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  • Extreme Makeover Help

    My Lead Technician at work is a Disbeled Veteran who is the primary breadwinner in her home has a small child /4yrs at home and another child that is a College Student.

    We work on a Military Installation supporting our troops daily. My Lead is dealing with and has overcome many adversities during her Military career as well as after the Military. Because she has a tight schedule and is constantly and always committed to one task or another at work and at home, she has allowed herself to move out of the Fashion light! She wears jeans, khakis, t-shirts, hard toe shoes for the most part daily. She very rarely gets to go out to enjoy herself with her mate or with the girls for a nite out of fun! Normally, her hair styles are just basic with little to the imagination. I would like to see her get a chance to get all dolled up and strut her stuff on a nite or some nites out occasionally. I believe and feel that anyone who receives your Extreme makeover has allowed themselves to explore some of the many facets that are and have been hidden. If you could allow my Lead to receive one of your makeovers, I believ this would not only boost her confidence in her daily walk, but would allow her to experience some of the joys that have been missing in her life for many years. I feel this opportunity would also bring new adventures and attractions in her personal relationships. This Veteran is also a spokeperson for the Source America and the Ability One Programs for Disabled Persons and Disabled Veterans providing Disabled Veterans and Disabled persons the opportunities to obtain and maintain gainful employment. She also makes visits on Capital Hill / before Congress. This would do wonders in the advancement of this Veteran in her Professional and Personal Life!!! Please Help! Thank you

    Michael Brown


  • Loved extreme makeover, is there a show like it that might be taking on new candidates?


    Im 25 years, a mother, wife and student. I watched extreme makeover when it just aired and continued to follow it. Have always wanted to be one of those lucky people. I suffer with insecurities,due to my appearance and would like to know if they'll be airing again. If not if there's a show like it and how could sign up for? Thanks :)

  • i want to know...

    Hello to all!

    I want to know how i can be transformed at Extreme Makeover ?
    I see every day the show on a romanian chanell and i wish look well with "Extreme Makeover" help.'
    How is make it the selection, wich criteria, how much cost .....
    I live in Romania, Bucharest city .. and i don`t know if the show is available for Europe and my country too.
    If it is please someone give me the information how i can be transformed by Extreme Makeover and in witch conditions.
    After i see some of Extreme Makeover at TV, i really want be other person .... Hope have an answer soon!
    All the best Sincerly y`rs Sorin
  • Calling All Angels

    HI Ty, I have watched you for years and I have always been so touched by your kindness for others. I know you reach out to special needs children and this is why I am writing this letter to you in hopes it will reach you by some miracle this is at least my 8th letter to you, but this time i am sending it to you on the wings of an angle and his name is Isaiah.

    Isaiah is my grandson, he is a special needs little man... he was born with mitts, all his fingers where fused together, he has had some surgeries to separate them at shiners children's hospital, he also has skin lacing, heart problems, kidney and lung problems, autism, focal seizures, and non verbal. Isaiah has to be in a temp of 68 -72 or he passes out. I am writing you in hopes you can help me build a indoor play ground for him, I am not asking you to pay for it but to design and build it, I have managed to save a little money up over the past couple of years, i have 4,700 I know its not a lot but its all I have, this summer was so sad that I just cried when i walked into my little mans bdrm and he was looking out the window at his sisters and the little boys next to me playing on the swing-set and he was crying, i asked him what was wrong and he singed to me that he wanted to go out side and play, I just held him and cried with him and told him it was to hot for him outside but we could play inside, how do you tell a 5 year old he can not play out side when the other kids are.

    i own my home and was thinking there must be away to build a indoor play ground for him, the house is 2500 sq feet and i have a large garage maybe i could use that or i have a very large bdrm I am willing to give up.

    i lost my husband a few years ago and have raised my 5 girls on my own with out any help until 4 years ago when a car ran a stop sing at 57 miles per hour and t boned me and I had to have my leg until then i always had 2 or 3 jobs and due to the surgeries i am still unable to work but i have managed to put a little money to the side for a new van but i think this is more important right now, if you could find it in your busy life to help us i would be forever grateful to you.

