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  • Eyes—as in "private", was one of my absolute favorites of the 2005 mid-season replacements! It was clearly underappreciated.

    This was one of the shows I looked forward to watching each time the networked bothered to air the episodes. This was difficult as the scheduling was erratic, and only a few episodes made it to air before it disappeared altogether. Eyes was good fun (though not a comedy), had interesting mysteries, both in terms of the client's cases and the intriguing back stories of each of the members of the team, wasn't overly sentimental and moved quickly. The show may have started slowly in respect to developing "who the team is", but that was part of the fun for me! I wanted them to unfold slowly, while resolving the "case of the week" quickly. In that way, both my needs for suspenseful, long-term story arcs and for instant (or within 44 minutes) gratification were satisfied. Plus, I'm a big lover of Tim Daly. I like the rest of the cast as well, and the guest stars, including Kate Walsh as Harlan Judd's (ex)wife were usually quite good. I thought Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, as Nora Gage, might have finally found a good role for once!

    Well, there are 13 episodes in the can for this show; if nothing else, put them online or on iTunes so that those of who *do* appreciate the show can see them, and bring more viewers to the table.
  • Bring back the show!

    Please bring it back. I am addicted to this show. There is always a nice plot, it is interesting and very very well made. It is fantastic to see Laura L back but in a fantastic role. Cute guys - Daly and Eric. It always had me gripped from the word go. You owe it to the viewers. Please bring it back. Script is nice, actors are good, it is well made and you have viwers glued to the TV. Why would you stop something like this? There are some terrible shows like The View which should be stopped (some women sitting around and everybody wants to talk at the same time).
  • a dumb idea

    how in their right mind would give tim daily a show without a wonderful supporting cast. he is not leading man material, and could only be a part of a great ensemble. i knew after the first episode this show was bound to fail. and after a few weeks i was proved right.
  • Why would someone cancel this?

    This show was something different. I can see why some might see this as ordinary, but you really need more than five airings to decide. And preempting and changing the time of its airing doesn't help at all. They barely mentioned the change in day and time. Stupid network execs. Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!
  • Eyes was about PI's that helped high stake cases that clients could not involve the Feds or police. Or in some cases beyond them. Superb cast and great stories.

    This show was clever, had great characters and different from other shows on TV. It had fun stories and the cast was great! Too bad for ABC, someone dropped a HIT show right in your lap and of course you screwed it up. That is why their network have never won Thursday night since Mork & Mindy. It is time to re-evaluate your executives for primetime ABC. You failed Eyes it didn't fail you!

    This was unmistakingly A great show. It could have taken over for Alias after this season. Put Lost and Eyes back to back it could have been GREAT! I think one of the best shows to not make it. They were never given a fair chance, ABC put it against Law & Order and CSI NY. What a mistake, and especially towards the end of the season. Only give Eyes 5 episodes, but keep Rodney and then put out real shaky shows this season. Eyes should have had it's debut this fall after Lost it would have been a hit by now!
  • Starring Tim Daly (Wings) as the head of a big money detective agency, the series centers around Daly and his employees as they spy on cheating husbands, recover priceless items, and take on all manner of near-impossible cases, while their own company tee

    One of the smartest and well written shows in recent memory, Eyes was yanked after just 5 episodes. Those 5, however, were enough to hook me......and remember it as one of the best shows of the past several years. Starring Tim Daly (Wings, The Fugitive), Eyes combined action, drama, and humor all into one like no other show since the early years of ER.

    Canceled far too early after debuting at horrid time (during the summer), Eyes is truly a short lived classic, even at 5 episodes. They still have the Eyes page up at ABC.com as of 12-01-2005, so hopefully they are still thinking about airing at least the remaining episodes, of which there are 12. If you\'re lucky, you can obtain these episodes through downloads, although I\'ll leave finding them up to you.

