Extremely Dangerous

ITV (ended 1999)





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  • Sean Bean in a showcase role and a wonderful supporting cast that shines in this four hour mini-series!

    It caught my attention on the shelf at my local Half Price Books because it was a Sean Bean dvd. It was reasonably priced and my sweet husband was okay to bring it home with us.

    After four hours, I was impressed by the amount of story told in that compact a time. The skillful use of flashbacks was pleasant, even the jarring ones weren't too gory as alot of the scenes here in the US can tend to be. The strongly etched characters were brought to life by a fine supporting cast, and the leads dominated the screen.

    The various character's agendas criss-crossing each other was fun to untangle, yet I sort of wanted Neil to settle down as Spanish and stay friends with Ali.

    I could gush on and on, but this mix of prison-break thriller/mob politics/spy games/lost loves/chase film/buddy flick and Can I trust my own mind? is worth the time spent. Some claim the middle two hours sag a bit, but it is setting up situations and characters for the final hour, and you get more out of the last hour, I feel, by watching the whole shebang.

    A highly recommended title for Sean Bean fans who haven't seen it, and fans of tightly-written crime dramas/thrillers!