    from a grand mothers heart. 815 -719-9918

    dec, 10 2015

    Kary Lampman Klobertanz

    Kary Lampman Klobertanz

    If anyone out there gets a glitz of this please pass it on to Ty.
  • Bring it back. Extreme Makeover gives us ugly duckling a chance to feel better about ourselves and love not only our insides but finally feel comfortable with our outsides as well.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Amazing fun and uplifting. Extreme Makeover is a way to help a person love everything about themselves. Me for instance loves my personality but my outsides dont match my insides. This show gives people like me a chance to be able to be a full package and feel comfortable in our skin again. I give this show five hundred thousand thumbs up! So please bring this uplifting program back. As for the lawsuit, people should know what they are getting themselves into when they enter a show like this. I truly believe that it is called Extreme for a reason. If you are not in the mental state to handle it dont apply. I still think that it is a great show!
  • Kauffmans need help for Little Marcuslee

    I know of a family that needs help and no matter how hard I try brick walls keep getting in the way. Our first thought was to build them a home and setup a go fund me account under Marcuslee and so far no luck. I have contacted everyone and tv personality I know for help. We are hoping maybe you can pull a few strings and help us build Marcus Lee and his family a home. They have the plans and a lot that they can trade for. We know we could build it from bottom to top for two hundred thousand with materials and us doing most of the labor. But we need help. We cannot even start without help. At this point we are at a loss and need your help. Please visit a houseformarcuslee, prayersformarcuslee and marcuslee on facebook and read his story and also visit the go fund me site marcus lee. It tells the story, our goals and ideas. Please help us as just to give you an idea of what the Kauffmans have endured they lost their farm due to medical bills a couple years after getting hit by a tornado. Marcus as I write this is at St Louis Childrens Hospital in PICU due to pneumonia, a rash, trachieitis and Rhino Virus. Please call Darlene at 417 356 0140 the Mom after you read the story and see how you can help. Just getting the word out will help as well to raise funds. Please help this family
  • Higgins Family

    Hi Im Carl Oxereok . My mom has 4 kids that she takes care of 6 kids all together that continue to go back and forth. My mom continues to take care of all her kids and grandkids all though all she can afford is a run down 2 bedroom apartment on the bottom floor, don't get me wrong she tries and works her fingers to the bone. she goes to food banks all the time just so we can eat, and we are greatful, she pays 800 a month for a 2 bedroom for a really big family. I was just wondering if someone can help my mom by giving her a break may be a nice diner or something for herself. she has no help as 2 of our dads are passed on. now she's forced to work very hard and sacrifice for her family just to give us the best she possibly can. Now we would like to get my mom some help. Never hurts to try thanks for listening 907-830-5497
  • The only thing I have ever asked for !!!

    This is the only thing I have ever asked for, and this is hard. But I know sometimes that one has to humble themselves and put your pride aside. Here goes, I have been through a lot but I am still here by the grace of GOD, and for that I am GRATEFUL. I would love to be chosen for an EXTREME MAKEOVER. If I am chosen for a makeover I would be so GRATEFUL and would never ask for anything else in my life, because everything else I could make happen on my own after that. PLEASE consider me as one of your MAKEOVER contestants, I would be so GRATEFUL. By GODS GRACE, Gail
  • help me plese

