OUR JOBS OVER SEAS... IT IS A GREAT THING YOU DO IN HELPING THOSE WHO NEED IT for what ever reason that makes a GREAT SHOW FOR WHAT REASONS....
  • The last show i was able to see was the one were the girl wrote in about her ready to change her face to lip problem that she was born with, when she was done she didn't even look like the same person she was beautiful and bet shes feels the same now

    I feel like extreme makeover touches peoples lives as well as hearts not just to the people receiving the makeovers by also to the people who are watching. In life that is really what matters. This show takes curtain things about people things that they don't like about there selves and changes them by the makeover. This boost their confidence as well as there self esteem. Thats excellent and it's a T.V show that is positive witch is hard to come by these days. If I had the address I would probably try to enter my mom shes real down on her self she's been single since my father past away 12 years but to me she looks good for 52.
  • I need a makeover

    hi people . please i would need your help to change me , your are my last hope . how can i contact with you???
  • Grandmother apprecation

    Hello I live in Statesboro, ga I am not use to expressing my feelings because I have been through a lot having a tumor before but this isn't about me it is about what my grandmother has done and how I want to thank her for what she done for this county and people lives in general. My name is Demetrius Reddick I am 20 years old been in and out of my grandmother's house all my life. my grandmother name is Deloris Reddick she is a baker, mother, nanny, and a all around hard worker throughout her whole life. My grandmother is the nicest ,sweetest ,most kindest and caring person you could ever meet. My grandmother worked at Georgia Southern University for forty years straight to feed not only her three kids but also grand kids and great grand kids as well. She has been honored at Gsu for baking the best cakes and other sweets for them. Even though she worked there before she worked side jobs as well she cleaned houses for people for little of nothing. She had good connection with theses people and there families. She would make money anyway she could but when she got home in stead of feeding or tending to her self, she would give her first and last to one of us I have three sisters I'm the only boy and third oldest my little sister Amber stayed in and out of jail my grandmother took care of her kids my other sister kids just for them to do whatever they wanted to do she always wanted her dream kitchen but never could finish or even start the way she wanted. The wife of a deceased husband/pastor breaking her back to take care of kids that isn't even hers. She raised us more then our mother we call our grandmother mama instead of grandma because we know how she took her time and money to help should be her time to finally rest in her worry free dream house in peace. I'm sorry this message is all over the place but I really love my grandmother and i would do any thing to see a smile on her face again, she means so much to me and many people. I just want her to know deep down inside her heart that we love her because she cant even get her teeth finished or eat right because she wants to help so much. I feel deep in my heart this will let her know how much she is really loved.

    - Thank you, Demetrius Reddick
  • I don't beleive that an extreme makeover would make me look any better as I think its an impossible task and I challenge the extreme makeover team to prove me wrong.

    I am a 37 nearly 38 year old woman. I was the short fat ginger one at school with a bowl cut, glasses and a lisp and I was bullied about everything. I now have high lighted hair so people do not know I am ginger. I love exercise and keep myself fit but I have a pregnancy lip tummy covered in loose skin and stretch marks I have stretch marks and cellulite on my legs and loose skin and I still feel like the girl at school inside. I believe that beauty is within but when you have been made to feel ugly for so long the beauty on the inside shrivels. I would love to know how it feels to feel beautiful and not to feel ashamed when wearing a bathing costume and I would love to feel sexy naked in front of my husband. I had my son when I was 20 and I cannot remember what a normal stomach feels like. If only dreams could come true.
  • Extreme Makeover

    Extreme Makeover This is a story about a three children family .The mother of the three children had died after she gave birth to the little child . This is really a disaster to the family .Their father took care of all the children .He love her so deep .In every corner of the house they missed their mother ! Then the Extreme Makeover got there to give the children and father a big surprise .The family had a journey during the Extreme Makeover made the surprise . The Extreme Makeover destoried the old house and made a new one .The want to destory the old things and have a new start !The house has a window in the top of the house ,it meams their mother is looking the children in the heaven .And in the second floor,there are three windows ,it meams the three children missing their mother .That is really moving !

