EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 44

Ahaha! It's My Debut!!

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The Devil Bats are practicing, as Hiruma yells, "Set! Hut! Hut!" He gets the ball, fakes a hand-off to Eyeshield, and then passes to Taki, who scores a touchdown. Sena/Eyeshield, Monta, and Kurita are impressed by Taki. Hiruma thinks to himself, "It's finally coming together." During the next play, Taki goes in for a block. On the sidelines, Yukimitsu discusses what a tight end must be able to do: catch, block, and react accordingly. Mamori says that it's the perfect position for Taki. Then, Suzuna says that they shouldn't compliment her brother so much, since he's an idiot and the compliments will go to his head. Back on the field, after Kurita, Taki, and Komusubi knock down the Hah-Hah brothers, Taki goes into his trademark "lift-his-leg-and-spin-around" routine, saying that he's a genius. Kuroki subtlely says how much Taki's spinning gimmick ticks him off. After the game, Hiruma fires a shot in the air and announces that the Devil Bats will have a scrimmage with the Zokugaku Chameleons next Wednesday. The team is shocked by this announcement! Hiruma goes on to say that this is practice for their upcoming game with Yuuhi Guts in round 2 of the Fall Tournament. Sena and Monta are haunted by the thought that they will have to play against the Chameleons and Habashira. Taki, on the other hand, is excited because this scrimmage will be his debut game. But Hiruma, after firing some more shots in the air, says that Taki can't play since he isn't a Deimon High School student yet. Sena and Monta are shocked when they hear this! Taki cries about how his debut game is postponed (again). Suzuna then says that it can't be helped since he hasn't taken the entrance exam for Deimon yet. But Hiruma and Kurita explain that there will be an entrance exam for him to take on Tuesday. And if he passes, then he will be able to play on Wednesday. Taki immediately cheers up and spins around again, saying "It will be my debut!" Suzuna states, "Say that after you pass the exam." Taki isn't worried, since there is a 150% chance that he'll pass. Hiruma then wants Sena, Mamori, and Yukimitsu to help Taki pass the exam. He wants Taki to be able to play in the upcoming scrimmage no matter what. Yukimitsu agrees, but Mamori comments that Hiruma should ask more politely. Taki spins around again and says that they shouldn't worry since there's no way he'll fail. In the locker room, Suzuna wishes for Sena, Mamori, Monta, and Yukimitsu to take care of her brother Taki. Sena and company are confident that Taki will pass, but Suzuna isn't. She then tells some backstory to her brother. When Taki was in elementary school, he wasn't good at sports. Also, in elementary school, people who were good at sports were considered heroes. So, Taki, who hated losing, absorbed himself in sports. He became good at dodgeball and martial arts, but he became an idiot. Taki eventually discovered American football, a full-contact sport and a ball game. So, he told Suzuna that he will become an American football player and eventually play in the NFL. But there were no elementary or middle schools that had football teams. So, Taki tried to enroll in high schools that had them. Being the idiot that he is, he failed all of his high school entrance exams. As a result, he left Japan and traveled to America to fulfill his dream. Back in the present time, Suzuna explains how worried she is about her brother, who eventually comes in and says how everyone looked like they scored a zero on a test. Suzuna gets ticked off and hits her brother with a paper fan. In a classroom, Taki is sitting at a desk with many books on top of it. Suzuna is tightening his headband, which says "Pass." Yukimitsu brings up the first subject that Taki will study: math. Unfortunately, Taki doesn't know all of the multiplication tables. He demonstrates this by saying that 9 x 9 = 18. Suzuna hits Taki with a paper fan again and says that 9 x 9 = 81. Taki says, "So close! If I flip it, it's correct!" Mamori then decides to move on to another subject: English. Holding a card that has the letter "J" written on it, Mamori asks Taki, "In the alphabet, what is this?" Taki answers "A," and then Sena corrects him by saying "J." Monta exclaims, "Just what