    dear extreme makeover,

    Hi my name is Rachel Campbell I am 15 years old. I was taken away from my mother a year in a half ago and I have been living with my aunt ever sence. My sister and i have been through a lot of hard times, my mom has now abandoned us and were lucky enough to have my aunt. Her husband died of a heart attack 11 years ago, sence then she has raised three kids of her own and now she is raising me and my sister. She has a lot of health problems, she has had heart surgery and back surgery. She has done a lot for me and my sister even though she has a lot of health problems. she has also helped a lot of people. she is helping my cousin matty get through college by letting him live here, because his dad passed away from pnumonia last year. i am writing this lettter because i was hoping to do something really nice for her. our house is falling apart literally the ceiling has fallin in in my aunts room and it is starting to go through the hallway. our stove is no longer working, mold is building up in certain places. our driveway has holes in it. paint is chippping off the house and we barely have a backyard its all dead and our patio floods constantly and is now turning into algae. there are 7 people in our house and 1 cat, 2 dogs. we live in a 4 bedroom house. the dogs are always inside because there is no where for them to play. it would be so awesome if you guys can help us out we have been through a lot and i want to show my aunt that im very thankful. Our adress is 23049 cerca dr. santa clarita,CA. 91354. if u wish to call my aunt number is (661) 373-7914
  • I miss the show but watch all the reruns. I just wish you'd bring it back!!!

    What was so special about Extreme Makeover was the emotion that ran through when first: The contestants first saw themselves and second: When the contestants family and friends first saw them. It made a person want to cry because of their overwhelming joy. The transformations were incredible. Changes beyond the contestants expectation took place before their very eyes. When viewers can't take their eyes off the set because they are afraid of missing the big "Reveal" you have to know you have a great show. The show was very professionally done and the crew was great to watch as well. What a shame it's gone.
  • Hi,

    Hi, I am the new member, I miss this program i never see some show like this before, please let me see it again PLEASE. I watch other programs but not one is like Extreme Makeover. Sorry i don't have good English, i am Spanish but im trying only for Extreme Makeover, This program make you fell like really you can change now the doctor can do everything, if you work hard you can lose punts, this program give us i lot of tips to how look better, nothing is imposible if you really want to do something in this life. Thanks for give me this change to leave mi message and I'll be waiting to see this program again.
  • This show had a good cause and helped many people and will always be missed!!

    I really think that this show had a great cause. There are people who struggle emotionally cause there is something off about them. They hurt in everyday life with all relationships. The way they veiw themselves hinders them with the way that they approach the world. This show eliminated the cause of those problems. Maybe if we could have went a little deeper in seeing how there lives were being lived after returning to their everyday life then maybe the show might of had a little bit more of umph, but I was satisfied with it. I loved it and it gave me hope. Just thinking that maybe that could be me on that show! Maybe I could get that chance. This show will always be missed! I'm sure there are plenty more people out there who feel the same as I do. Maybe this show will return someday though. Maybe with more of a mission than before to provide even more than what they did before to help change lives. They've already given enough. But, for us extreme makeover lovers we can only hope that some excuse might arise for them to bring the show back.
  • inspiring and motivating

    i myself have always wanted the chance to have a full blown makeover and for several reasons, yet cannot afford it. before having my daughter i was self-confident and pretty secure with myself. now i have made a huge turn around. i feel like i lost my confidence and became insecure about my appearance and well my wardrobe. i am not depressed by any means, but i will admit that it has consumed a better portion of my everyday life. things that were insignificant to me before are the most important to me now. my teeth, my breasts or lack of, my hair, my wardrobe and most importantly my lack of confidence and the way it's made me become insecure. i wish i had the chance to re boost my self-confidence with an extreme makeover that i could only; dream of having. i know with this opportunity i will become secure and comfortable in my own skin again. i will then have the confidence to aim and succeed in other areas of my long term goals. i have struggled to be where i am today and well i am grateful for the speed bumps i have overcome, they have made me strong and gave me the ability to be who i am and appreciate it. now i am looking to overcome yet another negative impact and ask for your hand in helping me to accomplish my goal. please respond i appreciate your time spent reading my letter of hope!
  • I love your show...you truely do make miracles happen. I hope that when you read my review you can make a miracle happen for me!

