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  • making a difference...

    I think thats the whole purpose of what you guys do. Like the rest of the world I still not understanding the tragedy we saw happen in Newtown, I live near by, work in Sandy Hook for about 10 years and never suspect the Newtown cops would get any busy than giving us speeding tickets or something like that. Well... I guess I was wrong. Their presence was huge like the Fire Department, Hospitals, the community got closed to survive the pain, trying to fill up gaps w/ love. The same way now ,I think , and I'm sure we going to have a lot of people to agree, we could have an extreme makeover on the Elementary School, to celebrate the lives of those who survived, to show the heroes they made a difference saving over 500 lives, give the community one more chance to show we are together, we want participate rebuilding Newtown. please, take a minute, and think if you guys would be happy to help us to give Newtown other reasons to be remembered of. Thank you for all the happiness your show provides to the families, always going to your fan, please let me know if you can do it, i'd love make part of it. Denise
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