    Eyes would have gone so well among the new hit ABC series.....and would have been a big hit as well had it premiered in the fall, as far as I\'m concerned. Watch it if you can find it.....it\'s certainly worth your time.
  • By far one of the few shows I really looked forward to watching.

    The show was fast paced, witty, interesting and kept you guessing. One of the few high tech gadget shows that didn't go "overboard" or into "unrealistic" technology. The characters were interesting, real and grew as the first season unfolded. I will truely miss this show. They should bring it back!!!!
  • Why did they take this off the air? It was amazing!

    Finally, an intelligent, witty, intriguing show, and it gets cut far too quickly. What a mistake! I can\\\'t believe they pulled this show off the air so quickly. Every episode was better than the last. Maybe because the wit was dry and sometimes veiled, it didn\\\'t appeal to the average viewer? Too bad. It will be missed.
  • Should have made it

    I can't believe this show was cancelled. Much has been made of how successful Lost and Desperate Housewives are for ABC. This show is just as good. Tim Daly has never really impressed me much in the past, but he was brilliant on this show. In fact, the whole ensemble was great. It had great writing too. Every year it seems like a great show falls through the cracks. This year it's "Eyes." Too bad.
  • A wonderful series about private investigators, their jobs, and their lives. Witty, funny, and solid TV.

    What the hell was wrong with this show? I do not understand how so many of these amazing shows, that don\'t take an entire half-season to get into (i.e. Dark Angel), keep getting tanked. Harlan Judd ranks as one of my top favorite TV characters of all time. Why must we continually be tortured with these amazing, short-run series, in place of excessive reality trash-television? I think one of the most depressing aspects of TV anymore is that the writing is awful. Thus, when a well-written show such as this one pops up you'd think it would be a smash hit. Yet even excellent writing and skilled casts cannot overcome poor timeslots and lackluster advertising. Eyes was awesome and I am deeply saddened to see it go. Will it even show up on DVD?

    EYES was an excellent adult drama, with an exceelent cast and storyline. It was just gaining strengh by word of mouth and then it was gone! Please....we need some real entertainment on Television. I put EYES in my TIVO as a season pass (Thats How Much I Liked It)and Now it is cancelled???!!! Bring It Back!!!!
  • Hi Tech Private Eyes

    I don't know why this show didn't make it it was fun, sexy and smart. With Tim Daly as Harlan Judd the smooth wise guy leader and Rick Worthy as as Chris Didion the uptight former FBI agent head of security leading the way thee is a host of intresting PI's. The plots were strong and intresting and there was a good balance of intrigue and action. But ABC in there infinite wisdom canned this mid season sieres before anyone really got a chance to watch. I for 1 watched it regularly and had even included it on my TiVO Season Pass list and was shocked when not only did the cancell it with no warning the didn't even bother to show some episodes which had been made. Boo hoo ABC I think you missed the boat with this one.
  • Why did they not pick this up?

    I feel let down. I watched this show every Wed. and then the plug was pulled-- for SuperNanny. It was a brilliant show with a fabulous cast. The show was unique and brought an edge to ABC. When are they going to learn that reality tv will not always be popular.
  • This show is so amazinley wonderful. This show is about a guy who has tasks basically to catch theves and bad guys.

    I love this show. I miss it so much. I have no idea why they ever took this show off. I never missed this show. Harlem Judd aka Tim Daly he is such a good actor. There is not a single role he has played or ever will play that isnt good. This show was something new for the TV network and the network couldnt handle a good decent show. They should put this show back on. I dont understand why they ever took it off. I hope they bring it back. I love this show so so much. Greatest show ever!!
  • The one blunder ABC made in 2004-05 was letting this go.