    I have seen many miracles on your show. I have suffered with depression and battled with my weight for some years. I've now lost most of the weight, but struggle with the many flaws left behind. The flabby arms, horrible skin on my face, the mole on my nose that I've always been teased about,my shrunken,small, saggy, breasts and flab stomache. I dont even leave my home much anymore. I'm not attractive to men. My ex told me he wouldnt marry me becuase I was too fat. I've had to wear glasses since I was a kid and I just hate it. They make me feel like an unattractive geek! I once was 230lbs and in a severe clinical depression. My Doctors have worked with me on the depression, but have told me I have self esteem issues or rather I have no self esteem! Physically I hate what I see in the mirror and try to avoid looking in them. I did loose a lot of weight and am down to about 157-160 lbs, but my goal is 140lbs. I cant tone-up this flabby gross skin. I have suffered many losses over the past year, and am so tired of being alone. I just want to feel beautiful and loved by somebody! I want and need to look in the mirror and love the person thats staring back at me, and right now I dont like that person at all. I'm a single mom with two kids that suffer because of me not leaving my home and not ever doing anything or having a life. Theres so much to tell, 255 words cant do it.I dont want you to help me get my old life back.I'm asking you to please help me start a new one! Sincerely, and thanking you for your time.
  • hello our names are charissa, declyn and andrew and we are writing this review to get our mum and extreme makeover and make her dream come true

    my mum is beautiful but she doesnt think that. she has been through alot in her life. she had cancer 6 years ago and ever since then she has not been herself she has had trouble with her weight but whatever she does nothing happens. she has been wanting a makeover for years and lately she has been really down and upset because she thinks she is ugly. we hate seeing our mother like this and we want the mum that we had before the cancer back. its really hard when we see her crying and we want that to change. by giving her her dream of having an extreme makeover
  • My mom needs an extreme makeover It hurts me that she cant stand looking at her self shes always trying to lose weight even though she looks beautiful she is a single mom who has alaways supported us even if it took all her time and money to do it ......

    she really needs this it would bring her back to life again and stop worring about what other people think about her shes scared nto show her teeth so she never smiles..and well i miss that..shes beautiful but if you guys were to help this would change how she looks at her self and maybe she'll have more confidenice to smile and stop trying do hard to lose weight .......PLEASE if there is anything you can do please help......
  • la realidad

    Hola mi nombre es Daniela, soy de Argentina, debido a como esta el Pais hoy en dia, queria saber que posibilidades tenemos de tener nuestra propia casa (suena alocado), se el trabajo que ustedes hacen, que es reconstruir, nosotros terreno no tenemos, pero estamos alquilando., y debido a la situacion que nos encontramos aca, pensabamos en la idea de que ustedes nos construyan una casa y nosotros pagarselas por mes como si fuera un alquiler....se que es raro lo que les planteo, pero es un probabilidad que me queda, ya que la situacion como les repito esta muy complicada para que una familia tenga su casa, sin mas que decir, espero respuestas... desde ya muchas gracias
  • I need a miracle and a blessing from God!

    I am a 19 year old girl trapped in what looks tbe a 28 year old body. I was pregnant last year and was so happy but lost my precious baby the day after I graduated from High School. Every time I look in the mirror it is a constant reminder if my loss and my gain. I lost my baby but gained weight, loose skin, broken heart, and etc...I hate this body I'm in...I want to be able to love myself and I want to be able to stop pointing out my flaws and regain my life. My hole life I was made fun of because growing up in a poor family I didn't have nice clothes and such and my teeth are bad and I was constantly crying because I hated myself because of the way I look...I want to love myself and to start over with a new life in a new body...I really pray for an extreme makeover because I need this to live and to love!
  • Looking for information on entering a contest for ....

    Extreme Makeover ... (for body)

    I was excited to hear that there still was a possibility to enter contests that a person could be made over from head to toe! I so liked and believed in the things that this show was doing for both women and men that had issues concerning appearances, that seemed to be effecting the emotional parts of life, .. namely depression. And due to lack of money or support have not been able to take steps in order to change the current situation for themselves. If there is still is a place where a person could find out more information concerning contests, for this particular subject, I would appreciate if you would direct me in the direction i need to go.
  • Extreme makeover.

