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    Hi my name is linda my grandsons name is matty he is cardinal glennon childrens hospital for children fighting for his life with JMML this type of leukimia is deadly to children of this age and is very rarely found my kids were tiold without a transplant matty had a 5% chance of survival and with it a 50% chance of has been in there since sept.2012 they finally diagnosed my little man matty at 2 yr old with JMML in may suffered alot of pain where he couldnt walk we had to carry him he couldnt eat he would get sores all over his body drs did tests of all kinds couldnt find what was wrong since birth because of this being such a rare got the blood cord transplant in dec of was doin good and then he got sick running fever 103-104 they found an infection in his liver and hasGVH GRAFT VERSUS HOST DISEASE is the donor cells are attacking his body and he is rejecting the donor hasnt eatin in 3-4 kids wont beable to take him home yes the rent a trailer but they have to have a newly clean built place with no type of diseases or all clean air where he can come home or he will get sick because his ammunE SYSTEM IS VERY LOW HE CANT FIGHT OFF tried t shirts to get the word of JMML out there and she trusted someone they kept the money and never sent out the shirts we havent alot of money as im disabled and we want to get helop to do a t shirt thing she has the pattern pics of the fron and back on her sons prayer FOR MATTY on dont know what you can do if anything but my baby is a loving caring little man im his nana thats what he calls me he has a 2 yr old brother with marshall syndrome who has to have ear and eye surgery before he is five or he will be blind and deaf by age know there are alot of ppl with children like this have no donation thing or sponsers helping my children and its expensive going back and forth and trying to find a home for their basby to go home loves sponge bob as matty and mason call it BOB older brother brian is in good health thank not good at wording things or asking anyone for help i always do things my self but i cant help them this you for listening and reading this message MATTYS look at PRAYERS FOR MATTY on facebook
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