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AIRED ON 2/7/2007

Season 2 : Episode 94

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If anyone's played any sort of high school sport, then you know how... er... devoted the people around you are. Kobayakawa Sena is a reluctant member and even more reluctant star of the Deimon High Football Club. Blessed with incredible speed, he leads a cast of oddballs like a wide receiver with more than a passing resemblance to a monkey, a tight end with the flexibility and brains of a jellyfish, a group of linemen that are their own street gang, and their trigger happy captain who looks like a demon. A rather humorous look at high school football from a Japanese perspective. This show follows their road to the all-important Christmas Bowl, and the friends and rivals they meet along the way.
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  • Sena is a kid who has been bullied by bigger kids since he attended school. he is even being bullied on his first day of high school. After so many years, Sena became extremely fast. The evil american football club captain,Hiruma, noticed that speed...moreless

    Himura looks like the devil and has the personality of Robin Williams on a sugar high. Himura has zany facial expressions, pulls extreme (puzzling really) things out of nowhere, and is a genuine pain-in-the-butt. He tortures Sena, he blows things up with bazookas, he curses out teammates who are slacking off, and is a screamer at heart. If it weren't for the fact that Himura is play almost completely for laughs (and is the most memorable character in this series) you could really, REALLY, get to hate him! All the other characters are completely overshadowed by this zany character.

    After 145 episodes at last Eyeshield 21 has come to an end, and what an adventure it was. I feel like I went through all this adventure with the whole Deimon Devil Bats team, I know them by heart, their positions, their numbers, and their personalities.

    I'm not sure if there is going to be anything after this but even after so many years I still want to see more of Eyeshield 21.moreless
  • this is one of the best sports anime around after prince of tennis of course

    Sena and Monta are my two favorites with Kurtia not far behind. All the characters are very cool and they all have their own personalities. This show has a great story line. the characters are great and have so much character to them. The author really goes into detail about the actual football play and you get to see how the characters grow and get better as time and only one goal so far the Christmas Bowl let see

    Eyesheild 21 is about a boy named Sena who is secretly Eyeshield 21, a player on the Deimon Devil Bats football team.moreless
  • Yahaa

    Eyeshield21 is most definitly 1 of the best sports anime at this time.This anime also has its comedic aspect done quite well. There are always instances that would make you laugh, because of how unusual the situations are or how a character's actions is out of the ordinary.I like the characters of EYESHIELD 21. The characters are original and colourful. Sena, the coward and ambitious boy. Most important that he's the person that value the meaning of friendships and team-mates.monta brighten the anime with his facial express of humor. Hiruma is the coolest captain cause he can organise different kinds of techniques during the game (although he is the most meanest in the school)... don't forget about the Huh Huh brothers, Mamori and Kurita...

    The songs in this anime are pretty good. The mix of the songs and the anime kind of bring out the mood.

    If one's looking for a good anime to add to their list, I throughly suggest this animemoreless
  • A very surprisingly good sports anime.

    As I had just finished Prince of Tennis (Not the OVAs) I was looking for another anime to watch. I was recommended Eyeshield 21, mainly because I mentioned that I just finished PoT. I view the first two episodes, thinking that the show isn't bad. I watch the next five episodes, hooked on the anime. Before I knew it, I'm up to episode 120 xD!

    The characters are simply amazing. Hiruma is a true work of art, while if they took out any other characters, Eyeshield 21 wouldn't feel right.

    The quality of the anime is simply amazing. The Deimon Devil Bats compete with teams around the world, and offers twists and turns in these matches.

    Ah the openings... A PERFECT MATCH! Openings as well as endings were tremendous in pairing up with scenes from the anime as well as giving the impulse of the intense games.

    I could go on and on about how good this show is but overall this show is a memorable experience, being one of only two sports anime that are excellent.moreless
  • Just read the manga book 1. Hoked instantly!

    This is great. I am a hugh NFL fan (GO Steelers!!) and this was right up my ally. Sena and Monta are my two favorites with Kurtia not far behind. All the characters are very funny and they all have their own personalities. That makes this anime even better then I thought it would be. Eyeshield is one of my favorite animes in a long time. Heres to hoping that JUMP will bring it to America and keep it on a respectable network - like maybe they would take a page from FUNimation and have their own network where they could show all of their animes. Time will tell.moreless

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