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  • Grandmother apprecation

    Hello I live in Statesboro, ga I am not use to expressing my feelings because I have been through a lot having a tumor before but this isn't about me it is about what my grandmother has done and how I want to thank her for what she done for this county and people lives in general. My name is Demetrius Reddick I am 20 years old been in and out of my grandmother's house all my life. my grandmother name is Deloris Reddick she is a baker, mother, nanny, and a all around hard worker throughout her whole life. My grandmother is the nicest ,sweetest ,most kindest and caring person you could ever meet. My grandmother worked at Georgia Southern University for forty years straight to feed not only her three kids but also grand kids and great grand kids as well. She has been honored at Gsu for baking the best cakes and other sweets for them. Even though she worked there before she worked side jobs as well she cleaned houses for people for little of nothing. She had good connection with theses people and there families. She would make money anyway she could but when she got home in stead of feeding or tending to her self, she would give her first and last to one of us I have three sisters I'm the only boy and third oldest my little sister Amber stayed in and out of jail my grandmother took care of her kids my other sister kids just for them to do whatever they wanted to do she always wanted her dream kitchen but never could finish or even start the way she wanted. The wife of a deceased husband/pastor breaking her back to take care of kids that isn't even hers. She raised us more then our mother we call our grandmother mama instead of grandma because we know how she took her time and money to help should be her time to finally rest in her worry free dream house in peace. I'm sorry this message is all over the place but I really love my grandmother and i would do any thing to see a smile on her face again, she means so much to me and many people. I just want her to know deep down inside her heart that we love her because she cant even get her teeth finished or eat right because she wants to help so much. I feel deep in my heart this will let her know how much she is really loved.

    - Thank you, Demetrius Reddick