EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 34

Ghost's Movement

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 2005 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • After the tryouts, names of the players who passed the tryouts were announced. Although Taki's name was skipped, Sena's name was announced, meaning that Sena passed. Unfortunately, Sena, Taki, and Suzuna leave before Sena's name was announced.

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy Simard, Quarterback: (Introducing the rules of the final test to enter the San Antonio Armadillos)
      Sena (To himself): Huh? I think I've seen that person before.
      Jimmy: (Continue the introduction)
      Sena (To himself): Jimmy... Simard... It's Ishimaru!
      Jimmy (Notices Sena's behavior and turns): What's that? Do you know me?
      Sena (Nervously): Uh, no, not really...

    • Sena (Stretching): Um, what position do you play, Taki?
      Taki: Position?
      Sena: Yes.
      Taki (Thums up): I don't need such a boring thing. I can do everything anyway.
      Sena (Nervous): By any chance... Do you not even know the rules?
      Suzuna (Sitting in the audience): That's right. He hasn't even played in a real game. How could he know anything about rules or positions?
      Sena (Appalled): And you're trying out for the pros? That's just too much!
      Suzuna: He's an idiot. What do you expect?
      Taki: AH-HA-HA!
      Sena: (Laughs nervously)

    • American Football Clinic Q&A:

      Q: What does the safety do?

      A: He protects the defensive backfield and intercepts the opposition's attack. Tackle and stop the enemy! YA-HA!

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