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  • Season 1
    • Poison
      Episode 13
      Sam Solomon asks Harlan's help in a class action environmental case that he cannot win without help. He accepts the case even though the company has literally no money to investigate. To get the money he needs for the investigation, he bets with Clay Burgess. Burgess loans him the 2 million dollars they will need for the investigation and if they win the case against the polluter, Harlan won't have to return the money. If on the other hand they lose, Clay Burgess get Harlan's company. Burgess agrees to the bet and he contacts his mole to make sure Harlan loses.moreless
    • Art
      Episode 12
      The firm is in serious financial trouble, and Harlan must begin firing employees. When three Van Gogh paintings are stolen from an exhibit, Harlan makes a deal with insurance adjustor Vanessa Leary to recover the paintings for a fee. Harlan meets FBI Agent Matthew Hale, while Nora and Trish figure out how the paintings were stolen. Hale places an ad in the paper offering $5,000,000 for information relating to the return of the paintings. But when a man named Xavier Young calls the hotline and arranges an exchange, the FBI arrests him, leading to the destruction of one of the paintings. In the end, the other two works of art are recovered, and Xavier is arrested.moreless
    • Innocence
      Episode 11
      Leslie Town asks Harlan for his help in a criminal case she just landed. The trial is three days away and they need to verify Magar Zakarian's alibi. Harlan refuses at first because Zakarian's alibi will be shot by the prosecution but she promises dinner and he cannot resist. Meanwhile, the firm is hired by a woman who wants to know if her husband is cheating on her.moreless
    • Whistleblower
      Episode 10
      Cynthia Garrett hires Harlan Judd's Private detective company to whistleblow on a pharmaceutical company which didn't go through all the necessary tests before a drug can be approved by the FDA. Meanwhile, Chris and Meg investigate a possible kidnapping. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner thought they had lost their child in a fire but they've been receiving emails saying that if they want their daughter back, they need to pay some money. They asked Chris and Meg to find out if their daughter is actually alive.moreless
    • Investigator
      Episode 8
      Harlan is called in at the house of a client where the husband has been murdered. The husband had received deaths threats and his wife asked Harlan to give them a bodyguard. Harlan subcontracts the protection to Jimmy Doyle, an old friend. Jimmy Doyle doesn't remember anything, and Harlan tries his best to find out if he actually killed the man.moreless
    • Karma
      Episode 7
      Harlan and his nemesis, Clay Burgess, are both framed for federal theft and murder. Meanwhile, Chris and Nora track down a dangerous serial killer
    • Burglary
      Episode 6
      Harlan is at a party organized by one his clients. As he goes to the bathroom, he happens on the burglar who shot him. Not injured, he waits for the police with Chris Didion. Chris asks him to be polite even though he is really pissed. Meeting the two detectives, he becomes persuaded that Novella is the burglar.

      Meanwhile, Nora takes the case of a native American Casino which wants to spot all the fake bills that they have in their vault, Harlan calls in an old friend to help her out.moreless
    • Shots
      Episode 5
      Harlan steps in on a case when Leslie's on and off again companion is shot. Meanwhile, Meg and Trish work together to bust a high profile rapist and Nora is shocked to hear news about her brother.
    • Trial
      Episode 4
      Harlan and Leslie must go toe-to-toe with a powerful judge and a major housing developer to get justice for a widower in a wrongful death case while Jeff manipulates a fellow JRM employee for privileged information about the firm
    • Wings
      Episode 3
      Judd Risk Management investigates the theft of a jet prototype, ultimately revealing the owner's dark family secrets. Meanwhile, Harlan's soon to be ex-wife, Kendall, moves back to Los Angeles, and Meg tries to prove herself as a lead investigator on a pro-bono case for a friend who has stumbled upon a cache of stolen moneymoreless
    • Whereabouts
      Episode 2
      Harlan Judd suspects foul play when a former college buddy, Dr. Brad Harper, asks for his help in rescuing a kidnapped girlfriend. Meanwhile, Leslie Town struggles to track down a key witness who could free an innocent man accused of armed robbery
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Run by sharp-witted, impulsive Harlan Judd, Judd Risk Management is a discreet, high-tech firm that handles cases with the highest possible stakes, while operating at the absolute fringe of the law. Along with ruthlessly efficient Nora Gage and a staff of brilliantly skilled, driven individuals -- some with their own agendas and secrets -- Harlan does whatever it takes to prevail in a world of unsteady alliances and uncertain loyalties.moreless