    Everything in the house are very good .They all designed in everyone in the family's interesting .When the project was over the family had a big smile.This meams they really succeed.I think the Extreme Makeover had done a good job,it made us know that the society is filled with love ,That's why the program is loved by so many people .I think they really have intelligent minds in both charity and buisiness.I think they will more and more prosperous!
  • Never been more than me! I wanna feel and look beautiful!

    I am a mother of 5. My husband never notices me, its always about him. I wish I could turn him on. No luck this far, not even with a . I just want him to want me.
  • Extreme makeover.

    I wish you would bring the show back. It gave so many hope when they thought they had none. I personally have issues that an extreme team could probably fix. I have seen you do some amazing things to help people with all different kinds of things. Some things they were born with that thanks to you were finally able to be free of. I am sure that I speak for many that wish you would bring the show back and give all of us a little HOPE. I hope who ever needs to read this does so. Thank you.
  • Well I don't know if this is a complete waste of time or not, but I thought I would at least give it a try, for my mother who has done everything for everyone else and deserves something in return for a change.

    So here I am pleading with you all to help my mother get an extreme makeover. I know you probably have millions of people wanting to be on your show a day or wanting your help, and i am one of those people who are asking for some help. I am asking for you all to maybe help my mother out. She has 4 children that she has devoted her life to. She spent the last 24 years providing for her children and she's lost site of helping herself out or taking care of herself. Now, she's very depressed all of the time, she never wants to do anything because she's embarrassed with the way she looks. She went from being on the top of the word with her confindence level to being at the bottom of the barrel. My mother means the world to me and I want to see her happy again. I want her to be able to do the things that she only dreams about doing , anymore. Please ,Please help me in being able to help my mom out with this wonderful gift, and make her dreams come true. We would all be forever grateful for it. Thank you, for taking the time to listen to me.~ashley~
  • I am over weight, lost in fat, and tired of seeing my babies enjoy everybody else.I want help to look good and feel good, Please consider me for the next makeover,I would love to feel beatiful. I would also love to feel ok to do cartwheels with my girls.

    I am 26 have had 4 children, and 3 of them were c- sections.I am scared of seeing me in the mirror, and scared of seeing me in the shower. I am 225 and only 5 ft 9 in,,, i am over my right size. I need help my babies are young and full of energy, i sit on the sidelines and watch them play with everyone else. I am not rich and can not afford the surgery, and being on widdows income does not allow for me to get any help, so i am not only putting myself up for rejection, but i am screaming for someone to HELP me.
  • Almost forgotten: Earthquake and tsunami - 3 years later

    Hello, we are a small Baptist church in one of the cities hardest hit by the earthquake and tsumami in Chile in February 2010. Unfortunately our temple was severely damaged and had to be demolished. Currently we gathered in a hall that does not allow access to the elderly and people with special needs. My husband and I are from Brazil and came here to help the Chilean people, leaving our 3 daughters in that country, but those two years we were here, the resources have been scarce and we could not do more than remove the debris from the ground . Please come to Chile and help us build a temple to our congregation. We trust in God and hope that He brings them up here.

    Primera Iglesia Bautista de Talcahuano - Chile

  • Looking for information on entering a contest for ....

    Extreme Makeover ... (for body)

    I was excited to hear that there still was a possibility to enter contests that a person could be made over from head to toe! I so liked and believed in the things that this show was doing for both women and men that had issues concerning appearances, that seemed to be effecting the emotional parts of life, .. namely depression. And due to lack of money or support have not been able to take steps in order to change the current situation for themselves. If there is still is a place where a person could find out more information concerning contests, for this particular subject, I would appreciate if you would direct me in the direction i need to go.
  • My name is Abby and I really want my mom to go onto this show. She really deserves an extreme makeover. She does everything for my sister and I and she deserves this in return.....

    (continueing from summary) She works all the time, trying to get the money to buy my sister and I what we want and leaves no time or any money for herself. I believe that after having 3 children, and being 48 years old, my mother should get an extreme makeover to boost her self confidence and make her feel beautiful again! :) If my mom got the chance to be on this show, it would change her life. I believe she would be much happier with herself and her life if she had a little help from the Extreme Makeover team! I love this show, it is very influencial, in the way that someone can turn themselves around and feel young and beautiful again. It is amazing what the people go in looking like and come out looking like.
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