    Much has been said of how ABC rebounded in the last season with Lost, Desperate HOusewives and Gray's Anataomy. Yet somehow, they let this brilliant work slip away. Worse, they didn't even give it the right push, yanking it after only four episodes. This SO deserved more, especially with so many twists and turns yet to come. Tim Daly was brilliantly sardonic, almost matching James SPader's Alan Shore character in terms of being a sleaze you love. The supporting cast was good, especially Laura Leighton and we still had to see the way the mole storyline would play out. The least ABC could do is run the last episodes but I still have hopes some cable station (A&E, FX, hell, even Oxygen) pick this up and give it the long run it deserved.
  • "eyes" is not your ordinary cop show, it isn't even a cop show. it's about a PI firm ran by Harlan Judd (Tim Daly) and his partners. They solve cases that aren't about murders and gore but about people's personal lives, DA's cases, etc.

    honestly i disagree with abc's decision to cancel this show. this show has so much potential ... so much!!! it has great snark humour, great characters, great plot lines. i don't understand why they cancelled it. the best they could do was move it to another time slot. so yeah, it is underappreciated. if only they gave it a chance, it would be a great show.

    about the show itself, it has great plot lines in every episode. the way the shots are angled and shot, it gives you the sense and the vibe of what's going on. also, its characters has this degree of complexity that has not yet been unraveled. like, Harlan Judd for instance. he has this "secret" about a rival firm that he securely and keep secret that it even cost his marriage. and of course, this secret is big! and keeping that secret makes up a very intriguing characteristic in Harlan, instead of his usual optimistic, blunt, snarkiness.

    but since the show's cancelled, i guess we wouldn't find out what that secret is anymore.
  • Eyes become a catualty of really bad timing. If it had been any other year eyes would still be around Eyes will go down in History with Firefly and Wonderfalls as one of the best tv shows that didn't make it past a dozen episodes.

    Eyes become a catualty of really bad timing. Eyes debuted in 2004. 2004 turned out to be the best year for new shows in network television history, with shows like House, Lost , Desperate Houswives, Veronica Mars, Boston Legal, Greys Anatomy etc... Eyes debuted on ABC which had the three biggest hits of the year: Lost Desperate Houswives and Greys Anatomy. These three shows gathered all of the attention that the press gave to ABC and left Eyes to flounder. As the President of ABC said if this had been any other year we probaly would have given it a second shot. Eyes will go down in History with Firefly and Wonderfalls as one of the best tv shows that didn't make it past a dozen episodes.
  • Bring It Back

    I love the show please bring it back and the show has it's merits. I like how Harlan and the team synergize with each one. The show has an underlying story that was very interesting even if it was only shown in some of the episodes. Please bring it back
  • The show that had everything going for it - intrigue, humor, and sexiness.

    ABC dropped the ball with this show. They didn't give people time to discover it and there were very few commercials promoting it. This was the one show I was extremely sorry to hear they were canceling! I, for one, think if a different network picked it up and actually promoted it and gave the audience time to find it, this show would be a huge hit.

    Sure the acting could have been improved on, what show doesn't have acting that could be improved on, but all in all, this show kept your attention from beginning to end. The story lines were different, not your average run of the mill crime dramas.
  • Eyes will be my most missed show of the year.

    It was a very well written show, that didn't get nearly the amount of advertising it deserved. The acting was, for the most part, pretty good, and the stories had unepectable twists that actually did surprise me. Very few shows can surprise me, and this one did. It was not a typical drama, with good vs. evil. This was more... greedy vs. evil, and a very welcome change to the genre. I hope the episodes that didn't air make it to DVD, and that at the very least there will be more shows springing up like this.
  • An interesting and entertaining show canceled far too quickly.

    Seeing Tim Daly back on television in an entertaining role was long overdue. Sadly, ABC gave absolutely no time for this show to develop an audience. A show full of intriguing characters and a premise that allowed tons of room for unique and original stories, Eyes fit nicely with lead-ins Alias and Lost; it is a crying shame that people didn't tune in.

    Most enjoyable in the series was the character of Harlan Judd, played by Daly - a slimy, arrogant man that somehow comes off as one of the most likeable and trustworthy people on the show. Here is hoping that we see Daly in a similar role on a different show (perhaps on a different network that will give its shows a little bit more of a chance).
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