EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 49

A Man Among Men. Line Spirit!

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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A Man Among Men. Line Spirit!
Sena and the team meet Onihei Yamamoto, the captain and a lineman from the Hashiratani Deers. But he's not just any old lineman; Onihei is an cunning ultra veteran with a small body who even fellow lineman Kurita greatly admires! In fact, Onihei is the reason why Kurita came to love football in the first place.

The next game in the American Football Tournament is between Onihei's Hashiratani Deers and the Kyoshin Poseidons. At first, the Deers take the lead, but when the Poseidons add in two tall linemen, the tide quickly changes as even Onihei can't seem to topple the two giants.moreless
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  • This great episode features Kurita facing the Deers and his experiences against Onohei, a great lineman. After reliving memories, a trip to the stadium to watch him play ends up in him getting humiliated by two taller linemen.moreless

    This epsiode is a great way of achknowledging how Football is played... There is a great amount of competitveness in these sports, but also a great sense of respect. That was nicely shown in this episode of Eyeshield 21. The beginning was a big question mark when you were thinking, "Is Kurita going to be ok?" Then, you get to a Middle School scrimmage where Kurita learned how to be a great lineman. Onohei, pointing to the weakness of being gentle, helped Kurita become a better Football lineman. But, after the flashback, everyone is devastated as Onohei loses to two tall linemen of Kyoshin Poseidon.

    This stunning change of pace was well-thought by the script writers of this great anime. This episode deserves a solid score in my opinion, and I hope everyone else feels that way too!moreless

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