EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 49

A Man Among Men. Line Spirit!

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • This great episode features Kurita facing the Deers and his experiences against Onohei, a great lineman. After reliving memories, a trip to the stadium to watch him play ends up in him getting humiliated by two taller linemen.

    This epsiode is a great way of achknowledging how Football is played... There is a great amount of competitveness in these sports, but also a great sense of respect. That was nicely shown in this episode of Eyeshield 21. The beginning was a big question mark when you were thinking, "Is Kurita going to be ok?" Then, you get to a Middle School scrimmage where Kurita learned how to be a great lineman. Onohei, pointing to the weakness of being gentle, helped Kurita become a better Football lineman. But, after the flashback, everyone is devastated as Onohei loses to two tall linemen of Kyoshin Poseidon.

    This stunning change of pace was well-thought by the script writers of this great anime. This episode deserves a solid score in my opinion, and I hope everyone else feels that way too!