are ya good at?" Suzuna gets mad. Moving on to short-answer questions, Mamori asks the following: Question: Who is the author of "I Am a Cat?" Taki's Answer: Tama. Wrong! Correct Answer: Natsume Souseki. Suzuna gets mad again. Next Question: Who was the first president of the United States of America? Taki's Answer: Tokugawa Ieyasu. Wrong! Correct Answer: George Washington. Suzuna grows madder. Taki says not to worry and move on, but Suzuna finally snaps. She has had it with Taki and then leaves. Mamori then tells Yukimitsu that they should keep going with helping Taki study. Yukimitsu holds up a card that says "American football," written in English, and asks Taki, "How do you read this?" Surprisingly, Taki answers it correctly! Meanwhile, Suzuna is on the roof of the school. Sena meets up with her and tries to show her how much Taki loves American football. He goes back to the classroom, where Yukimitsu gives the following question to Taki: 6x + 3y = 201 x + y = 40 There are 6 points for a touchdown and 3 points for a field goal. After scoring 40 times, there is a total of 201 points. How many touchdowns were scored? Taki says that there were 27 touchdowns, which is the right answer. Sena wonders what's going on, and Monta tells him that Taki knows anything if it's related to American football. As the group continues to help Taki study, Suzuna is outside the classroom but leaves without entering. The day of the entrance exam has arrived, and the examiner explains the rules of the test. He says that 500 is a perfect one can get while 200 is the minimum amount of points needed to pass. But the Devil Bats team are still having Taki study. Taki takes the exam, and later at night, the examiner grades his test. Unbeknownst to him, Hiruma's demonic shadow appears. After he finishes grading the test, the examiner exclaims that Taki passed with a score of 203. Then, Hiruma's shadow disappears. The examiner says, "You're safe, Taki-kun. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm the one who's safe." The next day, in the Devil Bats' clubhouse, Taki shows off his new ID card that certifies that he's a high school student now. But where is Suzuna? She is by herself by the train tracks. The Devil Bats have their scrimmage with the Zokugaku Chameleons, with Suzuna hiding behind a tree. The Chameleons kick off the game with a squib kick, much like how they began their game in episode 12. The Chameleons' Habashira explains that the Devil Bats' offense relies on runs made by Eyeshield and passes to Monta. Hiruma, running with the ball, thinks to himself that Zokugaku doesn't know that Deimon has a tight end. Hiruma is about to make a pass, but Monta is blocked by 4 guys from Zokugaku and Habashira is blocking Eyeshield. Hiruma ends up passing to Taki, who scores a touchdown. The score is now 6-0 with Deimon leading. As Suzuna thinks about what Sena said about her brother, the Chameleons are contemplating on who to target. The next play has Hiruma handing the ball off to Eyeshield. Habashira charges himself at Eyeshield, knocking him down. Sena/Eyeshield thinks to himself about Habashira's increased power. He falls, but it turns out that Eyeshield doesn't have the ball. Hiruma passes the ball to Taki, thus scoring another touchdown. The score is now 12-0. Musashi, who's working, takes a look at the game and says, "They have a tight end." In the next play, Habashira is running the ball, bypasses Sena/Eyeshield and Monta, has 3 other players block the Hah-Hah brothers, and scores a touchdown, making the score 12-6. As the game progresses, Suzuna finally stops hiding in the shadows and starts cheering Taki as he scores touchdown after touchdown. The game ends with Deimon winning by a score of 30-28. Afterwards, Habashira comments that if both the Chameleons and Devil Bats keep winning in the Fall Tournament, then they will face off again in the quarterfinals. Habashira then leaves. On the sidelines, Taki is spinning around and gives a thumbs-up to Suzuna, but she just looks away. Sena tries to cheer her up, but it turns out that Suzuna is actually proud of Taki. She then leaps into the air and yells, "The Devil Bats are the best!" The Chameleons are later seen carrying their motorcycles on their backs as punishment for losing the scrimmage.

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