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  • Paradise Nightmare / Mothers biggest heartache

    Hi I'm from the island of Guam and never left the Marianas

    I am a mother of 3 going on 4 sons, my oldest is turning 5 in April, second oldest is turning 4 on Nov. and my third is turning 2 in July and I am pregnant with my youngest (5mnth). I am currently living with my parents and is not planning on leaving because of their conditions, my Dad is Diabetic and is starting to have trouble walking and standing and my Mom is constantly sick so most times its hard for her to take care of my Dad and just recently my oldest sister moved in to the house because she was having issues with her land lord. We live in a 2bedroom house and we had to close up the living room and build an extension in the back for my sisters family of, all together 7 to live in. The space is not the main issue, you see we had a major leakage in the restroom that effected the small bedroom and the kitchen and caused so much mold and mildew to spread. We payed to get it fixed but the leaking came back a year later and then we had another issue with another leaking, the main water pipe, it really ranked up our water bill to the thousands, we just had it fixed but we had it fixed before but just like the leaking in the house it didn't last long for it to leak again. My main concern is the health and safety for my children. Wish I can tell you more but I can't explain through writing