    I wish you would bring the show back. It gave so many hope when they thought they had none. I personally have issues that an extreme team could probably fix. I have seen you do some amazing things to help people with all different kinds of things. Some things they were born with that thanks to you were finally able to be free of. I am sure that I speak for many that wish you would bring the show back and give all of us a little HOPE. I hope who ever needs to read this does so. Thank you.
  • Grandmother apprecation

    Hello I live in Statesboro, ga I am not use to expressing my feelings because I have been through a lot having a tumor before but this isn't about me it is about what my grandmother has done and how I want to thank her for what she done for this county and people lives in general. My name is Demetrius Reddick I am 20 years old been in and out of my grandmother's house all my life. my grandmother name is Deloris Reddick she is a baker, mother, nanny, and a all around hard worker throughout her whole life. My grandmother is the nicest ,sweetest ,most kindest and caring person you could ever meet. My grandmother worked at Georgia Southern University for forty years straight to feed not only her three kids but also grand kids and great grand kids as well. She has been honored at Gsu for baking the best cakes and other sweets for them. Even though she worked there before she worked side jobs as well she cleaned houses for people for little of nothing. She had good connection with theses people and there families. She would make money anyway she could but when she got home in stead of feeding or tending to her self, she would give her first and last to one of us I have three sisters I'm the only boy and third oldest my little sister Amber stayed in and out of jail my grandmother took care of her kids my other sister kids just for them to do whatever they wanted to do she always wanted her dream kitchen but never could finish or even start the way she wanted. The wife of a deceased husband/pastor breaking her back to take care of kids that isn't even hers. She raised us more then our mother we call our grandmother mama instead of grandma because we know how she took her time and money to help should be her time to finally rest in her worry free dream house in peace. I'm sorry this message is all over the place but I really love my grandmother and i would do any thing to see a smile on her face again, she means so much to me and many people. I just want her to know deep down inside her heart that we love her because she cant even get her teeth finished or eat right because she wants to help so much. I feel deep in my heart this will let her know how much she is really loved.

    - Thank you, Demetrius Reddick
  • I appreciate that this show helps people feel better about themselves and encourages them to have a better quality of life, but what really concerns me about this show is how many are left behind.

    Consider ways to make these opportunities available to people like my mom, who really is a super mom, and beautiful to me and my dad, but never to herself. She used to be in the army, where she met my dad, and she is such a strong person, but she hates the way she looks. It's people like this you should help--those who just want to feel ok about themselves, not people who want bigger breasts or silly things like that. My mom cries when she watches this show because she wishes she could afford this kind of help, but it isn't even remotely realistic for a mother of five married to a great man, but a meager state patrolman's income. She gives up everything for us, and now that she has gone back to school at 36 to finish her degree things are even harder than ever and wishful thinking shows like this don't help her feel better about herself. I wish there was a way for normal, everyday country people like my mom to receive the benefits of a show like this--I can't imagine how it could change their lives.
  • necesito de su ayuda por favor

    hola soy noelia de argentina vivo en mar del plata con mis dos hijos y mi pareja los dos tenemos pensiones por discapacidad mi pareja no consigue trabajo y nuestra casa tiene mucha humedad y le faltan muchas cosas quisieramos su ayuda somos de mar del plata mi cel es 02235713502 desde ya muchas gracias muy bueno el programa .
  • my mum needs help!

