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Extreme Paranormal

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This show follows Shaun, Nathan, and Jason as they attempt to find the truth about spirits by putting themselves in danger by provoking ghosts and summoning the dead. They will go as far as possible to get a rise out of paranormal activity.
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  • probably the worst ghost hunting show in history.

    This is very bad and disrespectful to the sports I'm glad this show didn't last long.
  • very disrespectful and fake

    I just watched the episodes with the loisianna voodoo and pennhurst assylum. The techiques they use on their investigations are completely unethical. They performed a Voodoo ritual in a cemetary to "awaken the dead", which is something that only a priest or priestess has tje powe to do. They are amatures in the field and are very disrespectful to the dead/entities they are trying to find. Also, everytime the "find" some evidence, the camera just happens to not be directly on it until after it appears, making it seem hoaxed.

    i would not recommend watching this show.moreless
  • whether you're a paranormal investigator or a fan of paranormal television, please help get rid of this show for good.

    If you are involved in the paranormal field, you should be very offended by the show on a&e, 'Extreme Paranormal'. Not only are they making all of us look ridiculous, but they're sending a terrible message to the fans of paranormal television. Their 'techniques' are unethical and dangerous. A&E should be ashamed, this garbage should never have made it onto television. Blood rituals, vandalism, arson; there have only been a few episodes, and I already can't handle it anymore! Tons of people have put in tons of work and time to get the field to where it is, and this show has already sent us back twenty years. We should all be embarrassed, it is a slap to the face! So please, take ten seconds to sign the petition to have it removed from the air. If nothing is done, their style will be duplicated and the field will be overrun with people like Shaun, Nathan and Jason. http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?EXPRC&1moreless
  • How can anyone condone a show like this !!!!!

    I can not believe how completely crazy this show is ! I just know that before long we are going to hear some horror story on the news about some teen that went on a quest for ghost and slit their wrist in the process! Thinking that this is the right way to do things! I hope that as soon as possible this show is removed and banned from the air ! I hope that anyone who is interested in getting into the paranormal field will go out there and find a real paranormal investigating team and learn the proper ways to do it !moreless
  • Extreme Paranormal is still extremely bad but Episode 2 wasn't nearly as bad as the first episode.

    Being a glutton for punishment I decided to watch the second episode. I thought that just maybe the guys from the show pushed the envelope too far the first episode trying to get people excited and to watch. Well, the second episode was just plain horrible but I didn't find it to be as insanely ridiculously bad as the first one. I'm in no way saying this show is worth watching. I still say this show is a complete and utter waste of time. It's still a complete failure. Basically, with how bad the first episode was there was almost no way to have the second episode be worse!

    These guys got to have 2 episodes air on A&E and they pulled out the stops to make the show big. I wouldn't be shocked to find that this was a test to see if A&E picks it up for a series at a later time. There are at least 5 different networks who have their own paranormal shows. In the end, these guys are just plain bad. The concept of the show is bad. The "acting" is bad. There is simply nothing that makes this show worthwhile or good. This show is horrible and hopefully it is simply forgotten so that these guys can get back to their apparent normal radio show gig and not waste a time slot on A&E.

    Now, in closing there is one thing that really bothers me about this show. All the other paranormal shows discuss how opening a portal/door/gate/etc is a bad thing and people shouldn't do it. Here we have these punks acting all big, bad, and tough. They are going to open a doorway to the other side. They are provoking spirits way beyond what others do. If they truly believe in this then they should know better than to think that they actually have the ability to handle what might come through. In short, if they truly believe they know what they are doing and they really believe in all that they do then they should realize the danger that their actions put other innocent people in.moreless

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