    i am 12 and my mum is 38. i realy want to help my mum be the person she used to be, when i was born she was in a very abusive relationship that changed her she was abused and still has the scars, she had to try protect me and herself. that made her lose trust in men she has been hurt and used by friends and has lost trust in all people her family wasnt there to help her wich made her stressed and when she finally tryed to start new she ended up in another bad relationship she has been attacked and that stoped her going out she feels depressed and hates people seeing her the way she is she is single and sais that she will always be single and alone she has no confidence and has gained weight that she cant handle i dont even know how she got to her size so fast its hard for her to lose the weight because of her knees and her bad back she cant handle going into puplic places and being seen she has a mental illness that started since the abuse she gets upset when she goes to get dressed because she doesnt have many nice or tidy clothes she struggles with going out even just to the shops every day she puts on make up because she hates seening herself without it even if she isnt going anywhere, she sais she hasnt got many good friends because she has been hurt so much and the few she is friends with ask her to go out with them but she doesnt coz she feels to bad about herself we have a spare room with all my mums old clothes that useed to fit her but she never goes in there coz it upsets her and she has no social life because she is to stressed and has been hurt so much in so many different ways that it has made her ill, it makes me sad to see my mum so sad and not the happy person she used to be and to hear her talking bout how she will always be alone and how sad she feels i want to help her and to be able to see my mum out with her friends and to be able to have a social life i would love to just have her be happy and feel good about herself for once and it would do so much for her and me i realy wish i could help her but i just dont know how but she has always watched exereme makeover and i hear her saying that she wishes that she could be luckey enough to have that happen to her she only wants to be able to feel confident around people again and she has told me the only thing that keeps her going is me and i would love to be able to do her this one special thing for her coz i know it would be a dream come true for her. i know that alot of bad things have happend to my mum and alot i havent been told about some things have been so bad that she doesnt realy speak of it and its upseting coz she realy does try her best to make a difference there is just to much to explain that if i were to tell you everything it would be paiges of badluck and pain, she is mentaly and physicaly handycaped that it makes everything so much harder she was 8 stone and has put on another 8 stone hes has tryed to lose the weight but it just gets worse we went to a gym earlyer and it was hard for her to be able to walk in and as soon as she saw men she lost it with herself and could not handle the fact that there could be someone looking at her she hates being around people coz she is not mentaly stable enough to cope with the stress we dont have enough money to bye something to help her lose the weight coz she rather put me first. things that you find easy like going to the shop being around people my mum finds dificult she stays in hiding herself away she spends her birthday alone because she just has nothing nice to do she only goes out when she has to, her parents try to help her but nothing realy helps her and i know that this is my only chance to make her happy and to actually help her, if you can think of all the bad things that happen to people its all happend to her. she sais she will never be picked anyway so im trying to prove her wrong and do this for her coz i know this is her dream for something to finally go right in her life. and its not right to have my mum say she hopes i dont turn out like her its not right for anyone i dont think anything more can go wrong for my mum i just want to make her wish come true. from Angel x
  • Please bring it back... Its the only hope that some of us have

    This was a great show, I think you show renew it. I think you should let me have an extreme makeover, I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing this old me looking back at me. I'd love to have my neck and around my eyes, and my redone. Your most people only hope... Maybe my boobs redone...You benefited so many people, why let a few ruin it for the rest. This time make it a ship cruise extreme makeover. I know more would love to have this show to restart up. So give it a good thought. thank you
  • I need an extreme makeover ( PLEASE!!!!)

    Please bring extreme makeover back on I need an extreme makeover so very urgently. I want to feel good about myself again. I have tried but i just need so much and i have no means to the end.
  • my name is natalie and iam 25 years of age my telephone number is 01206 531946 i have 18 teeth missing because when i lost my milk teeth there was none up there to come through i am very very depressed being such a young age and need help.

    my name is natalie and im 25 years of age and have 18 teeth missing due to them not being there after my milk teeth fell out please please help me . being so young its affecting my whole life and im now at the point i wont even take my 7 month old son out so he is suffering for this i dont understand how i had no teeth to come through after i lost my first ones im incredably depressed over this and feel that without something being done i have no chance of living a propper life with my son and meeting someone to settle down with. please please help me i dont know what else to do about this and my dentist gave me a plate but that snapped all i do is cry over this its getting to much now especially only being 25 years of age. my number is 01206531946 if anybody out there can help me.
  • Annette Dodson age 15 need help plz

    I love your show and I watch it all the time . I live with my mom and her boyfriend and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters and one sister on the way. My dad past away 6 years ago and I just lost my grandma That was every thing to me . all I have is my mom and brothers and sisters. We live in quick city mo . Will you help my mom and fix up are house. When I go pee and take a bath I am afraid that I fall through the floor and fall in the well we have under are bathroom floor . We have to us a tote to take a bath because are shower don't work, We have a big hole in are bathroom wall. We have blake mole in the house. The kitchen floor is falling in. My bedroom floor is falling in to and all are windows are broke in the house and we have a wood stove and no wood . Plz help us I don't have no one and We been staying at my Grandma's and she kicking out all we can do is go back home. I don't what to be taken away from my family plz help me. My phone number is 6202152030 or email me at you are all I can thank that will help we have to be out of here by the end of next mouth . Please help me and my family .
  • Death of their 2 teenage sons, breaks my heart, they need your help more then anything EXTREME MAKEOVER


    Family of Strathcona County teens killed in crash suffering in broken down home 1

    By Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Sun

    First posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014 04:11 PM MDT | Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2014 04:40 PM MDT

    Dalin Torresan, Dean Torresan, and Logan Torresan

    (left to right) Dalin Torresan, Dean Torresan, and Logan Torresan pose for a photo at their family home east of Edmonton, Friday July 6, 2012. The three were preparing to attend the Armwrestling World Championship in Brazil. Logan, 14, and Dalin, 17, were killed July, 2013, when their car was hit by a pickup truck one kilometre north of their house on Highway 16 and Range Road 213 east of Edmonton. (DAVID BLOOM EDMONTON SUN FILE)

    I read this article that was submitted on Facebook, I cant imagine what its like to loose a child, let alone two. This family truly needs you help. Please read this article and take into deep consideration in helping them.

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    Mourners remember Edmonton-area brothers killed in Monday crash

    Strathcona County crash leaves two brothers dead at Range Road 213 and Highway 16

    Carole Torresan rarely leaves the house that she fixed up with her two teenage sons who were killed together in a road collision last year.

    With pictures of Logan and Dalin in every room, it's the only place she feels safe.

    Now, the house where Carole still lives with her husband, Dean, and their daughter, Brooklyn is falling apart and the family cannot afford to fix it.

    "It's one thing after another and I'm just ready to give up. But it's my home," Carole said Thursday.

    Logan, 14, and Dalin, 17, were killed last July when their car was hit by a pickup truck one kilometre north of their house on Highway 16 and Range Road 213 east of Edmonton.

    Carole now suffers extreme anxiety and was too scared to drive until she had to take her husband to the hospital in March.

    "This is my safe haven. I have pictures of my boys in every room that I go into, and this is where their stuff is. It's the only place where I feel close to them. Anxiety hits me the moment I leave," she said.

    "This house is where we have all of our

    A leaking roof in August led the family to discover that their roof was rotten, despite contractors having apparently fixed it years ago.

    After calling several roofing companies, a contractor said fixing the flat roof would cost tens of thousands of dollars. It's the latest in a list of repairs needed on the house the Torresans moved into 11 years ago.

    When they moved in, it had no flooring, doors or windows. The family got the fixer-upper for a rock-bottom price and turned it into a home.

    "We built this together. Every renovation in this house, and it's been massively renovated, has been done by one to five of us," Carole said.

    "We are the ones who put our love and our sweat and our hard work into this house to make it what it

    Carole said Logan and Dalin were loving sons and "amazing guys" who were always willing to help others. The two made headlines in 2012 when they travelled to Brazil with Dean to compete in the World Arm Wrestling Championships.

    Carole said the family was always extremely close-knit, and things are not getting any easier as Brooklyn, now 17, gets ready to graduate from high school next June.

    "People think that 14 months after you lose a child, you should be getting better. And that's a misconception. You're just starting to get bad at this point," Carole said, choking up. "You live in shock for the first nine months to a year after. You just keep believing they're coming home -- somebody made a mistake, they'll send them back.

    "Somewhere around a year you start to go, 'They're not coming And this is my life

    Friends have come together to help the family, using the "RIP Logan and Dalin Torresan" Facebook page as a rallying point. After bombarding home renovator and TV personality Mike Holmes with messages asking him to help, the same friends are spreading the word in hopes of attracting local tradespeople -- notably roofers -- who are willing to donate their time.

    A GoFundMe web page has also been launched to raise money.

    "For us to ask for help is a really, really difficult thing for us. Especially for my husband, to say he needs help is a hard thing," Carole said. "Every little bit matters to


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